First Edition News for November 15

More Cyclo Cross Reporting

Results - Round 3 - Sundat November 13, 1995
        1. Luca BRAMATI  (Ita A) km 26,200 in 1.03'55"
        2. Wim De Vos    (Ola)                  at 33"
        3. Beat Wabel    (Svi)                  at 49"
        4. Simunek       (Rep. Ceca)            at 56"
        5. Groenendaal   (Ola)                at 1'01"
        6. Herijgers     (Bel)                at 1'12"
        7. Vervecken     (Bel)                at 1'25"
        8. Lukes         (Rep. Ceca)          at 1'28"
        9. Van Santvliet (Bel)                at 1'49"
       15. Pontoni       (Ita A)              at 2'52"

        1. Luca BRAMATI    (Ita)    60 points
        2. Groenendaal     (Ola)    41
        3. De Vos          (Ola)    32
        4. Wabel           (Svi)    31
        5. Chiotti         (Fra)    25

December 2, 1995 in Prague/Praga/Praha


By: Nino Minoliti

   Guest Correspondent


   Eight 'cross rides with 5 wins, 2 seconds and a third.

   Exceptional results for the new Golden Boy of Italian cyclo-cross.

   The last show that the Bergamo resident put on was yesterday
   (Sunday) "on stage", so to speak, at  Variano di Basiliano, near
   UDINE in the NorthEast of Italy, close to the Yugoslavian border
   where the third leg of the World 'Cross Cup was being disputed. And
   what a show Bramati put on.

   Like a star of the first magnitude, Bramati took second position
   right at the start and stayed there until he picked his time to
   take the lead and solo in for the win.

   At the end of the race Bramati relatively easily held off De Vos,
   Groenendaal, Wabel, Simunek, Van Santvliet, Lukes and Markwalder
   who were all awaiting their chance to grab the lead if they
   possibly could.

   After Luca Bramati changed bikes, Wabel thought he saw a chance as
   Bramati was slightly delayed by the bike change and Wabel launched
   a determined attack.

   Said Luca, "But I only had to grab his wheel and let him pull me
   along. One lap is all it took to put the Swiss in his place! He was
   the one who launched the attack, and he was the one who gave up. To
   win in Italy, and to beat such adversaries gives me great

   The standard bearer of the Selle Italia-Colnago squad, riding in
   blue yesterday because the World Cup is disputed by National teams,
   wore an Italian tricolour bandanna around his neck.

   Thanks to mountain bike riding and training with Gregori, Bramati
   is much improved. He habitually spends three hours at competition
   pace on the mountain bike then then one hour on his 'cross bike
   riding "at maximum." Rest and psychological preparation are also
   part of his training schedule. He explains, " I don't want to talk
   about winning the World Cup. There's still a long road ahead. And I
   know that De Vos and Wabel will be trying hard."

   Whilst Bramati was having a wonderful day, Italian Champion
   'Crosser, Daniele Pontoni was having the opposite.  All he could
   manage was 15th place at 2'52" behind his friend the victor. In
   tears, Pontoni admitted that with his 15th place finish, his
   chances of winning the World Cup were slim indeed. But he
   congratulated Bramati for saving the day for Italy.

Source: la Gazetta dello Sport


   There was a reunion of sorts for the powerful Mapei-GB squad after
   the presentation of the 1996 Giro in Milan last Saturday.

   Conferring with the "Patron", Squinzi were team managers Bartolozzi
   and Crespi; directeurs sportives Fabbri, Juan Fernandez and
   Lefevere; medical staff Benjamin Fernandez, Rempi, Sassi and Van

   What were they talking about?

   They were analyzing their 70 successes of the 1995 season, and the
   three most notable successes; Rominger's Giro, Olano's World
   Championship and Museeuw's World Cup. They were also speculating
   about the Major Tours on the 1996 calendar, and what success they
   might have in the classics with their one-day specialists, Museeuw,
   Ballerini and Bortolami.

   Looking ahead, Olano, currently in the Dominican Republic, is
   trying to convince Rominger that Indurain can be beaten in the
   Tour, and feels sure that if Rominger could have the form in July
   of 1996 that he had in May and June of 1995, he could win the Tour.