Vuelta a Asturias, Cat. 2.3

Spain, May 13-18, 1997

1996 Results

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6 and Complete Final GC


Abraham Olano, for Walter Godefroot is the most important Tour de France rival for Bjarne Riis, will begin the Tour of Asturias on Tuesday as a preparation for the Tour de France.

Last week the Spanish rider went to the Pyrenees where he climbed the Tourmalet three times and went over all the other climbs that the Tour peloton must pass over in July.

In the Tour of Asturias, Olano will get further practice. From the prologue, where he will ride a totally new bike he will be practising for the Tour. From Asturias he goes next to the Bicycleta Vasca (21-25 may), and then as the top Banesto rider in the Dauphini Libiri (8-15 june).

Lots of starters in the Tour of Asturias will ride for the 6 days, but last year the UCI downgraded it to a third category race. But the organiser has arranged large prizes and has assembled a good field as a consequence.

The fifth stage on Saturday over 200 km between Gijon en de Col d'Acebo (1.200 m, 1ste categorie), is the show piece. The riders must go over the Somiedo (1.456 m, super categorie) and the Leitariegos (1.525 m, 1st category).

The 41st edition of la Vuelta a Asturias, stage race which was won by Indurain last year, will be as tough as traditionally, but with a shorter time trial to balance the race. It will start with a 5.8 kms. Prologue time trial. In the next five days, Abraham Olano, Tony Rominger and Fernando Escartin, the three stars that will be participating will compete over terrain that favors Escartin.

After his patient preparation for the Tour de France, his main objective, Abraham Olano has experimented a slow but firm progression in his condition which took him to the third place at the past Vuelta a Aragon, the last of the stage races disputed by him, before traveling to the Pirenees for some very intense training in the mountains. The Olano that we should see at Asturias starting today, should be a rider without any holding back. Nothing should prevent him from showing his class and potential.

Together with him or better said, along him, his friend and old teammate at Mapei, Tony Rominger. The 35 year old Swiss, is living his last season as a pro, anxious since he has yet to get in form. He still has time, although the route at Asturias n is not exactly suited for him. We are also expecting something from Escartin, who has remained in the shadow of his teammate Dominguez and with a mountainous Vuelta a Asturias, with a short time trial, he should have the opportunity to show himself. The route will have many common points with the route of La Vuelta a Espaqa in September. For instance, the finish of the second stage at the traditional peak of el Naranco, corresponds identically with the finish of the 14th stage of La Vuelta. The fifth and penultimate stage, which will be disputed this Saturday between Gijon and el Alto del Acebo (1st category) has the same route as the Vuelta a Espaqa stage. This one will be the 'Queen Stage' where the riders will have to ride over the Alto de Somiedo (km 119), a beyond category climb and Leitariegos, 50 kms. before the finish, with 1,525 meters of altitude, with a category 1 climb.

The Asturian race will be composed of seven stages and will gather 17 teams, six Spanish and eleven foreign (160 riders). The foreign teams are Brescialat and Scrigno (Italy), Saeco (San Marino), Aki (Monaco), TVM (Holland), Bayer (Germany), Recer Boavista and Troia Marisco (Portugal), Roslotto (Russia), Bosschemie (Ukraine) and Cofidis (France). On the Spanish side: Banesto, ONCE, Kelme, Toscaf, Euskadi and the Amateur Spanish National Team.

The Stages

 13 May: Aviles - Aviles (5,8 km),
 14 May: Toscaf - Col de Naranco (164 km), 
 15 May: Oviedo - Llanes (176 km), 
 16 May: Llanes - Gijon (160 km), 
 17 May: Gijon - Col d'Acebo (200 km), 
 18 May: Cangas Del Narcea - Oviedo (162 km).

Teams and Main Riders

TVM: Hendrik Van Dijck, Andersson (Swe), Dubbeldam (Ned), Hamburger (Den),
Ivanov (Rus), De Koning (Ned), Petilleau (Fra), Voskamp (Ned), Blijlevens (Ned)
Banesto: Olano (Spa), De Las Cuevas (Fra)
Kelme: Escartin (Spa)
Cofidis: Rominger (Swi)
Scrigno: Guidi (Ita)
Brescialat: Gelfi (Ita)
Roslotto: Gontsjenkov (Rus)
Saeco: Furlan (Ita)

Stage 1, Aviles-Aviles, 5.8 km ITT

 1. Abraham Olano (Spa) Banesto  5.8km in	        7.20
 2. Fernando Escartin (Spa) Kelme Costa Blanca         	0.06
 3. Francisco Benitez (Spa) Kelme Costa Blanca 		0.11
 4. Toni Rominger (Swi) Cofidis                 	0.12
 5. Cesar Solaun (Spa) Euskadi	                 	0.13
 6. Daniel Clavero (Spa) Cafes Toscaf                 	0.15
 7. Bo Hamburger (Den) TVM	                 	0.15
 8. Rafael Diaz (Spa) ONCE	                 	0.15
 9. Sergei Smetanin (Rus) Cafes Toscaf                 	0.16
10. Michael Andersson (Swe) TVM	                	0.17
11. Dirk Meiler (Ger) Bayer Worringen			0.18
12. Jose Manuel Uria (Spa) Cafes Toscaf			0.19
13. Bobby Julich (USA) Cofidis				0.19
14. Luis Perez (Spa) ONCE				0.19
15. David Millar (GB) Cofidis				0.20
16. Claus Michael Moller (Den) Cafes Toscaf		0.21
17. Manuel Fernandez (Spa) Banesto			0.22
18. Alberto Leaznibarrutia (Spa) ONCE			0.22
19. Jose Maria Jiminez (Spa) Banesto			0.22
20. Armand De Las Cuevas (Fra) Banesto			0.22
21. Bart Voskamp (Ned) TVM				0.22
22. Juan Carlos Vicario (Spa) Cafes Toscaf		0.23
23. Alexandre Gontchenkov (Ukr) Roslotto		0.24
24. Serguei Ivanov (Rus) TVM				0.24
25. Ramon Garcia (Spa) Cafes Toscaf			0.24
26. Angel Luis Casero (Spa) Banesto			0.24
27. Cassio Freitas (Bra) Troiamarisco			0.25
28. Javiet Pascual Rodriguez (Spa) Kelme Costa Blanca	0.25
29. Eduardo Hernandez (Spa) Kelme Costa Blanca 		0.26
30. Antonio Tauler (Spa) Selec Espanola			0.26

135. Jeffrey Steward (Australia) Bayer-Worringen	1.23

Stage 1 Report

Abraham Olano got today his first win with Team Banesto when he won the first stage of XLI edition of la Vuelta Ciclista a Asturias, which started today with a 5.8 kms. time trial in Aviles, which he covered in 7 minutes and 20 seconds. A total of 140 cyclists from 17 teams took the start of the ITT. Olano, who was the last rider to start, based his victory on the fact that he only lost four seconds on the two climbs on the stage in relation to Fernando Escartin, who had the best time up to that moment. The new Banesto rider opted for a small chainring so he wouldn't have to change and after giving up a little time at the beginning of the route, he showed his condition as best rolleur on the flats and descents. The stage was tough, even though it was short and the difficulty started right after the start. In addition to Olano, the ITT allowed Escartin and Rominger to place in the top five, since Escartin was second and Rominger, fourth and the surprise came from another Kelme rider, Francisco Benitez, who finished third. The second stage will be disputed on Wednesday between the plant of Cafes Toscaf and the Alto del Naranco in Oviedo, over 164 kms., with two category four climbs, El Praviano and El Infanzon and three category two, La Campa, Manzaneda and Alto del Naranco.

Interview with Olano

The Vasque cyclist Abraham Olano, who today achieved his first victory since he joined Team Banesto, declared that "all wins are important", but to be able to get a win during the preparation to the Tour means that he's going well. He talked about how happy he was about the win, specially for his team, "which has trusted in him". Olano explained that the key to his success at the ITT was not to "torture" himslef too much at the start and confessed that since he has become the overall leader, he will face the race and not renounce to an overall win, he doesn't plan to "give away any stages".

With only about seven weeks left for the Tour de France, his main objective this season, the cyclist said that he was satisfied by his stay at the Pirenees where he spent time recently to work on his climbing. And lastly he said that he only has plans to participate at la Vuelta a Asturias and la Bicicleta Vasca, before the Tour de France.

Stage2, Toscaf-Alto Naranco, 164 Kms

  1. ESCARTIN, Fernando (Spa) Kelme Costa Blanca 	     4:18:48
  2. OLANO, Abraham (Spa) Banesto 
  3. JIMENEZ, Jose Maria (Spa) Banesto				0.03
  4. DIAZ, Rafael (Spa) ONCE					0.06            
  5. HAMBURGER, Bo (Den) TVM					0.06            
  6. CLAVERO, Daniel (Spa) Cafes Toscaf				0.06
  7. TRONCA, Amilcare (Ita) Scrigno-Batik			0.13
  8. URIA, Jose Manuel (Spa) Cafes Toscaf			0.14
  9. PLAZA, David (Spa) Cofidis					0.21
 10. LOPEZ, Alberto (Spa) Euskadi				0.22 
 11. PEREZ, Luis (Spa) ONCE 					0.22
 12. ROMINGER, Tony (Swi) Cofidis				0.22
 13. BENITEZ, Francisco (Spa) Kelme Costa Blanca 		0.23
 14. GARCIA, Jose Manuel (Spa) Cafes Toscaf			0.34
 15. SOLAUN, Cesar (Spa) Euskadi				0.34
 16. GARCIA, Ramon (Spa) Cafes Toscaf				0.34
 17. JULICH, Bobby (USA) Cofidis				0.37
 18. MULLER, Dirk (Ger) Bayer Worringen				0.54
 19. PETILLEAU, Stephane (Fra) TVM				0.57
 20. RODRIGUES, Quintino (Por)	Racer Boavista			0.57     
 117. STEWARD, Jeffrey (Australia) Bayer		       10.43
 140. ANDREU, Frankie (USA) Cofidis			       10.43

GC after Stage 2

  1. OLANO, Abraham  					     4:26:08
  2. ESCARTIN, Fernando 					0.06 
  3. CLAVERO, Daniel (Spa) Cafes Toscaf				0.21 
  4. DIAZ, Rafael 
  6. JIMENEZ, Jose Maria 					0.25
  7. URIA, Jose Manuel  					0.33
  8. BENITEZ, Francisco (Spa) Kelme Costa Blanca		0.34
  9. ROMINGER, Tony 
 10. PEREZ, Luis (Spa) ONCE					0.41
 11. SOLAUN, Cesar  								
 12. JULICH, Bobby  						0.56
 13. PLAZA, David			         
 14. GARCIA, Ramon  						0.58
 15. TRONCA, Amilcare (Ita) Scrigno-Batik			1.01
 16. GARCIA, Jose Manuel (Spa) Cafes Toscaf			1.05
 17. LOPEZ, Alberto (Spa) Euskadi				1.06
 18. MULLER, Dirk (Ger) Bayer Worringen				1.12
 19. FERNANDEZ, Manuel (Spa) Banesto				1.19
 20. PASCUAL RODRIGUEZ, Javier (Spa) Kelme Costa		1.22
138. STEWARD, Jeffrey (Aus) Bayer Worringen		       12.06 

Stage 2 Report

Spanish rider from Team Kelme, Fernando Escartin beat today in the sprint, the overall leader, Abraham Olano (Banesto) in the second stage of la XLI Vuelta Ciclista a Asturias, disputed between the plant of Cafes Toscaf and el Alto Naranco, over 164 kms., with a time of 4:18:42. The second position went to the overall leader, Abraham Olano, from Team Banesto, while third place went to Jose Maria Jimenez, also from Banesto, who were the ones that disputed the sprint.

The stage develop with tranquility and it only broke up with seven kilometers to go, with the ascent of Monte Naranco, since the peloton stayed together for the rest of the stage. Since the start at Cafes Toscaf, all cyclists knew that the race would probably be decided in the finish. The climb of the Naranco (Category 2) came when there were five kilometers to the finish and it was there where the first stretch of the peloton happened. A group of 13 riders stayed in front, with Euskadi's Cesar Solaun opening a little gap on this small group.

This group included the leader, Abraham Olano, who tried to attack in the last kilometers, but Fernando Escartin caught his wheel and Jose Maria Jimenez went after them. The stage ended in a sprint among the three riders, which was taken by Escartin. The third stage will be raced tomorrow (Thursday) between Oviedo and Llanes, over 176 kms., with a 3rd category (Alto Ortiguero) and one 4th category climbs (Alto Colombres).

Interview with Olano

Fernando Escartin, Kelme's rider and winner of the second stage of la Vuelta Ciclista a Asturias, declared at the end of the stage that the race leader, Abraham Olano, "took off very strongly at the end" and added that maybe he took "a little advantage of his work". The winner, who beat Olano in the sprint, denied that he had blocked Olano in the sprint. "I didn't close on him", he said, "what happened is that when Olano opened up a bit on the left I went to the right and I touched the barrier and was close to falling". Escartin thinks that "there's a lot of Vuelta left and we will have to wait for the Acebo stage, which will be ridden on Saturday to see what will happen". Escartin confessed that he felt "good and that the work he did shows that he's in a good moment, although I still need to know how far along I am". Lastly Escartin said that "Olano is not the only rival to keep in mind, since there are other important riders that will have opportunities".

Jose Maria Jimenez, Olano's teammate at Banesto, complained at the end of the stage. "We were close to winning at el Naranco with Abraham, but Escartin knows the climb very well, he has ridden very well until the end and made his attack worthwhile". The Banesto rider affirmed that "he hasn't seen much yet, but the work that we have been doing is starting to pay off, although the strength is pretty even amongst the participants. We are very motivated and willing to help Olano not only at this Vuelta a Asturias, but when we face the Tour". Jimenez was not shy when he spoke about Olano, but didn't want to get into comparisons with his past teamn leader, Miguel Indurain, but was very firm when he referred to his team leader. "He's a great team leader. He gives the team confidence and is motivating all of us for the Tour in competition and when the time comes to train".

Stage 3, OVIEDO-LLANES, 176 kms:

 1. Giancarlo Raimondi (Ita) Brescialat           4.02:43
 2. Dario Pieri (Ita) Scrigno
 3. Jeroen Blijlevens (Ned) TVM 
 4. Giovanni Fidanza (Ita) Saeco 
 5. Marco Zanotti (Ita) Aki  
 6. Andrei Korolev (Ukr) Sel. Ucrania 
 7. Fabrizio Guidi (Ita) Scrigno 
 8. Fco. Jose Garcia (Spa) Once 
 9. Francesco Arazzi (Ita) Brescialat   
10. Igor Flores (Spa) Euskadi
11. Abraham Olano (Spa) Banesto
12. Mykhaylo Khalilov (Oek)
13. Orlando Rodrigues (Por)
14. Serguei Smetanin (Rus)
15. Manuel Fernandez (Spa)
16. Bo Hamburger (Den) TVM
17. Luis Fernandez (Spa)
18. Bobby Julich (USA) Cofidis
19. Daniele Sgnaolin (Ita)
20. Francisco Benitez (Spa)
21. Dimitri Neliubin (Rus)
22. Pedro Diaz Lobato (Spa)
23. Hendrik Van Dijck
24. Serguei Ivanov (Rus)
25. Fernando Escartin (Spa) Kelme
37. Bart Voskamp (Ned)
50. Michael Andersson (Swe)
53. Alexander Gontsjenkov (Oek)
62. Tony Rominger (Swi)
111. Stiphane Petilleau (Fra)
122. Louis de Koning (Ned)
123. Jeffrey Steward  (Australia) Bayer Worringen  
130. Davy Dubbeldam (Ned)			   all s.t.

Frankie Andreu (USA), Torsten Schmidt (Ger)

GC after Stage 3

 1. Abraham Olano (Spa) Banesto              8.28:51
 2. Fernando Escartin (Spa) Kelme               0.06
 3. Daniel Clavero (Spa) Toscaf                 0.21
 4. Rafael Diaz (Spa) Once                      0.21
 5. Bo Hamburger (Den) TVM                      0.21
 6. Jose Maria Jimenez (Spa) Banesto)           0.25
 7. Jose Manuel Uria (Spa) Toscaf               0.32
 8. Francisco Benitez (Spa) Kelme               0.34
 9. Tony Rominger (Swi) Cofidis                	0.35
10. Luis Perez (Spa) Once                       0.40
11. Cesar Solaun (Spa) 				0.47
12. David Plaza (Spa) 				0.48
13. Bobby Julich (USA) 				0.56
14. Ramon Garcia (Spa) 				s.t.
15. Amilcare Tronca (Ita) 			1.01
16. Alberto Lopez (Spa) 			1.06
17. Josi Manuel Garcia (Spa) 			s.t.
18. Dirk M|ller (Ger) 				1.12
19. Manuel Fernandez (Spa) 			1.19
20. Josi Rodriguez (Spa) 			1.22
21. Quintino Rodrigues (Por) 			1.29
22. Serguei Ivanov (Rus) 			1.31
23. Cassio Freitas (Bra) 			1.39
24. Josui Barrigon (Spa) 			s.t.
25. Giorgio Furlan (Ita) 			1.46

35. Bart Voskamp (Ned) 				2.10
78. Alexander Gontsjenkov (Oek) 		6.17
116. Jeroen Blijlevens (Ned) 		       11.19
118. Hendrik Van Dijck 			       11.34
125. Louis de Koning (Ned) 		       11.49
129. Davy Dubbeldam (Ned)		       12.06

Stage 3 Report

The rider for Team Brescialat, Giancarlo Raimondi achived today the first foreign win at this edition of la Vuelta Ciclista a Asturias, when he won the third stage between Oviedo & Llanes, over 176 kms., with a time of 4 hoursd, 2 minutes and 43 seconds. Raimondi was able to dominate the sprint after Scrigno rider, Dario Pieri took off first on the straightaway that lead to the finish in Llanes. A total of 139 riders took the start in Oviedo, in a rainy morning which marked part of the development of the stage, since riders had to ride carefully due to the conditions. Like yesterday with the finish at el Alto del Naranco, the race went on with all the cyclists together and teams Banesto, watching for their leader and TVM, which wanted to setup for a sprint finish. The only escape attemt cme from Pedro Diaz Lobato, from the Amateur Spanish selection, who tried to escape in the first few kilometers, but was neutralized after a little while by the peloton. The stage was resolved in a long sprint, in which Brescialat's rider, Raimondi took advantage of the work done by Banesto and TVM and surprised them in the finish. The fourth stage will be disputed tomorrow, between Llanes and Gijon, over 160 kms., with both mountain climbs and some long flat stretches.

Italian cyclist Giancarlo Raimondi, from Team Brescialat, assured at the end of the third stage today that he was "very happy with this win", since it was his first win as a professional. "When there were 200 meters to the finish it was when I saw myself as the winner". The cyclist explained that he was next to his teammate Francesco Arazzi during the sprint, but he felt good so he decided to "attack very strongly".

Abraham Olano, the race's overall leader commented that the race was "dangerous in some places because of the rain that was laying on the side of the road". Olano added that his team would have "allowed an escape, if it wasn't very big, but in the end opted to control the race with the collaboration of Team TVM, because the group that were trying to escape from the peloton were too big.".

Stage 4, Llanes-Gijon:

  1. Sergei Smetanine (Rus) Cafis Toscaf   4.00.36
  2. Hendrick Van Dyck (Bel) TVM
  3. Luca Gelfi (Ita) Brescialat
  4. Delmiro Peralta (Por) Boavista
  5. Igor Flores (Spa) Euskadi
  6. Fabrizio Guidi (Ita) Scrigno
  7. Unai Etxeberria (Spa) Euskadi
  8. Abraham Olano (Spa) Banesto
  9. Daniele Sgnaolin (Ita) Roslotto
 10. Alexander Gontchenkov (Ukr) Roslotto  all s.t.


  1. Abraham Olano (Spa) Banesto          12.29.27
  2. Fernando Escartmn (Spa) Kelme          + 0.06
  3. Daniel Clavero (Spa) Toscaf            + 0.21
  4. Rafael Dmaz (Spa) Once                 + 0.21
  5. Bo Hamburger (Den) TVM                 + 0.21
  6. Josi Marma Jiminez (Spa) Banesto       + 0.25
  7. Josi Manuel Urma (Spa) Toscaf          + 0.32
  8. Francisco Benitez (Spa) Kelme          + 0.34
  9. Tony Rominger (Sch) Cofidis.           + 0.35
 10. Luis Pirez (Spa) Once                  + 0.40

Stage 4 Report

Russian Serguei Smetanine won the fourth stage in a sprint, the first victory for his Team Toscaf, at la Vuelta Ciclista a Asturias, which was disputed between Llanes and Gijon, over 170 kms. with a time of 4:00:36 The stage broke with the silence of the last few days and there were a few escapes in the first kilometers, which were intensified in the last part of the stage. Some of the escapes were finished by the peloton and some by the dangerous road conditions which caused some falls. The most important one was Banesto's Armand de las Cuevas, when he was descending the Alto del Infanzon, a category 2. The first attack came from Spaniard Andres Bermejo from the Spanish Amateur Selection, which was neutralized quickly. At kilometer 66, came the second one, by ONCE's Alberto Leaznibarrutia, who reached a maximum advantage of a minute, but was also caught. A little before the ascent to San Martin de Huerces, there was an attempt by David Caqada (Once) and Gines Salmeron (Saeco), who were a way for a little while, before getting caught. Other cyclists like Roberto Laiseka (Euskadi), Pedro Ferrer (Spanish Selection), Armand de las Cuevas and Jose Maria Jimenez (Banesto) also tried to escape at the end of the route, but they didn't reach any advantage. Portuguese riders from Team Boavista, Delmiro Pereira, took off in the last kilometer and opened a 200 meter gap which wasn't enough to keep the sprinters away.

Stage 5, Gijon-Alto de Acebo, 200 km:

  1. Manuel Fernandez Gines (Spa) Banesto 5.28.23 (36,54 km/h)
  2. Jose Maria Jimenez (Spa) Banesto      + 1.32
  3. Daniel Clavero (Spa) Cafis Toscaf
  4. Abraham Olano (Spa) Banesto 
  5. Fernando Escartin (Spa) Kelme       all s.t.
  6. Luis Perez (Spa) Once                 + 1.38
  7. Jose Manuel Uria (Spa) Cafis Toscaf   + 1.56
  8. Dirk M|ller (Ger) Bayer Worringen     + 1.59
  9. Ramon Garcia (Spa) Cafis Toscaf       + 2.02
 10. Alberto Lopez (Spa) Euskadi           + 2.11
 11. Cesar Solaun (Spa) Euskadi            + 2.21
 12. Tony Rominger (Sch) Cofidis           + 2.40
 27. Bo Hamburger (Den) TVM                + 4.43
 30. Sergei Ivanov (Rus) TVM               + 4.58
 57. Michael Andersson (Swe) TVM           + 9.24


  1. Manuel Fernandez Gines (Spa) Banesto 17.59.09
  2. Abraham Olano (Spa) Banesto            + 0.13
  3. Fernando Escartin (Spa) Kelme          + 0.19
  4. Daniel Clavero (Spa) Cafis Toscaf      + 0.34
  5. Jose Maria Jimenez (Spa) Banesto       + 0.38
  6. Luis Perez (Spa) Once                  + 0.59
  7. Jose Manuel Uria (Spa) Cafis Toscaf    + 1.09
  8. Ramon Garcia (Spa) Cafis Toscaf        + 1.41
  9. Cesar Solaun (Spa) Euskadi             + 1.49
 10. Dirk Muller (Ger) Bayer Worringen      + 1.52
 11. Tony Rominger (Sch) Cofidis            + 1.56
 12. Alberto Lopez (Spa) Euskadi            + 1.57

Stage 6 Cangas del Narcea-Oviedo 162 km:

  1. Jeroen Blijlevens (Ned) TVM           3.57.08
  2. Alessandro Petachi (Ita) Scrigno
  3. Igor Flores (Spa) Euskadi
  4. David Millar (Gbr) Cofidis
  5. Bobbby Julich (Usa) Cofidis
  6. Luca Gelfi (Ita) (Brescialat
  7. Serguei Ivanov (Rus) TVM
  8. Dario Pieri (Ita) Scrigno
  9. Marco Villa (Ita) Brescialat
 10. Christophe Rinero (Fra) Cofidis      all s.t.

Final overall:

  1. Manuel Fernandez Gines (Spa) Banesto    21.56.17 
  2. Abraham Olano (Spa) Banesto             	 0.13
  3. Fernando Escartin (Spa) Kelme           	 0.19
  4. Daniel Clavero (Spa) Cafes Toscaf       	 0.34
  5. Jose Maria Jimenez (Spa) Banesto        	 0.38
  6. Luis Perez (Spa) Once                   	 0.59
  7. Jose Manuel Uria (Spa) Cafes Toscaf     	 1.09
  8. Ramon Garcia (Spa) Cafis Toscaf         	 1.41
  9. Cesar Solaun (Spa) Euskadi              	 1.49
 10. Dirk Muller (Ger) Bayer Worringen       	 1.52
 11. Tony Rominger (Sch) Cofidis             	 1.56
 12. Alberto Lopez (Spa) Euskadi             	 1.57
 13. PLAZA David (Spa)  Cofidis 		 2:26
 14. DIAZ Rafael (Spa)  ONCE 			 2:48
 15. GARCIA JoseManuel (Spa)  Cafes Toscaf 	 2:49
 16. RODRIGUES Quintino (Por) Boa Vista 	 3:15
 17. BARRIGON Josue (Spa)  ONCE 		 3:25
 18. CAYADA David (Spa)  ONCE 			 3:40
 19. HAMBUR (Ger)  Bo (Ned) TVM 		 3:45
 20. BENITEZ Francisco (Spa) Kelme Costa Blnaca  3:47
 21. JULICH Bobby (USA) Cofidis 	     	 3:55
 22. PETILLEAU Stephane (Fra) TVM 		 4:08
 23. LAVARINHAS Riu (Por) Troiamarisco-C.Pais 	 4:23
 24. RODRIGUEZ Orlando S.(Por)  Banesto 	 5:04
 25. IVANOV Serguei (Rus)  TVM 			 5:10
 26. LOPEZ Oscar (Spa)  Euskadi 		 5:21
 27. PEREIRA Delmiro (Por) Boa Vista 		 5:21
 28. FERRER Pedro (Spa) Selec 			 5:33
 29. FURLAN Giorgio (Ita) Saeco 		 5:34
 30. SGNAOLIN Daniele (Ita) Roslotto-ZG		 5:40
 31. PASCUAL RODRIGUEZ Javier (Spa)  Kelme 	 5:54
 32. FREITAS Cassio (Bra) Troiamarisco-C.Pais 	 6:26
 33. LATASA David (Spa) Selec			 6:47
 34. VOSKAMP Bart (Ned) TVM 			 6:48
 35. ZEN Marco (Ita) Roslotto-ZG		 7:45
 36. TRONCA Amilcare (Ita)  Scrigno-Batik	 8:10
 37. PENA MiguelAngel (Spa)  Banesto 		 8:35
 38. TXOA Ricardo (Spa)  ONCE 			 9:02 
 39. NEGRETE Oscar (Spa) Selec			 9:24
 40. ALVES Nuno (Por) Troiamarisco-C.Pais 	 9:35
 41. ETXEBARRIA Unai (Spa) Euskadi 		 9:42
 42. ANDERSSON Michael (Se) TVM 		10:10
 43. SETTEMBRINI Fabrizio (Ita) Roslotto-ZG	10:18
 44. GARCIA Fco.Jose (Spa) ONCE 		10:25
 45. ZANETTI Mauro (Ita)  Akisafi-Cantinatolo	10:36
 46. CEREZO Fco.Javier (Spa) Cafes Toscaf 	10:52
 47. FERNANDEZ Bingen (Spa) Euskadi 		11:02
 48. TEIXEIRA Carlos (Por) Boa Vista 		11:05
 49. CLAVERO Alfredo (Spa) Cafes Toscaf 	12:12
 50. SANTOS Luis (Por) Troiamarisco-C.Pais 	12:12
 51. RINERO Christophe (Fra) Cofidis 		12:38
 52. FLORES Igor (Spa) Euskadi 			12:52
 53. DE LAS CUEVAS Armand (Fra) Banesto 	13:24
 54. HERNANDEZ Santos (Spa) Boa Vista		13:32
 55. DELOSANGELES JuanJ. (Spa) Kelme Costa Bla	13:46
 56. LOPEZ Julio (Spa) Selec			15:01
 57. SEDUN Dimitri (Rus) Roslotto-ZG		15:27
 58. CEPELE Arunas (Ltu) Boa Vista		15:47
 59. PIOVACCARI Giusvan (Ita) Roslotto-ZG	15:54
 60. FAVERIO Riccardo (Ita) Saeco 		16:26
 61. LAISEKA Roberto (Spa) Euskadi 		17:55
 62. BUGALLO Aitor (Spa)  Euskadi 		18:11
 63. GELFI Luca (Ita)  Brescialat 		19:17
 64. GORINI Gianluka (Ita) Akisafi-Cantinatolo	20:24
 65. AJURIA Ibon (Spa)  Euskadi 		21:04
 66. GONTCHENKOV Alexandre (Ukr) Roslotto-ZG	21:43
 67. AMARAL Alberto (Por) Troiamarisco-C.Pais 	22:08
 68. SERPELLINI Marco (Ita) Brescialat 		22:09
 69. CASERO Angel Luis (Spa) Banesto 		22:09
 70. MOTA Fernando (Por) Boa Vista 		22:31
 71. MILLAR David (GB) Cofidis 			25:34
 72. LEAZNIBARRUTIA Alberto (Spa) ONCE 		25:45
 73. SMETANINE Serguei (Rus) Cafes Toscaf 	26:18
 74. SALMERON Gines (Spa) Saeco 		27:17
 75. PODRIOZOLA Jon (Spa) Scrigno-Batik		27:58
 76. CARNEIRO Carlos (Por) Boa Vista 		30:05
 77. RODRIGUES Alexandre (Por) Troiamarisco	30:10
 78. CASAROTTO Davide (Ita)  Scrigno-Batik	30:37
 79. FERNANDEZ Luis (Spa) Selec			31:05
 80. MOLLER Claus Michael (Den) Cafes Toscaf 	31:16
 81. URIARTE Jose Ramon (Spa)  Banesto 		33:28
 82. RICH Michael (Ita)  Saeco 			34:34
 83. SIEVERS Holger (Ger)  Bayer Worringen	35:02
 84. SILVA Paulo C. (Por) Troiamarisco-C.Pais	35:09
 85. LUDEWIG Jor (Ger) Bayer Worringen		35:58
 86. POSPEEV Kiri (Ukr) Selecucrania		36:37
 87. RIBERA Daniel (Spa) Kelme Costa Blanca 	36:40
 88. MOSKOVTCHOUK Serguei (Ukr) Selecucrania	36:40
 89. CIGNALI Daniele (Ita) Akisafi-Cantinatolo	36:49
 90. CHTCHIPAK Dimitri (Ukr) Selecucrania	36:50
 91. MIRANDA Carmelo (Spa) Banesto 		37:35
 92. RODRIGUEZ Ignacio (Spa) Saeco 		39:07
 93. HUBBARD Elliot (GB) Akisafi-Cantinatolo	39:18
 94. VICARIO Juan Carlos (Spa)  Cafes Toscaf 	41:44
 95. CONTE Biagio (Ita) Scrigno-Batika		41:48
 96. PETACCHI Alessandro (Ita) Scrigno-Batik	42:57
 97. VAN DYCK Hendrick (Bel) TVM 		43:02 
 98. TAULER Antonio (Spa) Selec			43:16
 99. HERNANDEZ Eduardo (Spa) Kelme Costa Blanca	45:02
100. VILLA Marco (Ita) Brescialat 		45:06
101. FERNANDEZ Victoriano (Spa) Selec		45:12
102. HENRIQUES Jorge (Por) Troiamarisco-C.Pais 	45:14
103. BERMEJO Andres (Spa) Selec			45:35
104. NELUBIN Dimitri (Rus) Roslotto-ZG		45:37
105. ROUBAN Oleg (Ukr) Selecucrania		45:50
106. RAMACCIOTTI Nicola (Ita) Akisafi-Cant.	45:52
107. GOGOLI Stefan (Ger) Bayer Worringen	46:03
108. HENNES Rafael (Ger) Bayer Worringen	46:14
109. DEBENI Federico (Ita) Brescialat 		46:56
110. KOBZARENKO Valeri (Ukr) Selecucrani	47:35
111. PIERI Dario (Ita) Scrigno-Batik		48:32
112. GUIDI Leonardo (Ita) Scrigno-Batik		49:12
113. DIBASCO Alessio (Ita) Saeco 		50:08
114. RODRIGUEZ Jose (Spa) Kelme Costa Blanca 	50:19
115. FIDANZA Giovanni (Ita) Saeco 		50:39
116. PAVANELLO Luca (Ita) Akisafi-Cantinatolo	50:51
117. DE KONING Louis (Ned) TVM 			50:55
118. RODENBECK Jurgen (Ger) Bayer Worringen	51:02
119. PREVITALI Sergio (Ita) Scrigno-Batik	51:13
120. BARAZZI Francesco (Ita) Brescialat 	51:14
121. MACHADO Luis (Por) Troiamarisco-C.Pais 	51:45
122. SIRONI Gianluca (Ita) Akisafi-Cantinatolo	52:21
123. BLIJLEVENS Jeroen (Ned) TVM 		53:27
124. ZAMBONI Michele (Ita) Brescialat 		53:48
125. RAIMONDI Giancarlo (Ita) Brescialat 	53:54
126. CAMIN Claudio (Ita) Brescialat 		54:05
127. DUBBELDAN Davy (Ned) TVM 			54:14
128. NANAENKO Vladimir (Ukr) Selecucrania	56:30
129. GALVA Ruben (Spa) Kelme Costa Blanca 	57:35
130. RODRIGUEZ Severo (Spa) Kelme Costa Blanca 	59:29
131. STEWARD Jeffrey (Aust) Bayer Worringen	59:55
132. KHALILOV Mykhaylo (Ukr) Selecucrania     1:01:46