A Travers le Morbihan - France

May 20 1995

Race Distance: 205.5 kms

  1. Francis Moreau (France, GAN)    4:41:42
  2. Kirsipuu (Estonia, Chazal)         + 02 secs.
  3. Leroscouet (France, Aubervilliers)
  4. Corvers (Belgium, Lotto)
  5. Hietanen (Finland, Cedico)
  6. Lesniewski (Poland, Aubervilliers)
  7. Hennebert (Belgium, Le Groupement)
  8. Bolay (France, Aki)
  9. Mengin (France, Chazal)
 10. Guilbert (France, Mutuelle de Seine-et-Marne)
 11. O'Grady (Australia, GAN)
 12. Eeckhout (Belgium, Collstrop)
 13. Dierckxsens (Belgium, Collstrop)
 14. Capelle (France, GAN)
 15. Van Den Abeele (Belgium, Cedico)
 16. Jarno (France, Aki)
 17. Wust (Germany, Le Groupement)
 18. Marie (France, Castorama)
 19. P. De Clercq (Belgium, Lotto)
 20. M. De Clercq (Belgium, Lotto    all s.t.
This race was the ninth event qualifying for the Coupe de France the lead in which was retained by Armand De Las Cuevas. The tenth event in the series will be the Classique des Alpes on 3 June.