Clasica Almeria, Cat 1.4

Spain, March 2, 1997

1996 Results


Italian Massimo from Team Roslotto, was the winner in a sprint of the 12th edition of la Clasica de Almeria, race contested today which covered 188 kilometers. The Italian rider beat Dutch Max Van Heeswijk, from Rabobank, on the line while Abraham Olano, from Banesto, came in with the rest of the peloton, number 34. This race only had the climb of Berja, as major difficulty and was dominated since kilometer 26 by Erwan Mentheour, from French Team La Francaise des Jeux, who rode alone for most of the race, but as expected the race ended in a sprint. The 23 year old French rider opened a gap of up to eleven minutes, but he couldn't hold the tempo and at only two kilometers from the finish, he was caught by the peloton. Mentheour, did end up with something for his sacrifice, winning the intermediate sprint and mountain awards. The race winner, who already won at the fourth stage of the Tour of the Mediterraneo and was third at the Trofeo Luis Puig, reached the final straight at the avenue of the Mediterraneo in Almeria in a good position ahead of the peloton and won the tight sprint.

XII Clasica Ciclista de Almerma

    1. Massimo Strazzer (Ita) Roslotto 188 km in    4.43.51
    2. Max Van Heeswijk (Ned) Rabobank
    3. Jan Svorada (Cze) Mapei-GB 
    4. Serguei Smetanine (Rus) Cafis Toscaf
    5. Jeremy Hunt (Gbr) Banesto
    6. Federico Colonna (Ita) Asics
    7. Marco Artunghi (Ita) Mercatone Uno 
    8. Maurizio Molinari (Ita) Asics
    9. Mario Chiesa (Ita) Asics
   10. Josi Javier Gsmez (Spa) Kelme
   11. Fabio Roscioli (Ita) Asics 
   12. Dimitri Konyshev (Rus) Roslotto
   13. Fabian Dewaele (Bel) Lotto 
   14. Adrei Teteriouk (Kaz) Lotto
   15. Andrea Noi (Ita) Asics
   16. Paul Van Hyfte (Bel) Lotto
   17. Alexei Sivakov (Rus) Roslotto
   18. Rik Verbrugghe (Bel) Lotto
   19. Garcia (Spa)
   20. Aitor Bugallo (Spa) Euskadi
   26. Claudio Chiapucci (Ita) Asics
   31. Manuel Fernandez Ginis (Spa) Banesto
   34. Abraham Olano (Spa) Banesto
   62. Marco Pantani (Ita) Mercatone Uno
   82. Pavel Tonkov (Rus) Mapei-GB                      all s.t.

Metas volantes: Erwan Mentheour (Fra) La Francaise des Jeux
Special sprints: Alvaro Gonzalez de Galdeano (Spa) Euskadi
Mountains: Erwan Mentheour (Fra) La Francaise des Jeux.

Recent Winners:

1986: Miguel Angel Martmnez Torres (Spa)
1987: Tomas Ortega (Cam)
1988: Josi Gonzalez Maestre (Puertas Cerdan)
1989: Josi Bernabi (Plastimer)
1990: Bernardo Gonzalez (Cam)
1991: Asier Guenetxea (Kaiku)
1992: Johnny Weltz (Once)
1993: Vjatjeslav Ekimov (Histor-Laser)
1994: Johan Capiot (TVM)
1995: Jean Pierre Heynderickx (Collstrop)
1996: Wilfried Nelissen (Lotto)
1997: Massimo Strazzer (Roslotto)