National Cycling Championships - 1995

Sunday June 25 1995

France - at Pontarlier

1. Eddy Seigneur (Gan) 248.5km in 6.5.23 2. Jean-Claude Colotti (Gan) +1.00 3. Laurent Madouas (Castorama) +1.12 4. Pontier (Aubervilliers-93-Peugeot) +1.21 5. Thibout (Castorama) 6. Ch. Moreau (Festina) 7. Vasseur (Gan) 8. Rue (Banesto) 9. Lamour (Mutuelle Seine-et-Marne) 10. Brochard (Festina) same time Eddy Seigneur (GAN) today won the French national championship. Among those abandoning were Jacky Durand, Laurent Jalabert, and Luc Leblanc. Seigneur escaped about 40 kilometers (a une quarantaine de kilometres?) from the finish. His teammate Jean-Claude Colotti finished second and Laurent Madouas third. Seigneur, 26-years-old, won last year's final TdF stage on the Champs-Elysees.

Germany - at St. Wendel

1. Udo Bolts (Telekom) 236.9km in 5.56.27 2. Heppner (Telekom) same time 3. Aldag (Telekom) +1.07 4. Ulrich (Telekom) +6.39 5. Kummer (Telekom) same time

Belgium - at Geel

1. Wilfried Nelissen (Lotto) 244km in 5.34.00 2. Steels (Vlaanderen 2002) 3. Museeuw (Mapei-GB) 4. Vermote (Le Groupement) 5. Van Petegem (TVM) 6. Planckaert (Collstrop) 7. Van Haecke (Collstrop) 8. Van Dijck (TVM) 9. Heynderickx (Collstrop) 10. Feys (Vlaanderen 2002) all same time

Spain - at Segovia


1. Jesus Montoya (Banesto) 220km in 5.37.55 2. Jimenez (Banesto) +55 secs(?) 3. Aparicio (Banesto) +1.20 4. Clavero (Artiach) +1.31 5. Mauri (Once) 6. M. Indurain (Banesto) same time 7. Cabello (Kelme) +1.39 8. Vicario (Castellbranch) +2.00 9. Alv. Gonzalez (Euskadi) +3.46 10. J. Rodriguez (Kelme) +5.48

Switzerland -at Arbon

1. Felice Puttini (Refin) 190.5km in 4.26.13 2. Richard (MG-Technogymm) same time 3. Jaermann (MG-Technogym) +7 secs 4. Dufaux (Festina) +10 5. Camondzind (amateur) +5.28 6. Zberg (Carrera) 7. Jeker (Festina) same time 8. Huber (amateur) +6.30 9. Buschor (amateur) 10. Moos (amateur) same time

Italy - at Pescaro

1. Gianni Bugno (MG-Technogym) 246km in 6.4.36 2. Lanfranchi (Brescialat) 3. Tafi (Mapei-GB) 4. Faresin 5. Secchiari (Navigare) same time 6. Simoni (Aki) +3 secs 7. Lecchi (Brescialat) 8. F. Bontempi (Brescialat) 9. Frattini (Gewiss) 10. Fanini (Amore e Vita) same time


40 pros + 108 top amateurs 1. Servais Knaven (TVM) 230km in 5.41.29 2. Danny Nelissen (amateur) +46 secs 3. Den Bakker same time 4. Meijs (Asfra) +49 5. Van Bon (Novell) same time 6. Van der Sten (TVM) +54 7. Bouwmans (Novell) +1.13 8. Voskamp (TVM) +2.00 9. Dekker (Novell) same time 10. Van Heeswijk (Motorola) +2.20 TVM's Servais Knaven, who is 24 years old, has won the Dutch Road Racing Championship at Meerssen (which is in Limburg about 20 kms north of Maastricht - in the south). It was the first time professionals and amateurs raced for the same championship. He broke away with 15 kms to go from the top group of seven riders.

He benefitted from the work of his TVM teammates.


Robert Millar, Scotland's former Tour de France mountains king, won his first British professional road race title today at the age of 36 as he set a record time over three laps of the Isle of Man TT course. Millar finished over two minutes clear in the 113-mile Manx International pro-am road race, which incorporated the national championship.

Former Milk Race winner Chris Walker, from Sheffield, salvaged the silver medal after being dropped by Millar at the 100-mile mark.

French amateur Pierre Painaud took an 11-man sprint for third place from London's Chris Lillywhite, who claimed bronze medal in the British title race.

Former champion Malcolm Elliott, home from America, claimed sixth overall and fourth in the national championship as defending champion Brian Smith was relegated to eighth place.

Millar, who was in the main group four minutes behind the leaders at the end of the first lap, hit the front early on the final circuit. And as they started the third climb out of Ramsey only Walker could stay with him.

But Walker was also left trailing at the Gooseneck, and by the Guthrie Memorial with 11 miles to go Millar had a lead of 35 seconds. "I knew that if I could get across to the leaders comfortably I would be in with a chance," said Millar, who rides for French team Le Groupement.

Millar's winning time of 4hr 32min 53sec took almost 10 minutes off the previous record for the Manx International, set by Wayne Randle in 1989.


1. Manuel Abreu (Sicasal) 207km in 5.18.56 2. Paulo Ferreira (Sicasal) +3.22 3. Vieira (Sicasal) same time 4. Matias (Trojamarisco) +4.55 5. Amorim (Sicasal) +5.44

Poland (Open), 186km

1. Andrzej Syptkowski (Rotan Spiessens) 4.34.31 2. Rosolinski (amateur) +32 secs 3. Mickiewicz (Rotan) +34 4. Brozyna (amateur) +3.15 5. Piatek (Collstrop) +3.20