News for June 22, 1997

Rolf's Diary Update

Neuchatel, 19 June 97

3rd stage, Tour de Suisse

Finally, finally I have the time to recover somewhat in this Tour de Suisse. Until now something was always going on, yesterday the TV was on, as I wrote earlier. Also this morning we had no peace, we woke up an hour earlier than usual, and then all the riders in our team had blood drawn. They tested to see whether our haemeocrit level had been nourished with EPO. But of course we were all clean.

Our rider Agnolutto won the stage and took over the leader's jersey. That means again a lot of work tomorrow. It went very good for me, I also attacked, but behind me everyone road after me and they allowed the others a 12 minute lead without any resistance; always the same.

Kandersteg, 20 June 97

4th stage, Tour de Suisse

That was hard. My team was on the limit like our leader too. But we still have the jersey, but now I'm not so certain that we'll win the Tour de Suisse. It could still be tense.

Pity, that I had to do so much work today, I didn't ride badly, pardon, really well. But I'm so confident as I haven't been for a while, that I can still ride to a victory.

By the way, I recorded a new personal record today in this Tour de Suisse. In the descent of the Vue des Alp 100,1km/h!

Translated by David Wear


In the final of the Tour of Catalunya Stuart O'Grady came in the fencing. Both with Sergei Outschakov and Angel Edo he felt. O'Grady was brought to hospital with a head injury. But it is not too serious.

Maurizio Fondriest will not start the Tour de France because of his persistent back-injury.

Gerrit de Vries definite to tour for Polti.

Telekom has made special bikes for the time-trials in the Tour de France for Bjarne Riis and Jan Ullrich. The bike looks like a swan and 'a Dutch lady-bike'. It's made complete of carbon.

Jan Ullrich tests the bike in the individual time-trial in the Tour de Suisse on Saturday. Teammanager Walter Godefroot hopes the UCI will a approval for the bike.

Breukink not to Tour. Bruyneel starts today in Route du Sud.

German Eurosport-commentator Peter Woydt died in hospital yesterday. The live-tv-program of the individiul timetrial in the Tour de Suisse was dedicated to him by Eurosport.

In the Tour de Suisse, the UCI took some EPO-tests on Thursday. They visited the hotels of Telekom, Asics and Batik; but didn't find the riders of Batik. The Batik-team changed their hotel suddenly on Wednesday night. Their team leader said they didn't find anybody in the entree of the hotel. But the hotelier confirmed hat the Batik-soigneurs brought in all the cases and materials in the afternoon and put it on the rider's rooms. They came back in the night and picked up all their equipment. The question now being asked: - Did the Batik-team know about the bloodtest before?