World Cup Cyclocross, Heerlen, NL

Groenendaal missed chance for top prize

A puncture deprived Richard Groenendaal of the World Cup from Adri van der Poel.

The Belgian Marc Janssens took the last round, Van der Poel the World Cup.

In Heerlen, where it was decided that Sint-Michielsgestel would be the site for the World Championships in the year 2000, he reckoned on the complete support of his teammate. Van der Poel stood between him and first place. Van der Poel had won the Super Prestige Trophy, and this the World Cup might be for him. He had won 3 of the 6 competitions leading up to this.

Groenendaal, who began the final round with a one point gap, was a great loser. "This is the most important competition in my season. And I was riding in a winning position."

In the Czech Republic, Groenendaal fell and then had a clash with a spectator. In the Super Prestige race in Gieten, the jury disqualified him because he had changed his bike in the wrong place.

Van der Poel and Janssens rode in the lead throughout the race. Two laps from the end, Groenendaal punctured. He had to wait for materials and the Brabander lost nearly a whole lap.

He thought the UCI had not done their job well enough."The UCI promoted the cyclocross event, but if this is the way they do it, the sport will be kaput. The material support (puncture assistance) is terrible" said Groenendaal.

World Champion Van der Poel was not completely happy with his World Cup win. "The best rider in the World Cup did not win" said Van der Poel. Van der Poel thought in the flight for the finish that it would be a very close squeeze. "Then Richard punctured, and with the tempo hard, the gap was too great."

For Groenendaal there is still another chance at a top prize: the World Championships in Munich on the 2nd of February.

World Cup Final Round, Heerlen, NL

 1. Janssens (Bel) 	     1.00.31
 2. Van der Poel (Ned) 		0.08
 3. Frischknecht (Zwi) 		0.39
 4. Groenendaal (Ned) 		0.54
 5. De Vos (Ned) 		1.17 
 6. Pospisil (Tsj) 		1.40
 7. Van Santvliet (Bel) 	1.53 
 8. Boezewinkel (Ned) 		2.02
 9. Runkel (Swi) 		2.17
10. Bramati (Ita) 		2.29		
17. Gommers 			3.49
24. Nijland 			5.50
41. De Knegt 		       10.20

at one lap
42. Scheffer
43. Coehorst

Final World Cup Standings: 

 1. Van der Poel 		96 points 
 2. Groenendaal 		94 
 3. Janssens 			64
 4. De Clercq (Bel) 		54
 5. Van Santvliet 		47
 6. Frischknecht 		45
 7. De Vos 			41
 8. Runkel 			40
 9. Vervecken (Bel) 		37
10. Bramati
16. Boezewinkel 16

Final Nation's Standings:

 1. Nederland 			65 points
 2. Belgium 			57
 3. Switzerland 		46
 4. France 			42
 5. Czech Republic		36


 1. Van Gils (Ned) 		       40.42
 2. Bednarek (Pol) 			0.37
 3. Rast (Swi) 				0.54


 1. Stropparo (Ita) 		       30.06
 2. Robinson (GBr) 			0.05
 3. Rowntree (GBr) 			0.19
 4. ??
 5. Ravenstijn 				1.09
 6. Velthuis (Wageningen) 		1.42