News for January 8, 1997

Merckx stays on as National Coach

Eddy Merckx will remain as the Belgian national coach for at least 1 year. The former cycling champion cam to an accord with the President of the Belgian Cycling Federation, Ernest de Vuyst. Merckx will take care of the team in the coming year during the World Road Championships in San Sebastian.

Last year, the Belgian Johan Museeuw won the world title.

Magstadt, International Cyclo Cross

 1. Pospisil (Czech Rep)               57.16
 2. Lukes (Czech Rep) 			0.47
 3. Markwalder (Zwi) 			0.55
 4. Gill (Pol) 				1.07
 5. De Bie (Bel) 			1.50
 6. Moonen (Bel) 			1.51