News for January 7, 1997

Van der Poel gives no presents

Adri van der Poel and Richard Groenendaal give no gifts to each other. The 37 year-old World championgeven beat his team mate on Sunday at Sint-Michielsgestel in the 7th round of the Super Prestige Cyclo Cross. The squabble between Groendendaal and Van der Poel has now set up tension leading to the world title race.

The two riders, who have been team mates for the last two years. "In the top competition I give no gifts to anyone. In the top group we must sit for the sprint", said Van der Poel. Richard Groenendaal had to settle for second place. "Naturally, I would want to win here." said the national champion. " Adri was too strong. I followed him for the whole race. We did not speak for the whole race. We rode too hard for that."

Van der Poel retained his top position in the standings for the Superprestige trophy. He now has 91 points. The Belgian Mario Declerg, fourth in Sint-Michielsgestel won 11 points to take him to 79, four more than Groenendaal at fourth place.

Sint-Michielsgestel, NL Super Prestige Trophy Round 7:

 1. Van der Poel (Ned)	     1.02.54
 2. Groenendaal (Ned) 		0.06
 3. De Vos (Ned) 		0.46
 4. Declercq (Bel) 		1.07
 5. Daelmans (Bel) 		s.t.
 6. Nijs (Bel) 			1.14
 7. Willemsens (Bel) 		s.t.
 8. Simunek (Tsj) 		1.22
 9. Berden (Bel) 		1.25
10. Gerritsen (Ned) 		2.09
11. Van Santvliet (Bel) 	2.14
12. Janssens (Bel) 		2.24
13. Coehorst (Ned) 		2.36
14. Scheffer (Ned) 		2.44
15. De Knegt (Ned)		2.53

Overall Standings after Round 7:

 1. Van der Poel 	91 points
 2. Declercq 		79 
 3. Groenendaal 	75
 4. Van Santvliet 	61
 5. Bramati (Ita) 	57
 6. Janssens 		55
 7. Vervecken (Bel) 	50
 8. Simunek (Tsj) 	47
 9. Chiotti (Fra) 	45
10. Nijs		43
11. De Vos 		42

Arntz signs a MTB racing contract with American team

Marcel Arntz has signed a two year contract with the American bike builders Proflex. His present team, Giant did not prolong the association with the multi national MTB champion because he didn't want to ride a Dutch programme. Arntz, who recently competed in the Games in Atlanta, now has an American programme to race. He shall also start in the European Championships, the World Championships, and the Tour de France for MTBs.

Pelvis injury for Van de Vijver

On Sunday, Heidi van de Vijver had a fall on the track at Gent and broke her pelvis in two places. Doctors established that the Belgian racer had a severe concussion. Further examination revealed she also broke a number of ribs. Van de Vijver fell during track training. She was taken to the hospital in Gent. The rider must now stay there for at least two weeks.