News for January 30, 1997

There is no solution yet in the conflict between the riders and the Dutch cycling federation (KNWU) over the monetary payments for participation at the World Championships in Munich early in February.

The 6 riders will get 400 guilders each from the KNWU; but because the KNWU made a special arrangement with Rabobank the riders have to wear the Rabobank shirt. Richard Groenendaal (Rabobank) said: 'I'm riding for this sponsor; but how can De Vos and Boezewinkel justify this to their own sponsor VKS? Their sponsor is just starting to become very enthusiastic about their involvement in cyclecross. So the KNWU drives new sponsors away.'

Wim de Vos said: 'The KNWU exploits us and we don't see anything back. I hope the VVBW (Union for Pro riders) can find a solution. Otherwise I might start in my own shirt with the risk of a penalty'

Van der Poel World Title Record

Adri van der Poel made his World Championship Cyclocross debut in 1985 in Munich. His record from then to now is:

Munich (Ger) 1985: 

 1. Thaler (Ger) 
 2. Van der Poel (Ned) 
 3. Michely (Lux)

Hagendorf (Swi) 1987: 

 1. Richard (Swi) 
 2. Van der Poel  
 3. Breu (Swi) 

 8. Stamsnijder (Ned)

Pontchateau (Fra) 1989: 

 1. De Bie (Bel) 
 2. Van der Poel 
 3. Lavainne (Fra)

 5. Baars (Ned) 
 7. Stamsnijder (Ned).

Getxo (Spa) 1990: 

 1. Baars (Ned) 
 2. Van der Poel 
 3. Lebras (Fra) 
 4. Van Bakel (Ned)

Gieten (Ned) 1991: 

 1. Simunek (Czech R) 
 2. Van der Poel 
 3. Lebras 
 4. Baars 

 6. Van Bakel 
 8. Hendriks (Ned)

Leeds (Eng) 1992: 

 1. Kluge (Ger) 
 2. Camrda (Czech R) 
 3. Van der Poel.

Carva di Azzano (Ita) 1993: 

 1. Arnould (Fra) 
 2. Kluge 
 3. De Vos (Ned) 

 5. Van der Poel

Koksijde (Bel) 1994: 

 1. Herijgers (Bel) 
 2. Groenendaal (Ned) 
 3. Vervecken (Bel) 

 5. Van der Poel

Eschenbach (Swi) 1995: 

 1. Runkel (Swi) 
 2. Groenendaal 
 3. Wabel (Swi) 
 4. Van der Poel

Montreuil (Fra) 1996: 

 1. Van der Poel 
 2. Pontoni (Ita) 
 3. Bramati (Ita) 

 8. Groenendaal

The small teams survive

Two Dutch riders (Marco Engels and Vital Timmermans) have signed with the small pro Belgium team RDM/Asfra (coach Willy Teirlinck).

They expect to sign a third Dutchman: Fred Rompelberg. He needs a professional license for breaking the speed record on bike.