News for January 28, 1997

Paal-Beringen, International Cyclocross

 1. Herijgers (Bel)          1.05.00
 2. Berben (Bel) 		0.09
 3. De Knegt (Ned) 		0.23
 4. Wellens (Bel) 		0.58
 5. Daelmans (Bel) 		1.34
 6. De Bie (Bel) 		1.36
 7. Nijs (Bel) 			1.53
 8. Van den Abeele (Bel) 	2.05
 9. Rondelez (Bel) 		2.05
10. Moonen (Bel) 		2.55
11. Scheffer (NL) 		2.59
22. Boezewinkel (NL) 		3.26
23. Gerritsen (NL)

De Wilde crashes out of Berlin 6

Etienne de Wilde will not start on Sunday in the Berlin 6 day race. The Belgian had a fall around midday on Saturday during a demonstration race and injured his shoulder and broke his hand.

The track racer hoped to start on Sunday to support his German track partner Olaf Ludwig. The doctors forbade him from taken part. Ludwig will finish the Berlin 6 with the Dane Jimmy Madsen.

"It has no more sense. I will fly on Sunday afternoon to Belgium. I hope to be in the final 6 day race in Milan on the 7th February" said De Wilde.

Merckx delays National coaching decision

Eddy Merckx will not commit himself to the position of National Coach until February 9. At the beginning of this year the Belgium Cycling Federation (BWB) asked Merckx to sign on as coach of the Belgian professionals for the World Championship for another year.

The Cannibal said "I have spoken at length with the President of the BWB De Vuyst. But I have not given any undertakings." He said he will give a definite decision at the February 9 Annual Meeting of the BWB.