News for January 27, 1997

Dutch crossers miss out

Joop Atsma (KNWU) said there is no more start money (400 guilders each) for the Dutch cyclecrossers with the World Championship. In case one of the Dutch riders get the title there is a bonus of 5.000 guilders. Even with the sponsormoney of Rabo (25.000 guilders) the KNWU is losing money with this event.The KNWU will arrange a meeting with the riders.

More on the blood tests

The UCI will not only test before the start of a race; but will also make random tests in out of competition. UCI will buy the instruments soon and expect that the results of the blood tests will be avaiable within 15 minutes.

ADRI VAN DER POEL wins Super Prestige Trophy at Wetzikon (Switzerland)

 1 Luca Bramati              1.04.12
 2 Thomas Frischknecht   	0.14
 3 Radumir Simunek       	0.27
 4 Marc Janssens         	0.39
 5 Beat Wabel            	0.52
 6 Erwin Vervecken       	1.22
 7 Adri van der Poel     	1.50
19 Wim de Vos           	4.19

Adri van der Poel was leader in the beginning of the race; but fell later.
Richard Groenendaal didn't finish.

Overall results (with still one race to go):

 1 Adri van der Poel     100 (winner)
 2 Mario de Clercq        81
 3 Richard Groenendaal    75
 4 Luca Bramati           72
 5 Marc Janssens          67