News for January 16, 1997

A USCF Promotion

Some details regarding the EDS Track Cup series, a World Cup-modeled elite track series which will debut next month in the United States.

Round, Date, Site, 	City
 1, Feb. 28-March 2, San Diego Velodrome, San Diego, Calif.
 2, April 11-13, Alkek Velodrome, Houston, Texas
 3, May 9-11, Brian Piccolo Velodrome, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
 4, June 13-15, Major Taylor Velodrome, Indianapolis, Ind.
 5, July 9-13, 7-Eleven Velodrome (Natl. Championships), Colorado Springs
 6, Aug. 8-10, Alpenrose Velodrome, Portland, Ore.
 7, Sept. 11-13, Lehigh Valley Velodrome (Finals), Trexlertown, Pa.

Events (each round of the Track Cup will include 12 events)

 Men				Women

 Sprint				Sprint
 Individual Pursuit		Individual Pursuit
 Points Race (30km)		Points Race (18km)
 Kilometer Time Trial		500 Meters
 Team Pursuit*
 Olympic Sprint*
 Madison* (40km)

*Events are not gender-restricted -- women can join a team if desired.
Registration. Registration forms will be available in early February and will
also be available at all velodromes.

Event Limits

Sprints -- From the qualifying round, top 18 men and top 12 women advance.

Olympic sprint, individual and team pursuit -- Qualifying is straight to finals with 3 vs. 4 and 1 vs. 2.

Madison -- Ten (10) teams, on a first come, first serve basis.

Kilometer time trial and 500m time trial -- No limits. Fastest time wins.

Points race -- First come, first serve basis up to 32 men and 24 women.

Keirin -- First come, first serve basis up to 24 riders. Three heats of 8, top 2 advance to final, rep final winner advances to final.


Men -- Pro, USCF 1 or 2 licenses. Women -- USCF 1, 2, 3.

Competition is open to any rider holding a UCI-recognized license in eligible categories, but riders must have a USA Cycling association license to receive points toward individual and club competitions.

Entry Fees

Cost is $10 per event (plus $5 insurance surcharge) at each Cup round. In team events, cost is $10 per rider.

Prize Money

Each event in each Cup round will be worth $500 ($6,000 total per round), awarded on the following basis: $200 for 1st, $150 for 2nd, $100 for 3rd and $50 for 4th. Prize money will be doubled for the Finals.

The team prize money pool will equal $1,000 per team up to 10 teams, provided at least four teams register prior to the first event. Rankings. National rankings will be kept in the two track disciplines -- sprint (match sprint, keirin, kilometer time trial, 500 meters and Olympic sprint) and endurance (individual pursuit, points race, team pursuit and Madison). The rankings will be 12 points for 1st, 10 for 2nd, 8 for 3rd, 6 for 4th, 4 for 5th, 3 for 6th, 2 for 7th, 1 for 8th. Points will be doubled for the Finals.

Events are open to any rider with a valid UCI-recognized license, but riders must have a USA Cycling association license to receive points. For example, if a rider with a valid UCI-recognized license who does not have a USA Cycling association license finishes 3rd, those 8 points will not be awarded. Riders lower in the standings will not move up.

In team events, only riders that compete in the medal heats will receive points for the discipline ranking. Club Competition. Club competition is open to USA Cycling Association-registered clubs or teams. Clubs must register with the USA Cycling office prior to the start of the series, although they do not have to compete in every round of the series. Registration fee is $100. A club roster including all members planning to compete must be submitted at time of registration. No additions will be allowed without prior written approval from the Series Director, Bret Wilhoite.

Riders who change clubs in accordance with USCF rules during the Cup season will be allowed to change their Cup team affiliation once. Riders who change clubs will not be allowed to change clubs a second time nor revert to their original club.

Only registered teams may receive points toward the overall team title and only with competitors registered on their team.

Points scored by club members in individual events will be credited to the club using the same scale. Clubs will be credited only once in team events -- i.e., an individual scoring 12 points in the keirin will count 12 points toward his club, while four riders in a team pursuit will be credited 12 points each individually, but club will receive only 12 points in the club standings.

U.S. National Team riders will be able to compete in individual rankings, but the National Team will not be eligible for the club competition.

Composite teams -- including riders from different clubs -- are eligible to compete in team events with a release from their current club. Riders can earn individual points, but will not earn points for their individual club in the club standings.


All events will be conducted under USCF rules. Any special rule changes will be announced at the events. As with all events, the EDS Track Cup is subject to USA Cycling Medical Control procedures.

Some Pressure might be needed

I received this from a reader today. He wrote:

I think it would be a good idea to use your news service to draw the attention of Australian cyclists to the forum now open at the VeloNews site. ( ).

The discussion is about the changes to the rules regarding bicycle design, which will be considered by the UCI on Jan 30th. VeloNews has published the proposed rules and has made available a form whereby everybody can have a say. The UCI has undertaken to consider the views expressed.

For those not in the know, the proposed rules would set bicycle design back ten years, mainly by prohibiting most monocoque composite frames and most time trial bars. Frames would have to be of traditional form , eliminating Softride and other non-standard forms.

Bill Interupting Notes: - The sooner they get rid of those terrible softride frames the better I reckon!! End of editorial comment from a guy who just loves his steel bikes still!

Anyway, Dave (our correspondent continues):

Whether riders support the changes or not they should have their say. Apart from anything else, the rules are so badly written as to be ridiculous. (See my posting at VeloNews). I suggest that contributors make very clear statements of what they want the rules to say. So far the comments have often been vague remarks supporting or opposing the rules. Be specific and refrain from slanging matches. This is a rare opportunity for the ordinary cyclists of the world to make their voices heard.