News for January 13, 1997

Armstrong update

Lance trained 100 km around lille (france) yesterday (Saturday). He said "I feel good although that 100 km wasn't a real training ride, only a cycle-tour. I don't know when my comeback will be."

The x-ray treatments have stopped; there is no special diet and the results of the bloodtests are okay. He thanked everybody for sending the thousands and thousands of letters and phonecalls.

After the official presentation of Cofidis in paris on Tuesday, Lance will fly back to the States. He wants to prepare for his comeback in his own neighbourhood.

Bremen Six Day after Night 3

 1. Kappes-Wolf 				180 points
 2. Martinello-Villa 			160
 3. Risi-Betschart 			149
 4. Wilde-Ludwig 			116

	at 1 lap

 5. Danny Clark-Gilmore (Australia)	109
 6. Veggerby-Madsen 			 71

Belgium Cyclecross Championships

 1. Davy Commeyne
 2. Kim van Bouwel
 3. David Roodhooft

Juveniles (Nieuwelingen)

 1. Sven Vanthourenhout
 2. Tim van Nuffel
 3. Tomas Ingels