News for January 27

Team Rabobank 1996:

* Staying (from Team Novell):
   Viatjeslav Ekimov (Rus)
   Arvis Piziks (Let)
   Michael Blaudzun (Den)
   Henk Vogels (Austr)
   Leon van Bon (Ned)
   Erik Dekker (Ned)
   Michael Boogerd (Ned)
   Edwig van Hooydonck (Bel)

* New:
   Adrie van der Poel (Ned, ex-Collstrop)
   Richard Groenendaal (Ned, ex-American Eagle)
   Rolf S=F6rensen (Den, ex-MG Technogym)
   Johan Bruyneel (Belg, ex-Once)
   Erik Breukink (Ned, ex-Once)

* Neo-pros:
   Jan Boven (Ned)
   Danny Nelissen (Ned)
   Koos Moerenhout (Ned)
   Aart Vierhouten (Ned)
   Marcel Luppes (Ned)
   Robbie McEwen (Aus)

   Jan Raas.
Directeur sportifs:
   Theo de Rooy, Adrie van Houwelingen and Joop Zoetemelk.

* Leaving (from Team Novell):
   Rob Mulders (Collstrop)
   Gerrit de Vries (Polti)
   Eddy Bouwmans (Foreldorado)
   Frederic Moncassin (Gan)
   Dimitri Nelubin (EDM)
   Dainis Ozols (?)
   Sven Teutenberg (US Postal)
   Marc Wauters (Lotto)
   Alain VandenBossche (retired)
   Djamolidine Abdujaparov (Ceramiche Refin)
   Frans Maassen (retired)

Fabiani Luperini joins Top Italian Club

     FORLI (Italy) - Fabiana Luperini has started her training
     programme. She rides two or three hours every day, and also puts
     in time with the other Polisportiva Gelati Sanson Edera-Forl=EC
     team members.

     Fabiana has four main goals this year: Giro, Nationals, Tour and
     Worlds at Lugano.

     La Cristofoli will skip the Giro in order to prepare for the
     Olympics where she will ride the points race.

     Looking towards Atlanta will also be la Bonanomi and Alessandra
     Cappellotto, who also hope to be on the podium at the Nationals.

     La Sanson Edera has 13 riders this year, 12 Italians and Laura
     Charrameda, from the United States of America, who is one of the
     favourites to medal in Atlanta.

     Training camp, run by Marino Amadori will be at Castiglione della
     Pescaia starting 14 February

Amateur Giro Route Announced

     TREVISO (Italy)
     The Rinascita di Ravenna Cycling Club - (who are now organizing
     the event for the sixth time) - Presented the course yesterday
     morning at the Hotel Fior di Castelfranco, the Giro d'Italia
     dilettanti (amateur), celebrating its 26th edition this year.

     The race is for the Espoirs category (Under 23) and there will be
     Italian Regional teams participating. 15 foreign National Squads
     have been invited and there will be 150 corridorii on the start

     The Giro is positioned well in the calendar and should see the
     best amateurs who will be returning from the European
     Championships in Inghilterra scarcely a week previously.

     The start is in Rovigo on June 20 with the sign on and welcoming
     ceremonies; the prologo goes the next morning.

     There are numerous transfers, it will be noted.

      Prologo - Rovigo 1,5 km circuit
      22 June: Rovigo-Porretta Terme, 152 km;
      23: Torretta-Pisa, 128 km;
      24: First Half-Stage Santa Maria a Monte-Viareggio, 89 km
          Second Half-Stage, crono individuale (ITT) a Viareggio, 22km
      25: La Spezia-Lerici, 129 km;
      26: Collecchio-Cento, 174 km;
      27: Thiene-Madonna di Campiglio, 143 km;
      28: Spiazzo-Regnana, 148 km;
      29: Centrale-Romano d'Ezzelino, 150 km;
      30: Romano d'Ezzelino-Piove di Sacco, 136 km.

Item from Bill Henderson