Classic Haribo Cat 1.4

France, February 23, 1997

1996 Results and Reports


  1. Frideric Guesdon (Fra) Francaise des Jeux 205,7 km in 4.58.47 (41,307 km/h).
  2. Jan Kirsipuu (Est) Casino                              + 0.13
  3. Simone Zucchi (Ita) Amore e Vita
  4. Fabizio Guidi (Ita) Scrigno
  5. Frideric Moncassin (Fra) Gan
  6. Christophe Capelle (Fra) Cofidis
  7. Stiphane Barthe (Fra) Casino
  8. Andrei Tchmil (Rua) Lotto
  9. Emmanuel Magnien (Fra) Festina
 10. Enrico Cassani (Ita) Team Polti                      all s.t 
 11. Elio Aggiano (Ita, Ceramiche Refin-Mobilvetta Design)
 12. Nico Eeckhout (Bel, Lotto-Mobistar-Isoglass)
 13. Francesco Arazzi (Ita, Brescialat)
 14. Nico Renders (Bel, Vlaanderen 2002)
 15. Simone Biasci (Ita, Montanari-Kross)  and a first peloton all s.t.

(158 classified)

Clasico Haribo Report

French cyclist Frederic Guesdon achieved his first victory as well as for his team, La Francaise des Jeux, when he won by himself the French Classic Haribo. Guesdon, who together with Dane Lars Michaelsen (TVM), was part of a marathon escape of 140 of the 205.7 kilometers between Uzes and Marseille. The French cyclist was able to drop his breakaway companion on the final section of the stage, to reach the finish with 12 seconds of advantage over the peloton lead by Stonian Kirsipuu.

An early long break by La Mutuelle de Seine-et-Marne's Jean-Francois Anti was swallowed up by the peloton. With 40km to the finish, Frederic Guesdon broke clear with Festina's Lars Michaelsen. Michaelsen was later dropped and Guesdon lead, which reached a maximum 3 minute was only 500m at the end. It was the 25-year-old's first pro victory and the first win for his team.

The Classic Haribo was the second race (the first was the Tour du Haut-Var) race in the season-long Coupe de France series open to French individual riders and French teams (the latter classified by their first three riders in each race). Last year's individual winner was Stephaane Heulot. Consisting of 16 events, the others in the series are Cholet-Pays de Loire (April 1), Paris--Camembert (April 4), Route Adelie (formerly Tour d'Armorique -- April 6), GP de Rennes (April 22), La Cote Picarde (April 24), GP de Denain (April 27), Vendee International Classic (May 4), Trophee des Grimpeurs (May 24), A Travers le Morbihan (June 7), Classique des Alpes (August 31), GP Ouest-France a Plouay (September 14), GP de Fourmies (September 21)

Coupe de France Classification after Classic Haribo

 1. Frederic Guesdon (La Francaise des Jeux) 		50
 2. Richard Virenque (Festina-Lotus) 			35
 3. Emmanuel Magnien (Festina-Lotus) 			28
 4. Laurent Jalabert (ONCE) 				25
 5. Frederic Moncassin (GAN) 				18
 6. Christophe Capelle (Cofidis) 			16
 7. Stephane Barthe (Casino-C'est votre equipe) 	14
 8. Yvon Ledanois (GAN) 				 3
 8= Thierry Bourguignon (BigMat-Auber 93) 		 3
 8= Stephane Heulot (La Francaise des Jeux) 		 3
 8= Patrice Halgand (Festina-Lotus) 		  	 3
 8= Claude Lamour (La Mutuelle de Seine-et-Marne)	 3


 1. Festina 		20
 2. GAN 		12
 3. BigMat-Auber 93 	 9
 4. Cofidis 		 7