Tour of Mediterranean

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Stage 1, Carcassonne-Beziers 86 km:

The Tour Mediterraneen began today (Feb 14) with an 86km stage from Carcassonne to Beziers. Jan Svorada (Czech*, Ceramica Panaria-Vinavil) outsprinted Andrei Tchmil (Ukr, Lotto) and Fabio Baldato (MG-Technogym) and Svorada leads overall by 5 seconds from Tchmil and 7 seconds from Baldato.

Svorada has apparently relinquished his Slovak citizenship for Czech citizenship after having married a Czech.

The remaining stages:

Feb 15 Stage 2 Carnon--Berre (138km)
Feb 16 Stage 3 Rousset--Antibes (174km)
Feb 17 am Stage 4 Cannes--Hyeres (112km)
Feb 17 pm Stage 5 La Londe Les Maures--Mont Faron (40km)
Feb 18 Stage 6 Toulon--Marseille (85km)

The principal participants:

Stage One Results

 1. Jan Svorada (Czech, Panaria-Vinanvil) 92km in 1.49.56 (10 secs boni)
 2. Andrei Tchmil (Rus, Lotto) +1 sec (6 secs boni)
 3. Fabio Baldato (It, MG-Technogym) (4 secs boni)
 4. Edwig Van Hooydonck (Neth, Rabobank) 
 5. Steven de Jongh (Neth, TVM)
 6. Massimo Strazzer (It, Brescialat)
 7. Laurent Brochard (Fr, Festina)
 8. Leon Van Bon (Neth, Rabobank)
 9. Cedric Vasseur (Fr, GAN)
10. Rolf Sorensen (Den, Rabobank)
14 Chris Boardman (GB, GAN)    all same time
(172 classified)
Finished outside time limit: Bordeanve (Casino); Abandons: Garel (Agrigel),
Debuyst (Vlaanderen 2002), Matthys (Cedico)


 1. Svorada 1.49.46
 2. Tchmil +5 sec
 3. Baldato +7
 4. Van Hooydonck +11
 5. De Jongh 
 6. Strazzer
 7. Broachard
 8. Van Bon
 9. Vasseur
10. Sorensen

Stage One Report

Stage 1 of the Tour Mediterraneen was short (92km) and run off at a hectic pace -- an average of 50.2kph. An eight-man break got away after 15km on a climb -- Stephane Goubert (Festina), Xavier Jan (ForceSud), Chris Boardman (GAN), Franck Vandenbroucke (Mapei-GB), Michael Andersson (Telekom), Giuseppe Calcaterra (Saeco), Steven De Jongh (TVM) and Edwig Van Hooydonck (Rabobank).

Apart from Calcaterra, who was probably policing the break on behalf of Saeco sprinter Mario Cippolini, the break worked well together, building a lead of 2.05 at mid-race. The break was pulled back by the peloton -- pulled along by Gewiss -- near the kilometre to go mark.

On the climb to the finish Fabio Baldato made a break. "When Baldato went off in the middle of the climb, at the moment we caught the break, I let him do it," said Jan Svorada. "Higher up, he found himself riding into a head wind with 400m still to go -- that demoralized him. Then I took Tchmil's wheel, which I came off at full power."

Stage 2, Carnon Plage-Berres 140 km:

 1. Tom Steels (Bel, Mapei-GB) 138km in 3.23.10 (boni 10 secs)
 2. Mario Cipollini (It, Saeco) (boni 6 secs)
 3. Jan Svorada (Czech, Ceramica Panaria-Vinavil) (boni 4 secs)
 4. Fabio Baldato (It, MG Technogym)
 5. Stuart O'Grady (Aus, GAN) 
 6. Jean-Jacques Henry (Fr, ForceSud)
 7. Arvis Piziks (Lith, Rabobabnk)
 8. Andrei Tchmil (Rus, Lotto)
 9. Lars Michaelsen (Den, Festina)
10. Stephane Goubert (Fr, Festina) all same time
30. Chris Boardman (GB, GAN) +27 secs


 1. Svorada 5.12.52
 2. Steels +5 secs
 3. Tchmil +9
 4. Baldato +11
 5. O'Grady +15
 6. Henry s.t.
 7. Michaelsen s.t.
 8. Goubert s.t.
 9. Franck Vandenbroucke (Bel. Mapei-GB) s.t.
10. Marc Wauters (Bel, Lotto) s.t

Stage 3 Report

The terrain was the ricefields of the Camargue, but the strong head and side winds were more reminiscent of a Belgian spring classic. Come the day come the men: a heavily Belgian team responded to these conditions -- in the decisive break of 26 riders that took off 35km from the finish, there were eight Mapei riders. When it came to the final sprint, Museeuw marked Cipollini, Vandenbroucke was there to bob and weave as necessary, and Bomans led Steels' sprint out... "The team -- what a team -- put itself at my service, it's incredible," said Steels. "I only hope everything hasn't arrived too early for me."

Stage 3 - Rousset-Antibes 174 km:

 1. Fabiano Fontanelli (Ita) MG-Technogym
 2. Cedric Vasseur (Fra) Gan             + 0.07
 3. Angelo Canzonieri (Ita) Saeco        + 0.10


 1. Jan Svorada (Svk) Panaria-Vinavil   9.10.00
 2. Stephen Hodge (Aus) Festina          + 0.02
 3. Tom Steels (Bel) Mapei               + 0.05
 4. Andrej Tchmil (Ukr) Lotto            + 0.09
 5. Fabio Baldato (Ita) MG-Tecnogym      + 0.11

Race Report

Fabiano Fontanelli (It, MG-Technogym) took his second victory of the season when he won Stage 3 of the Tour Mediterraneen between Rousset and Antibes (174km -- 16 February). Second at 7 secs was Cedric Vasseur (Fr, GAN) and third at 10 seconds Angelo Canzonieri (Italy, Saeco). Jan Svorada (Czech, Ceramica Panaria-Vinavil) retains the overall lead, with Stephen Hodge (Australia, ONCE) second at 2 seconds.

Stages 4/5

Two stages of the Tour Mediterraneen were run today (Feb 17) . Stage four was won by Mario Cipollini (It, Saeco) who outsprinted Djamolidin Abdujaparov (Uzbek, Ceramiche Refin), Tom Steels (Bel, Mapei-GB) and Michel Cornelisse (Neth, TVM).

Stage 5, 40km to the summit of Mount Faron, was won by Michele Coppolillo (It, MG-Technogym, with Franck Vandenbroucke (Bel, Mapei-GB) second. Vandenbroucke takes over the overall lead from Jan Svorada (Czech, Ceramica Panaria-Vinavil). The race finishes in Marseille tomorrow.

Stage 4, Cannes - Hyeres 108 km:

 1. Mario Cipollini (Ita) Saeco
 2. Djamolidine Abdujaparov (Uzb) Refin
 3. Tom Steels (Bel) Mapei              all s.t.

Stage 5, Londe-les-Maures - Le Mont Faron, 40 km:

 1. Michele Coppolillo (Ita) MG-Technogym
 2. Franck Vandenbroucke (Bel) Mapei-GB

Overall after 5 stages:

 1. Franck Vandenbroucke (Bel) Mapei-GB
 2. Fabio Baldato (Ita) MG-Tecnogym      + 0.30

Stage Six

Franck Vandenbroucke (Bel, Mapei-GB) won the sixth and final stage of the Tour Mediterraneen into Marseille today (Feb 18). Second on the stage was Fabio Baldato (It, MG-Technogym) and third was Stefano Colage (It, Ceramiche Refin).

The overall, taken over by Vandenbroucke on yesterday's stage to Mont Faron, was held by him, with Baldato second at 38 secs and Wladimir Belli (It, Ceramica Panaria-Vinavil) third at 1.13.

Tour Mediterannean Stages 3 to 6: Fuller Information

Stage 3 Rousset--Antibes, February 16

 1. Fabiano Fontanelli (It, MG-Technogym) 174.5km in 3.56.42 (10 secs boni)
 2. Cedric Vasseur (Fr, GAN) +7 secs (6 secs boni)
 3. Angelo Canzonieri (It, Saeco) +10 (4 secs boni)
 4. Stefano Colage (It, Ceramiche Refin)
 5. Viatcheslav Ekimov (Rus, Rabobank) both s.t.
 6. Stephen Hodge (Australia, Festina) +13
 7. Steven De Jongh (Neth, TVM) +26
 8. Danny Daelman (Bel, Collstrop) 
 9. Jelle Nijdam (Neth, TVM)
10. Pascal Chanteur (Fr, Casino-"C'est votre equipe") all s.t
(161 finishers)

Overall after Stage 3

 1. Jan Svorada (Czech, Ceramica Panaria-Vinavil) 9.10.00
 2. Hodge +2 secs
 3. Tom Steels (Bel, Mapei-GB) +5
 4. Andrei Tchmil (Ukr. Lotto) +9
 5. Fabio Baldato (It, MG-Technogym) +11
 6. Stuart O'Grady (Australia, GAN) +15
 7. Lars Michaelsen (Den, Festina) 
 8. Jan-Jacques Henry (Fr, ForceSud) 
 9. Stephane Goubert (Fr, Festina)
10. Franck Vandenbroucke (Bel, Mapei-GB) all s.t.


Fabiano Fontanelli replayed his GP d'Ouverture victory, escaping from a small
breakaway group less than 3km from the finish. "Four two days," Fontanelli said,
"[MG team-mate] Baldato has been marked by his rivals -- it was necessary to try
something different." The break was initiated by Stephen Hodge in the descent
towards the sea 15km from the finish. Initially seven-strong -- with Hodge was
Fontanelli, Vasseur, Canzonieri, Colage, Ekimov and Durand -- the break was
reduced to six when Durand cracked, and two one when Fontanelli escaped -- in a

Stage 4 Cannes-Hyeres February 17, a.m.

 1. Mario Cipollini (It, Saeco) 112km in 2.34.30 (6 secs boni)
 2. Djamolidin Abdujaparov (Usbek, Ceramiche Refin) (4 secs boni)
 3. Tom Steels (Bel, Mapei-GB)
 4. Fabio Baldato (It, MG-Technogym)
 5. Michel Cornelisse (Neth, TVM)
 6. Robbie McEwen (Australia, Rabobank)
 7. Jo Planckaert (Bel, Ceramiche Refin)
 8. Maurizio Tomi (It, Aki-Gipiemme)
 9. Stuart O'Grady (Australia, GAN)
10. Roberto Pagnin (It, ForceSud) all s.t.
(153 finishers)

Overall after Stage 4

 1. Jan Svorada (Czech, Ceramica Panaria-Vinavil) 11.44.30
 2. Stephen Hodge (Australia, Festina) +2 secs
 3. Steels +3
 4. Andrei Tchmil (Ukr, Lotto) +9
 5. Baldato +11

Mario Cipollini, winner of three stages in the race last year, crashed heavily
on his right side in stage 3, 20km out, and finished 10 minutes down. Undaunted,
the next day he escaped the clutches of a Mapei team that tightly controlled the
race until the last bend 300m from the finish.

Stage 5 Le Londe--Mont Faron, February 17 p.m.

 1. Michele Coppolillo (It, MG-Technogym) 36.6km in 1.06.46 (6 secs boni)
 2. Franck Vandenbroucke (Bel, Mapei-GB) +50 secs (4 secs boni)
 3. Gabriele Colombo (It, Gewiss-Playbus) +1.09 (2 secs boni)
 4. Fabio Baldato (It, MG-Technogym) +1.20
 5. Wladimir Belli (It, Ceramica Panaria-Vinavil) +1.33
 6. Laurent Dufaux (Swi, Festina) s.t.
 7. Stephane Heulot (Fr, GAN) +1.42
 8. Johan Museeuw (Bel, Mapei-GB) +1.44
 9. Edwig Van Hooydonck (Bel, Rabobank) 
10. Angelo Canzonieri (It, Saeco) all s.t.
11. Jan Svorada (Czech, Ceramica Panaria-Vinavl) +1.50
12. Chris Boardman (GB, GAN) +1.58
13. Fausto Dotti (It, Brescialat) +2.01
14. Stephane Goubert (Fr, Festina) +2.02
16. Jan Ullrich (Ger, Telekom) +2.09
17. Laurent Brochard (Fr, Festina) +2.11
18. Laurent Roux (Fr, TVM) +2.12
19 Rolf Sorensen (Dan, Rabobank +2.32)
20. Gerd Audehm (Ger, Telekom) s.t.
(151 finishers)

Overall after Stage 5

 1. Vandenbroucke 12.52.17
 2. Baldato +30 secs
 3. Belli +47
 4. Svorada +49
 5. Museeuw +58

Italian climber Michele Coppolillo has four second places in his four seasons
with Navigare. Now with MG, he broke clear on Mont Faron, with Vandenbroucke
some way behind him but putting time into the rest of the peloton, with only
Baldato still in with a chance of the overall.

Stage 6 Toulon--Marseille February 18

 1. Franck Vandenbroucke (Bel, Mapei-GB) 74km in 1.51.49 (10 secs boni)
 2. Fabio Baldato (It, MG) +4 secs (6 secs boni)
 3. Stefano Colage (It, Ceramiche Refin) +7
 4. Emmanuel Magnien (Fr, Festina) +16
 5. Wladimir Belli (It, Ceramica Panaria-Vinavil) 
 6. Jan Svorada (Czech, Ceramica Panaria-Vinavil)
 7. Edwig Van Hooydonck (Bel, Rabobank)
 8. Rodolfo Massi (It, Ceramiche Refin)
 9. Stephane Goubert (Fr, Festina)
10. Fabio Colombini (It, MG-Technogym) all s.t.

Final Overall

 1. Vandenbroucke 14.43.56
 2. Baldato +38
 3. Belli +1.13
 4. Svorada +1.15
 5. Museeuw +1.26
 6. Goubert +1.42
 7. Boardman +2.13
 8. Wauters +2.30
 9. Hodge +2.42
10. Gorini +2.53
11. Knaven +3.04
12. Vasseur +3.14
13. Peeters +3.18
14. Fontanelli +3.52
15. Werner +3.34
16. Canzonieri +3.35
17. Hoffman +3.45
18 Rue s.t.
19. Dufaux +3.48
20. Van Hooydonck +3.51
21. Heulot +3.57


Fabio Baldato made his move 400 metres from the finish on the short steep (20%)
climb to Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde in Marseille. Vandenbroucke followed him at a
distance before swinging past 50m from the line. "The way I''m feeling now,"
said Vandenbroucke, "I think I'm in with a chance of winning Paris--Nice." His
directeur-sportif Patrick Lefevere was more sanguine."Franck's got time ahead of
him," he said. "He's still physically fragile and is not the best at
recuperating. Paris--Nice is a week at a superior level. Mentally he's got the
leader's spirit but it's not obvious to me that the likes of Museeuw, Ballerini
or Bortolami should be working for a lad of 21." Vandenbroucke may find himself
expected to work for Abraham Olano in Paris--Nice.