Tour of Spain 1996 - Details

Tour of Spain 1996 presented

The 51st edition of Vuelta Ciclista a Espana has been unveiled in Valencia,
the city that will host the start on September 7. The race will finish in
Madrid September 29.

Miguel Indurain was present but will not make any deciscion about taking
part or not until after the Tour de France. He commented that this was a
Vuelta for an all rounder who can save strength for the late season. He was
surprised that Sierra Nevada was not included which made the first part of
the race quite easy. The last week would be decisive, from the stage to
Alto de Naranco. He found this year's route 'Tour-like', easy beginning
with the real race starting with the time trial after the rest day.

Last year's winner Laurent Jalabert said that the first part of the Vuelta
is ideal as preparation for the road world championship in Switzerland that
is a big objective for him and team-mate Alex Zulle. Team manager Manolo
Saiz has plans to have Melchor Mauri or Mikel Zarrabeitia as team leaders
for Once. According to Saiz the climbs are not so hard this year, the time
trials will be more important.

** 3898 kilometers will be covered in 22 stages. The big difficulties will
come in the last week which will be spent mainly in the mountains.

** Time bonuses will be awarded at intermediate sprints (Metas volantes)
and at the finish on all stages except the time trials. New for this year
is that there will be no prologue.

** Two time trials of 90 km (89 last year, including prologue) in Avila and
Palazuelos de Eresma.

** Four mountain-top finishes; Alto de Naranco, Lagos de Covadonga, Alto
Cruz de la Demanda and Cerler. Highest point of the race, Cima A.
Fernandez, is the finish in  Ampriu (Cerler), altitude 1930m.

** 22 teams will start, confirmed are the 6 Spanish teams and among the
foreign teams Carrera with Pantani, Telekom with Riis, Festina, Gan,
Gewiss, Mapei, MG-Technogym, Motorola, Saeco, Politi and TVM.


Sept.  7 stage  1 Valencia-Valencia             162 km
Sept.  8 stage  2 Valencia-Cuenca               205 km
Sept.  9 stage  3 Cuenca-Albacete               184 km
Sept. 10 stage  4 Albacete-Murcia               160 km
Sept. 11 stage  5 Murcia-Almeria                210 km
Sept. 12 stage  6 Almeria-Malaga                210 km
Sept. 13 stage  7 Malaga-Marbella               150 km
Sept. 14 stage  8 Marbella-Jerez                205 km
Sept. 15 stage  9 Jerez-Cordoba                 204 km
Sept. 16          REST DAY
Sept. 17 stage 10 El Tiemblo-Avila               46 km (ITT)
Sept. 18 stage 11 Avila-Salamanca               197 km
Sept. 19 stage 12 Benavente-Alto del Naranco    188 km
Sept. 20 stage 13 Oviedo-Lagos de Covadonga     170 km
Sept. 21 stage 14 Cangas de Onis-Cabarceno      170 km
Sept. 22 stage 15 Cabarceno-Alto de la Demanda  210 km
Sept. 23 stage 16 Logrono-Sabinanigo            222 km
Sept. 24 stage 17 Sabinanigo-Ampriu (Cerler)    158 km
Sept. 25 stage 18 Benasque-Zaragoza             222 km
Sept. 26 stage 19 Getafe-Avila                  212 km
Sept. 27 stage 20 Avila-Palazuelos de Eresma    204 km
Sept. 28 stage 21 Segovia-Palazuelos de Eresma   44 km (ITT)
Sept. 29 stage 22 Madrid-Madrid                 165 km

Seven decisive stages:

Stage 10 ITT with  Alto de la Paramera (1400m).

Stage 12 with Alto de Pajares (1350m), Alto de Padrun (320m), Alto de
Manzaneda (380m) and finsh at Alto de Naranco (660m)

Stage 13 with Alto de Pedroso (240m), Alto Mirador de Fito (580m) and
finish at Lagos de Covadonga (1130m)

Stage 15 with Puerto de Lunada (1350 m.) and finish at Demanda (1570m).

Stage 17 with Puerto de Cotefablo (1430m), Puerto de la Foradada and finish
at Cerler (1930m).

Stage 19 with Alto de Pedro Bernardo (1230m), Puerto de Serranillos (1570m)
and Puerto del Navalmoral (1520m)

Stage 20 with Puerte de Valdelavia (1450m), Alto de Paradilla (1350m),
Navacerrada (1860m), La Morcuera (1350m), Navacerrada (1860m).

                      * Vuelta Winner List 1935-1995 *

        1st Overall             2nd Overall             3rd Overall

1995    Laurent Jalabert (F)    A. Olano (Sp)           J. Bruyneel (B)
1994    Tony Rominger (Sch)     M.Zarrabeitia (Sp)      P.Delgado (Sp)
1993    Tony Rominger (Sch)     A.Zulle (Sp)            L.Cubino (Sp)
1992    Tony Rominger (Sch)     J.Montoya (Sp)          P.Delgado (Sp)
1991    Melchor Mauri (Sp)      M.Indurain (Sp)         M.Lejarreta (Sp)
1990    Marco Giovannetti (It)  P.Delgado (Sp)          A.Fuerte (Sp)
1989    Pedro Delgado (Sp)      F.Parra (Sp)            O.Vargas (Col)
1988    Sean Kelly (Irl)        R.Dietzen (Ger)         A.Fuerte (Sp)
1987    Luis Herrera (Col)      R.Dietzen (Ger)         L.Fignon (F)
1986    Alvaro Pino (Sp)        R.Millar (GB)           S.Kelly (I)
1985    Pedro Delgado (Sp)      R.Millar (GB)           S.Kelly (I)
1984    Eric Caritoux (F)       A.Fernandez (Sp)        R.Dietzen (Ger)
1983    Bernard Hinault (F)     M.Lejarreta (Sp)        A.Fernandez (Sp)
1982    Marino Lejarreta (Sp)   M.Pollentier (B)        S.A.Nilsson (S)
1981    Giovanni Battaglin (It) P.Munoz (Sp)            V.Belda (Sp)
1980    Faustino Ruperez (Sp)   P.Torres (Sp)           C.Criquielion (B)
1979    Joop Zoetemelk (H)      F.Galdos (Sp)           M.Pollentier (B)
1978    Bernard Hinault (F)     J.Pesarrodona (Sp)      J.R.Bernaudeau (F)
1977    Freddy Maertens (B)     M.Lasa (Sp)             K.Thaler (Ger)
1976    J.Pesarrodona (Sp)      L.Ocana (Sp)            J.Nazabal (Sp)
1975    A.Tamames (Sp)          D.Perurena (Sp)         M.Lasa (Sp)
1974    Jose Manuel Fuente (Sp) J.Aghostino (P)         M.Lasa (Sp)
1973    Eddy Merckx (B)         L.Ocana (Sp)            B.Thevenet (F)
1972    Jose Manuel Fuente (Sp) M.Lasa (Sp)             A.Tamames (Sp)
1971    Ferdi Bracke (B)        W.David (B)             L.Ocana (Sp)
1970    Luis Ocana (Sp)         A.Tamames (Sp)          H.Van Springel (B)
1969    Roger Pingeon (F)       L.Ocana (Sp)            Wagtmans (H)/Lasa (Sp)
1968    Felice Gimondi (It)     J.Perez-Frances (Sp)    E.Velez (Sp)
1967    Jan Janssen (H)         J.P.Ducasse (F)         A.Gonzalez (Sp)
1966    Francisco Gabica (Sp)   E.Velez (Sp)            C.Echevarria (Sp)
1965    R.Wolfshohl (Ty)        R.Poulidor (F)          R.Van Looy (B)
1964    Raymond Poulidor (F)    L.Otano (Sp)            J.Perez-Frances (Sp)
1963    Jacques Anquetil (F)    M.Colmenarejo (Sp)      M.Pacheco (Sp)
1962    Rudi Altig (Ty)         J.Perez-Frances (Sp)    S.Elliott (I)
1961    Antonio Soler (Sp)      F.Mahe (F)              J.Perez-Frances (Sp)
1960    Frans de Mulder (B)     A.Desmet (B)            M.Pacheco (Sp)
1959    Antonio Suarez (Sp)     J.Segu (Sp)             R.Van Looy (B)
1958    Jean Stablinski (F)     P.Fornara (Sp)          F.Manzanepue (Sp)
1957    Jesus Lorono (Sp)       F.Bahamontes (Sp)       B.Ruiz (Sp)
1956    Angelo Conterno (Sp)    J.Lorono (Sp)           R.Impanis (B)
1955    Jean Dotto (F)          J.Quiles (Sp)           R.Geminiani (F)
1950    Emilio Rodriguez (Sp)   M.Rodriguez (Sp)        J.Serra (Sp)
1948    Bernardo Ruiz (Sp)      E.Rodriguez (Sp)        B.Capo (Sp)
1947    Edward Van Dijck (B)    M.Costa (Sp)            D.Rodriguez (Sp)
1946    Dalmacio Langarica (Sp) J.Berrendero (Sp)       J.Lambrichs (H)
1945    Delio Rodriguez (Sp)    J.Berrendero (Sp)       J.Gimeno (Sp)
1942    Julian Berrendero (Sp)  D.Chafer (Sp)           A.Sancho (Sp)
1941    Julian Berrendero (Sp)  F.Trueba (Sp)           J.Jabardo (Sp)
1936    Gustave Deloor (B)      A.Deloor (B)            A.Bertola (It)
1935    Gustave Deloor (B)      M.Canardo (Sp)          A.Dignef (B)

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