News for February 11

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Milano Six day - after fourth night

 1. Risi-Betschart (Sch)                245 pts
 2. Freuler-Pieters (Sch/Ned)           234
 3. Lombardi-Bincoletto (Ita)           205
 4. Veggerby-Madsen (Den)               194

    One lap behind
 5. Martinello-Villa (Ita)              261

    Four laps behind
 6. Chiappucci-De Wilde (Ita/Bel)       102
 7. Wolf-Dorich (Ger)                    79

    Five laps behind
 8. J. Curuchet-G. Curuchet (Arg)        99
 9. Lapage-Van Slijke (Bel)              56

    Six laps behind
10. Minali-Cerioli (Ita)                146