News for December 8, 1996

Kelme delivers orders to its Colombians

Alvaro Pino, Kelme's sport director went last week to Colombia to deliver the training plan for the four Colombian riders in the team. On his return he received a call from his boss, Pepe Quiles, notifying him that the next day he might read in the news that Kelme was interested in Indurain. Pino didn't mind finding out in this way.

"If it was some other cyclist, I could have objections. But since we are talking about Indurain". I imagine that the relations with the team must not be the best. Maybe it has been a problem of dialogue or maybe the subject of the last Vuelta or Olano's signing. Anyway I was the first that said after the Naranco stage that I thought that he would leave cycling. If Miguel continues it is because he is sure of himself. You don't loose your class from one day to the other. He knows himself, he's experienced".

Italian Team List for 1997

Sponsor	   	Team Captain	    Manager	        No Of Riders   Country

Aki-Safi     	   Faustini	   Amadio	       14 (4 new prof) Monte
Amore a Vita 	   Forconi	   Lanzoni	       16 (5 new pros) Italy
Asics	     	   Chiappucci	   Zaina/Boifava       14 (4 new pros) Italy
Batik-Del Monte	   Berzin	   Colombo/Bombini     16 (3 new pros) Italy
Brescialat	   Belli	   Piccoli/Bordonali   17 (4 new pros) Italy
Cantina	Tollo	   Di Renzo	   Masciarelli	       16 (0 new pros) Italy
Refin-Mobilvetta   Piepoli	   Franchini	       15 (5 new pros) Italy
Ideal		   Bobrik	   Basso	       13 (3 new pros)
Kross-Selle Italia Pulnikov 	   Savio	       12 (2 new pros) Italy
Mapei-GB	   Museew, Tafi	   Saronni	       24 (0 new pros) Italy
Mercatone Uno	   Pantani	   Pezzi	       18 (2 new pros) San
MG Maglifico	   Bartoli/Baldato Ferretti	       15 (2 new pros) Italy
Roslotto-ZG Mobili Ugromov	   Ferrigato, Argentin 16 (2 new pros) Russia
Saevo		   Cippolini	   Gotti/Corti	       23 (2 new pros) San
Scrigno-Gaerne     Guidi           Reverberi 	       18 (2 new pros) Italy
Team Polti	   Leblanc         Merckx/Stana	       16 (4 new pros) Italy

MG-Technogym announces 1997 team

Here is the lineup of 17 that will compose team MG-Technogym for 1997, directed by Ferreti: Baldato, Bartoli, Casagranda, Coppolillo, Finco, Fontanelli, Lecchi, Loda, Pistore and Scinto; new arrivals Bertolini, Nicoletti, Santaromita, Simoni; neopro Bettini, Tosatto and Charrere (Swi).

Miguel rumours abound

Since it doesn't look like Indurain will be riding for Banesto next year, Franco Polti and Gianluigi Stanga will make Miguel Indurain an offer for next season to ride with Team Polti. The text of the fax sent to Indurain from Team Polti read like this: "Dear Miguel, once you decide if you will ride in 1997, we want you to know that Franco Polti and I would consider it a pleasure if we could make you an offer", etc, etc, confirms Stanga.

Banesto getting impatient

Banesto, is beginning to feel hurt by all the time that Indurain is taking to respond them. Without getting into his final decision, it is true that the one that truly suffers is the institution which has been contributing millions to sponsor the cycling team. It is also true that the team has been a perfect publicity vehicle, but Banesto's upper management feels that they don't deserve this treatment or understand Indurain's posture. Although Banesto has yet to say anything officially about their discomfort with the situation, it is clear that there are feelings hurt. This is not good for cycling, although the team has two more years of security from Banesto, the sponsor. We will have to wait for the answer.

More Miguel training news

Miguel Indurain trained yesterday in the company of his brother Prudencio, still not clarifying his situation for next year. He went out at about noon and rode 64 kilometers. Returned home at about 2:30 PM. Miguel trained with his Banesto jersey on, team with which he is under contract until December 31st. According to Pruden, Miguel called him like at 11 AM to tell him that he was going out on the bike. The climate help and it was an ideal day to ride some bicycle.

Thierry Marie retires

Thirty three year old French cyclist, Thierry Marie, announced his definite retirement from the sport because he can't find a team for next season. A specialist in short individual time trials, he has achieved 29 ITT victories of his total of 50 in his 12 years as a professional. He was directed for ten years by Cyrille Guimard, who also directed Bernard Hinault (five Tour wins) and Laurent Fignon (two Tours), Marie raced since last season with the recently created team, Agrigel-La Creuse.

The cyclist from Normandy is one of those rare onesin the history of cycling who has worn the Yellow Jersey at the Tour, the Vuelta and the Pink Jersey at the Giro. A great Rolleur, Thierry Marie won the stage finishing at Le Havre at the 1990 Tour, after covering 234 kilometers by himself.