Even More News for December 12

Cyclo Cross - Spanish Report

Italians are Masters

Pontoni wins, Bramati second in Italian 1,2 at Worlds Cup Race

   In the fifth leg of the World Cross Cup held yesterday at Igorre,
   Spain, the Friulo resident, Pontoni, proved he has recovered his
   form; Bramati, slowed by mechanical difficulties, still leads the
   overall series.

   IGORRE (Spagna)
   Pontoni-Bramati, are a pair who nobody can write off. Bramati, from
   Bergamo won the girst three races; now it is the turn of the
   Friulano, Pontoni to shine.

   Yesterday ot Igorre (Spagna) the fifth leg of the International
   Challenge was run off.

   Pontoni followed up his success last Wednesday at Silvelle in the
   Superprestige; Bramati unfortunately had mechanical problems which
   precluded a spectacular Italian two-up sprint for the line.

   Pontoni forced the pace from the start woth Bramati glued to his
   wheel. They ended the fourth lap with 45 seconds on the chasers,
   then Bramati broke his saddle.

   Pontoni, who had a spare bike in the pit area, quickly made a
   change, but was 20 meters down when he rejoined the race and lost a
   little more time getting back up to speed. Pontoni was unaware of
   the problem and was in fact forcing the pace at that tim to ensure
   that Runkel did not get back on.

   Bramati, chased hard to get back on and then with three laps to go
   flatted his back tire. He had to make almost half a lap on foot and
   lost some 20 seconds effecting a wheel change.

   However, after a superhuman effort, Bramati closed to within 3
   seconds of Pontoni at the chequered flag.

   However, with his second place to Pontoni, 3 seconds down, Bramati
   still looks favourite for the World Cup. He has 26 points on
   Groenendaal and with two races to go with a total of 40 points to
   the winner, it looks very much like Bramati is the winner. Runkel
   and Wabel cannot be counted out, but they would each have to win
   both of the remaining races with Bramati scoring no points at all
   in the final two events to claim a victory. Groenendaal is closer,
   but still needs to gap Bramati by 27 points to claim overall
   victory  in the Challenge. Judging by Bramati's superhuman ride
   today, none of these scenarios  is likely to happen.

   Pontoni's victory confirms the return to form of one of the worlds
   best Cross practitioners. "My off form period won't last all year,"
   said Pontoni, "And my recent win at Silvelle, and today here in
   Spain, have given me renewed confidence. There is the Worlds, if I
   can win it, and I will be trying to win as many other races as I

   On Saturday, at the Parco lambro, in Milano, is the Trofeo
   Guerciotti, the other Italian leg of the Superprestige. We shall
   see how Pontoni finishes there.

   On the Line in Igorre:

 1. Daniele PONTONI (Ita)      59'24";
 2. Bramati         (Ita)        a 3";
 3. Pospisil        (R. Cec.) a 1'05";
 4. Runkel          (Svi)     a 1'20";
 5. Groenendaal     (Ola)     a 1'27";
 6. Lukes           (R. Cec.) a 1'43";
 7. Van Santvliet   (Bel)     a 1'48";
 8. Markwalders     (Svi)     a 1'54";
 9. Janssens        (Bel)     a 2'10";
10. Wabel           (Svi)     a 2'30".

Overall World Cup ( 5 races down,  2 to go...):

 1. Luca BRAMATI  (Ita) punti 87;
 2. Groenendaal   (Ola)       61;
 3. Runkel        (Svi)       57;
 4. Wabel         (Svi)       48;
 5. Pontoni       (Ita)       41;
 6. Pospisil      (R. Cec.)   40;
 7. De Vos        (Ola)       37;
 8. Van Santvliet (Ola)       33;
 9. Chiotti       (Fra)       30;
10. Simunek       (R. Cec.)   29.


   Fabrizio Margon, from Trentino, Italian Pro 'Cross Champion from
   1990 to 1993 took the 7th leg of the Lombardia Trophy, Memorial
   Lele Dall'Oste race yesterday at Roncola di Treviolo (Bergamo).

   The race, held in the Brembo park, saw Margon put 30 seconds into
   promising 18 year old Varesino resident, Fabrizio Dall'Oste and
   Davide Bertoni.


   Tonight, at Udine, the details of the 66th edition of the National
   Cross Championships will be made public.

   The Races will be held on 14 January on Monte Prat at Forgaria.

   Host and hostess of the event will be Moreno Argentin and Nada
   Cristofoli, silver medallist in the points race at the Worlds in

18th Southeast Asian Games (day 1) -- Chiang Mai, 11 Dec 95

Women's 25 km individual time trial (road):
   1. Chalerm Chamchun (Thailand)  00:36:23.85
   2. Nurhayati (Indonesia)           37:24.42
   3. Nuraini (Indonesia)             39:03.91

Men's 50 km individual time trial (road):
   1. Suphat Srisawai (Thailand)    01:04:39.47
   2. Tonton Susanto (Indonesia      1:07:21.51
   3. Kumaresen Murugaya (Malaysia)  1:07.47.22


     Manchester, England, 10 Dec 95 -- By a margin of 8 votes, double
     world champion Tony Doyle (pursuit in 1980 and 1986) was elected
     president of the British Cycling Federation yesterday (Sunday).
     Doyle, 37, retired from racing last year after a 12-year
     professional career that brought eight medals at world track
     championships and two European track titles.

     Doyle takes over from Ian Emmerson, 51, who had been federation
     president for 10 years.


  The Gewiss-Playbus squad met yesterday at Montecatini Terme.

  Bombini, directeur sportif met with Berzin, Gotti, Minali, Zanini,
  Frattini and 14 other members of the 1996 squad.

  Personalized training programmes were given out.

  The team will be officially introduced to the fans in Milano on 19

More of Coppi

    The Italians may watch the Tour, especially if one of their own
    boys is winning, but The Giro is the race closest to every
    Italian's heart.

    Coppi did not disappoint here either:

Golden book of the Giro

       Primo                    Secondo                 Terzo

93  Miguel Indurain (ESP)    P.Ugrumov (RUS)        C.Chiappucci (ITA)
92  Miguel Indurain (ESP     C.Chiappucci (ITA)     F.Chioccioli (ITA)
91  Franco Chiocciolli (ITA) C.Chiappucci (ITA)     M.Lelli (ITA)
90  Gianni Bugno (ITA)       C.Mottet (FRA)         M.Giovannetti (ITA
89  Laurent Fignon (FRA)     F.Giupponi (ITA)       A.Hampsten (USA)
88  Andy Hampsten (USA)      E.Breukink (NED)       U.Zimmermann (CH)
87  Stephen Roche (IRL)      R.Millar (GBR)         E.Breukink (NED)
86  Roberto Visentini (ITA)  G.Saronni (ITA)        F.Moser (ITA)
85  Bernard Hinault (FRA)    F.Moser (ITA)          G.Lemond (USA)
84  Francesco Moser (ITA)    L.Fignon (FRA)         M.Argentin (ITA)
83  Giuseppe Saronni (ITA)   R.Visentini (ITA)      A.Fernandez (ESP)
82  Bernard Hinault (FRA)    T.Prim (SWE)           S.Contini (ITA)
81  Giovanni Battaglin (ITA) T.Prim (SWE)           G.Saronni (ITA)
80  Bernard Hinault (FRA)    W.Panizza (ITA)        G.Battaglin (ITA)
79  Giuseppe Saronni (ITA)   F.Moser (ITA)          B.Johansson (SWE)
78  Johan De Muynck (BEL)    G.Baronchelli (ITA)    F.Moser (ITA)
77  Michel Pollentier (BEL)  F.Moser (ITA)          G.Baronchelli (ITA
76  Felice Gimondi (ITA)     J.De Muynck (BEL)      F.Bertoglio (ITA)
75  Fausto Bertoglio (ITA)   F.Galdos (SWE)         F.Gimondi (ITA)
74  Eddy Merckx (BEL)        G.Baronchelli (ITA)    F.Gimondi (ITA)
73  Eddy Merckx (BEL)        F.Gimondi (ITA)        G.Battaglin (ITA)
72  Eddy Merckx (BEL)        J.M.Fuente (ESP)       F.Galdos (ESP)
71  Gosta Pettersson (SWE)   H.Van Springel (BEL)   U.Colombo (ITA)
70  Eddy Merckx (BEL)        F.Gimondi (ITA)   M.Van Den Bossche (BEL)
69  Felice Gimondi (ITA)     C.Michelotto (ITA)     I.Zilioli (ITA)
68  Eddy Merckx (BEL)        V.Adorni (ITA)         F.Gimondi (ITA)
67  Felice Gimondi (ITA)     F.Balmamion (ITA)      J.Anquetil (FRA)
66  Gianni Motta (ITA)       I.Zilioli (ITA)        J.Anquetil (FRA)
65  Vittorio Adorni (ITA)    I.Zilioli (ITA)        F.Gimondi (ITA)
64  Jacques Anquetil (FRA)   I.Zilioli (ITA)        G.De Rosso (ITA)
63  Franco Balmamion (ITA)   V.Adorni (ITA)         G.Zancanaro (ITA)
62  Franco Balmamion (ITA)   I.Massignan (ITA)      N.Defilippis (ITA)
61  Arnaldo Pambianco (ITA)  J.Anquetil (FRA)       A.Suarez (ESP)
60  Jacques Anquetil (FRA)   G.Nencini (ITA)        C.Gaul (LUX)
59  Charly Gaul (LUX)        J.Anquetil (FRA)       D.Ronchini (ITA)
58  Ercole Baldini (ITA)     J.Brankart (BEL)       C.Gaul (LUX)
57  Gastone Nencini (ITA)    L.Bobet (FRA)          E.Baldini (ITA)
56  Charly Gaul (LUX)        F.Magni (ITA)          A.Coletto (ITA)
55  Fiorenzo Magni (ITA)     F.Coppi (ITA)          G.Nencini (ITA)
54  Carlo Clerici (ITA)      H.Koblet (CH)          N.Assirelli (ITA)
53  Fausto Coppi (ITA)       H.Koblet (CH)          P.Fornara (ITA)
52  Fausto Coppi (ITA)       F.Magni (ITA)          F.Kubler (CH)
51  Fiorenzo Magni (ITA)     R.Van Steenbergen (BEL F.Kubler (CH)
50  Hugo Koblet (CH)         G.Bartali (ITA)        A.Martini (ITA)
49  Fausto Coppi (ITA)       G.Bartali (ITA)        G.Cottur (ITA)
48  Fiorenzo Magni (ITA)     E.Cecchi (ITA)         G.Cottur (ITA)
47  Fausto Coppi (ITA)       G.Bartali (ITA)        G.Bresci (ITA)
46  Gino Bartali (ITA)       F.Coppi (ITA)          V.Ortelli (ITA)
40  Fausto Coppi (ITA)       E.Mollo (ITA)          G.Cottur (ITA)
39  Giovanni Valetti (ITA)   G.Bartali (ITA)        M.Vicini (ITA)
38  Giovanni Valetti (ITA)   E.Cecchi (ITA)         S.Canavesi (ITA)
37  Gino Bartali (ITA)       G.Valetti (ITA)        E.Mollo (ITA)
36  Gino Bartali (ITA)       G.Olmo (ITA)           S.Canavesi (ITA)
35  Vasco Bergamaschi (ITA)  G.Martano (ITA)        G.Olmo (ITA)
34  Learco Guerra (ITA)      F.Camusso (ITA)        G.Cazzulani (ITA)
33  Alfredo Binda (ITA)      J.Demuysere (BEL)      D.Piemontesi (ITA)
32  Antonio Pesenti (ITA)    J.Demuysere (BEL)      R.Bertoni (ITA)
31  Francesco Camusso (ITA)  L.Giacobbe (ITA)       L.Marchisio (ITA)
30  Luigi Marchisio (ITA)    L.Giacobbe (ITA)       A.Grandi (ITA)
29  Alfredo Binda (ITA)      D.Piemontesi (ITA)     L.Frascarelli(ITA)
28  Alfredo Binda (ITA)      G.Pancera (ITA)        B.Aymo (ITA)
27  Alfredo Binda (ITA)      G.Brunero (ITA)        A.Negrini (ITA)
26  Giovanni Brunero (ITA)   A.Binda (ITA)          A.Bresciani (ITA)
25  Alfredo Binda (ITA)      C.Girardengo (ITA)     G.Brunero (ITA)
24  Guiseppe Enrici (ITA)    F.Gay (ITA)            A.Gabrielli (ITA)
23  Costante Girardengo (ITA)G.Brunero (ITA)        B.Aymo (ITA)
22  Giovanni Brunero (ITA)   B.Aymo (ITA)           G.Enrici (ITA)
21  Giovanni Brunero (ITA)   G.Belloni (ITA)        B.Aymo (ITA)
20  Gaetano Belloni (ITA)    A.Gremo (ITA)          J.Alavoine (FRA)
19  Costante Girardengo (ITA)G.Belloni (ITA)        M.Buysse (BEL)
14  Alfonso Calzolari (ITA)  P.Albini (ITA)         L.Licotti (ITA)
13  Carlo Oriani (ITA)       E.Pavesi (ITA)         G.Azzini (ITA)
*12 Atala                    Peugeot                Gerbi
11  Carlo Galetti (ITA)      G.Rossignoli (ITA)     G.Gerbi (ITA)
10  Carlo Galetti (ITA)      E.Pavesi (ITA)         L.Ganna (ITA)
09  Luigi Ganna (ITA)        C.Galetti (ITA)        G.Rossignoli (ITA)

* In 1912, the Giro d'Italia was a team race.
The winning squads were:

        ATALA   - C.Galetti, G.Michelotto, E.Pavesi
        PEUGEOT - U.Agostoni, D.Allasia, C.Durando, A.Gremo
        GERBI   - P.Albini, L.Bordin, G.Gerbi, G.Rossignoli