News and Race Reports for August 3 1995

1. Tour of Denmark, Stage 2

Tour of Denmark (2), 180.2 kms, 2 Aug 95:
  1. Jesper Skibby (Denmark)          04:13:34
  2. Max van Heeswijk (Netherlands)      +1:35
  3. Bo Hamburger (Denmark)
  4. Stefano Zanini (Italy)
  5. Lars Michaelsen (Denmark)
  6. Christian Andersen (Denmark)
  7. Dennis Rasmussen (Denmark)
  8. Bjarne Riis (Denmark)
  9. Aart Vierhouten (Netherlands)
 10. Michel van Haecke (Belgium)       all s.t.

General Classification (2):
  1. Nicola Minali (Italy)            8:29.19
  2. Max van Heeswijk (Netherlands)       +04 secs
  3. Soeren Moenster (Denmark)            s.t.
  4. Lars Michaelsen (Denmark)             06
  5. Michael Rosborg (Denmark)             07

2. Van Steenbergen Grand Prix

Van Steenbergen Grand Prix, 205 kms, 2 Aug 95:
  1. Tom Steels (Belgium)           04:52:00
  2. Eric Vanderaerden (Belgium)
  3. Jacek Mickiewicz (Poland)
  4. Jan Koerts (the Netherlands)
  5. Fabio Baldato (Italy)
  6. Wim Overloop (Belgium)
  7. Daniele Nardello (Italy)
  8. Sebastian Van den Abeele (Belgium)
  9. Olaf Ludwig (Germany)
 10. Djamodiline Abdoujaparov (Uzbekistan)    all same time

3. New Race Down Under

   2 Aug 95 -- Spanish cycling team, ONCE, is expected to ride in a new
Australian race, the Tour of Tasmania. The race is part of a six-day
series, including a mainland prologue, that begins 22 January 96 with a
seven-day criterium event around Melbourne's seaside resorts, followed by
the two-day Mt. Buller Cup and the grand finale in late January - the Tour
of Tasmania.
   The race will carry points for world rankings, hopefully drawing a top
quality field. International status was achieved by transferring the main
event of Victoria's Summer Series to the island and running it under the
Tour of Tasmania banner.
   "This event will provide an ideal preparation for cyclists competing at
the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 and will enable the Australian Olympic road
cycling team to compete against some of the world's best international
riders," Tourism, Sport and Recreation minister Peter Hodgman stated.
   "We are confident that ONCE will have their number one rider,  Laurent
Jalabert, who won the green points jersey, and finished fourth overall in
this year's Tour de France, as one of their team riding in Tasmania," race
organizer John Trevorrow said.
   It is reported that Gianni Bugno also plans to ride the event.

4. Motorola Rpt. -- Tour of Denmark (1)

The six day Tour of Denmark began yesterday with Motorola placing two
riders in the top five. Max Van Heeswijk, who has recently been selected to
represent Holland at the European Championships, took third place, just
ahead of his team mate Wiebren Veenstra, who came in fifth.

The race was controlled by the strong Italian Gewiss team of Bjarne Riis,
who announced early that he would be going all out to win his home tour.
Riis, who garnered third place in the recent Tour de France, starts as
number one favourite. The short time fifteen kilometer trial on Thursday
should tilt the scales in his favour.

Gewiss rounded of a good day with their sprinter Nicola Minali taking the
sprint for the line. Each stage finishes with a lap of the town and the
first rider to cross the line wins a Motorola Flare cellular phone. That
too went to the hands of a Gewiss rider, Dario Bottaro.

The race finishes in Copenhagen on Sunday.

Tour Feminin Stage 3, Crest-Voland--Les Aillons-Margeriaz (1 August 95)

  1. Fabiana Luperini (it) 91.8km in 3.03.25
  2. Zberg (Swi)                       +1.04
  3. Longo (Fr)                        +1.31
  4. Polkhanova (Rus)                  +2.03
  5. Polikiavichute (Lith)             +2.32
  6. Bubnenkova (Rus)                  +2.41
  7. Jackson (Can)                       s.t.
  8. Zoubaneva (Rus)                   +3.27
  9. Marsal (Fr)                       +3.37
 10. Bailey (NZ)                       +3.43
 18. Golay                             +6.58

  1. Luperini       9.31.06
  2. Zberg              +57 secs
  3. Longo            +1.11
  4. Polkhanova       +1.50
  5. Polikiavichute   +2.29
  6. Bubnenkova       +2.37
  7. Jackson          +2.40
  8. Marsal           +3.23
  9. Zoubaneva        +3.38
 10. Heeb (Swi)       +4.07


Mi-Aout Bretonne

2nd race at Brest (1 August 95)
  1. Serge Oger (Fr, amateur) 125km in 2.54.41
  2. Nicolas Jalabert (Fr, Mutuelle de Seine-et-Marne)  same time
  3. Magnien (Fr,  Castorama)     +1 sec
  4. Desbiens (Fr, Castorama)
  5. Faudot (Fr, amateur)
  6. Bogdanski (Fr, amateur)
  7. Paffrath (Ger, amateur)
  8. Currit (Fr, GAN)
  9. Bouillon (Bel, Cedico)
 10. Delalande (Fr, amateur)      all same time

Overall after two races
  1. Desbiens                  122 pts
  2. Faudot                     84
  3. Pretot (Fr, GAN)           82
  4. Rinero (Fr, amateur)       78
  5. Pecisseler (Ger, amateur)  74


Tour of Portugal, Stage 2 (1 August 95)

  1. Francesco Arazzi (It, Brescialat) 177km in 4.15.55
  2. Strazzer (It, Navigare)
  3. Am. Silva (Portugal)
  4. Smetanine (Rus, Sputnik)
  5. Di Basco (It, Amore e Vita) all same time

  1. Alessio Di Basco (It, Amore e Vita)
  2. O. Rodrigues (Port, Artiach)       +4 secs
  3. Am. Silva                          +6
  4. Djavaniane (Rus, Sputnik)         s.t.
  5. Guidi (It, Navigare)              +10


Criteriums, etc

Richard Virenque won the Criterium of Castillon-la-Bataille (Gironde) on 1
August 95. Laurent Dufaux won the open Tour of Wartenberg, near Basel,
Switzerland from Tony Rominger. The Tour de France lanterne rouge Bruno
Cornillet was 10th.