News and Reports for July 30 1995

  1. Miguel in Moscow
  2. Boardman Out?

1. Miguel in Moscow

   Miguel Indurain (Spain) broke free of the peloton on the last lap to
capture the 72 1/2-mile Masters Criterium, Russia's first major
professional cycling race. Vyacheslav Yekimov (Russia) and Lance Armstrong
(United States) were second and third, both 11 seconds behind Indurain.
   With the race sponsored by the organizers of the Tour de France,
seventy-seven Tour finishers competed after being flown in on a charter
flight from Paris.
   Attendance of 10,000 fell far short of the hoped-for 150,000 to 200,000.


2. Boardman Out?

   Four weeks after fracturing an ankle and a wrist in the Tour de France,
Chris Boardman said today (Saturday, 29 July): "It is 90 per cent certain
that I will not be riding, but it is not absolutely definite."
   With this year's world championships in Colombia, he said: "It will be
four weeks before I can put any weight on my foot. If the championships had
been in Europe I would have just gone and taken my chance. I am not
prepared, however, to do three weeks of altitude training, starting from
nothing, just to finish fifth or 10th."