News and Race Reports August 25 1995

Course du Raisin (Overijse, Belgium), 203 kms, 23 August 95:

  1. Johan Museeuw (Bel, Mapei)     4.54.21
  2. Piziks (Latvia, Novell)            +02 secs
  3. Van Hooydonck (Bel, Novell)        +47
  4. Sypytkowski (Pol, Rotan)
  5. Henn (Ger, Telekom)
  6. Baguet (Bel. Lotto)            all s.t.
  7. Nevens (Bel, Vlaanderen 2002)      +53
  8. Dierckxsens (Bel, Collstrop)     +4.50
  9. Bomans (Bel, Mapei)
 10. Heynderickx (Bel, Collstrop)  both s.t.


Tour du Poitou-Charentes Open

Stage 2, Cognac--Marennes, 177 kms (23 August 95):

  1. Jaan Kirsipuu (Lith, Chazal)      4.19.38
  2. Michaelsen (Den, Festina)
  3. N. Jalabert (Fr, Seine-et-Marne)
  4. Ouvrard (Fr, amateur)
  5. Magnien (Castorama)
  6. Ramel (Fr, amateur)
  7. Brakkee (Neth, amateur)
  8. Buurstede (Neth, amateur)
  9. Lesniewski (Pol, A. 93-Peugeot)
 10. Lieswin (USA, amateur)           all s.t.

  1. Pretot (Fr, GAN)      7.51.47
  2. McRae (USA, amateur)       +6 secs
  3. Derame (Fr, GAN)           +7
  4. Aubier (Fr, GAN)          +12
  5. Roux (Fr, Castorama)      s.t.
  6. N. Jalabert               +28
  7. Michaelsen                +39
  8. Manin (Fr, Chazal)        +47
  9. Currit (Fr, GAN)
 10. Lieswin              both s.t.

The stage ended in disaster when the French amateur Xavier Vadrot hit the
foot of a barrier near the finish, bringing down with him two American
amateurs, Jeff Evanshine and Fred Rodriguez, and the Belgian Cedico rider
Sebastian Van den Abeele. Of the riders only Rodriguez was taken to
hospital, with unspecified injuries to the cervical vertebrae. But three
spectators were injured. Two of them, one a child of 8, were not seriously
hurt, but a woman of 75 was taken to hospital in a critical state after
suffering cranial trauma resulting in loss of consciousness and cardiac


Boardman Seduced by Lure of the Road....

Cycling Weekly reports that Chris Boardman had two one-hour sessions on the
road at the weekend. "I was trying quite hard, but it was still very
delicate and I coudln't get out of the saddle," he said. "I'll probably be
training in a couple of week's time. It was no problem but there's no

There is still some concern about the tendon which is still dragging on the
bone. "I wasn't supposedf to be going out, and I did it without telling
anybody," said Boardman. "I have no reason to rush it as the season is over
now as far as getting any results, and I'm the only one who knows how I

Meanwhile Boardman's physiologit Peter Keen is developing techniques for
bringing Boardman's damaged leg into line with the undamaged one.


...While Leblanc Hopes for a Rainbow Ride

Luc Leblanc is hoping that it will be possible to ride at least one race in
France -- for his new team Polti -- in his world champion's rainbow jersey
before it is relinquished on 8 October 95.