News and Race Reports for the 15 August 1995

1. San Sebastian Classic
Lance Armstrong wrote his name into the history books once again over the
weekend when he became the first American in the history of cycling to win
a round of the World Cup, or even a race categorized as a classic. Although
the San Sebastian race is one of the newer classics, it is ranked as one of
the top one day events in the sport.

The young Texan, still only 23 years old, garnered the victory in fine
style, winning just ahead of Italian Stefano Della Santa. The pair escaped
less than four kilometers from the finish line, after an earlier break by
Armstrong and Jalabert had been chased down by the Belgian World Cup

Armstrong was in a select group of seven riders who forced the pace on the
Jaizkibel, the tough climb just thirty kilometers from the finish line in
San Sebastian. Laurent Jalabert and leader of the World Cup Johan Museeuw
were in the group, as well as last week's Leeds classic winner Max

On the descent Sciandri, Armstrong and Jalabert moved clear and built a
lead of thirty seconds. However a badly times flat tire left Sciandri by
the road side waiting for a new wheel, leaving a Frenchman and an American
in the lead. The two worked well together but a concerted chase by Museeuw
and Della Santa, both on the MG team, brought the pair back with five
kilometers to go.

It was at that moment that Museeuw's team mate Della Santa decided to take
advantage of the marking between his leader and the Frenchman Jalabert and
take his chance. Armstrong having been so close to a classic win on two
previous occasions did not let his chance go and pounced into the
slipstream of the Italian.

At the finish line Armstrong unleashed a sprint that his opponent could not
respond to, taking an easy victory. His performance allowed him to move up
to eighth place in the World Cup rankings. After taking the overall victory
in the Tour DuPont and a stage victory in the Tour de France, this classic
win was the icing on the cake in what has already been a great season for
the Texan.

2. '95 Tour Feminin

Tour Feminin, Stage 13/Final, 103 kms

  1. Yvonne Brunen	NHL  	 2:37.24
  2. V. Cappellotto	ITA	
  3. Urbonaite LIT
  4. Mansvelt NHL
  5. Ljungskog SWE	       all s.t.
  71. Luperini		ITA	         @ 36 secs.

Final Classification:

  1. Fabiana Luperini ITA	34:43.24
  2. Longo	FRA	             @ 8.07
  3. Zberg	SUI	            @ 10.11
  4. Koliasseva	RUS	       @ 12.45
  5. Jackson	CAN	          @ 14.14

3. Subida a Urkiola

Subida a Urkiola, 160.6 kms, 13 Aug 95:

  1. Leonardo Piepoli	ITA	Ceramica Refin	  3:47:25
  2. Erik Breukink	NHL	ONCE	                 	@ 56
  3. Claudio Chiappucci	ITA	Carrera		       @ 1.12
  4. Gilberto Simoni	ITA	AKI	              	@ 1.33
  5. Zenon Jaskula	POL	AKI	                	@ 1.48
  6. Marco Pantani	ITA	Carrera	            	@ 1.51
  7. Oscar Pellicioli	ITA	Polti		           @ 2.05
  8. Felice Puttini	SUI	Ceramica Refin     	@ 2.07
  9. Santiago Blanco	SPA	Banesto		          @ 2.29
 10. Jens Heppner	GER	Telekom	             	@ 2.45

  1. Tour of Galicia

Tour of Galicia (1), 102.5 kms, 14 Aug 95:
  1. Miguel Indurain (Spain-Banesto)         02:26:54
  2. Maarten Den Bakker (Netherlands-TVM)         s.t.
  3. Manuel Fernandez (Spain-Mapei)             +4:11
  4. Eleuterio Anguita (Spain-Castellblanch)      s.t.
  5. Melchor Mauri (Spain-ONCE)                   s.t.
  6. Ivan Cerioli (Italy-Gewiss)                +5:36
  7. Simone Biasci (Italy-Mercatone Uno)
  8. Adriano Baffi (Italy-Mapei)
  9. Marcel Wust (Germany-Castellblanch)
 10. Peter Van Petegem (Belgium-TVM)          all s.t.

  2. Australian Team News - Male and Female

Tour Feminin

   * Elizabeth Tadich, 19, was the youngest rider to finish the tour
despite  the concerns of Australian coach Andrew Logan that she would be
unable to handle the pace and extreme demands of the such an event.
   * Tracey Watson finished in 44th place overall , while Lyn Nixon was
56th and Tadich 69th. Melissa Berryman and Louise Nolan did not finish.

Regio Tour

   * Australia's Robbie McEwen won the sprint king title.
   * Brett Dennis was the best-placed Australian in 44th spot. Damian
McDonald, who finished second in a stage, was 51st, Kelvin Martin 54th,
Allan Iacuone 56th, Matthew White 61st and McEwen 64th.