Tour of Vendee

France, April 23 1995

The seventh round of the Coupe de France series (open only to French riders) again failed to produce a French victory, with the Belgians of Lotto gaining their fourth in the series. Christophe Mengin (Chazal) retains his lead in the series. The next Coupe de France race is the Trophee des Grimpeurs at Argenteuil-Sannois near Paris on 30 April.

Race Distance - 199.2 kms

  1. Mario de Clercq (Bel, Lotto) 4.48.12
  2. Plankaert (Bel, Collstrop)
  3. Davion (Fr, Le Groupement)
  4. Capelle (Fr, Gan)
  5. Talmant (Fr, Castorama)
  6. Van Daele (Bel, Palmans)
  7. Syptkowsky (Pol, Rotan)
  8. Frison (Bel, Lotto)
  9. De Meester (Bel, Palmans)
 10. Thibout (Fr, Castorama)
 11. Marie (Fr, Castorama)
 12. Gouvvenou (Fr, Gan)
 13. Bolay (Fr, Aki)
 14. Corvers (Bel, Lotto)
 15. Gaumont (Fr, Castorama)
 16. Henry (Fr, Festina)
 17. Kirsipuu (Estonia, Chazal)
 18. Leroscouet (Fr, Aubervilliers)
 19. Desmul (Bel, Bel, Palmans)
 20. Van den Abeele (Bel, Cedico)
 32. Mengin (Fr, Chazal)
 97. Leblanc (Fr, Le Groupement)  all same time