Paris-Roubaix, World Cup Round 3

France, April 13, 1997


 1. Frederic Guesdon (France) Francaise des Jeux 	    6.38.10
 2. Jo Planckaert (Belgium) Lotto 
 3. Johan Museeuw (Belgium) Mapei 
 4. Andrei Chmil (Ukraine) Lotto 
 5. Davide Casarotto (Italy) Scrigno 
 6. Rolf Sorensen (Denmark) Rabobank 
 7. Marc Wauters (Belgium) Lotto 
 8. Frederic Moncassin (France) GAN       		      all s.t.
 9. Rolf Aldag (Germany) Telekom         			0.14
10. Henk Vogels (Australia) GAN         			0.25
11. Stefano Zanini (Italy) Mapei 
12. Christophe Capelle (France) Cofidis 
13. Johan Capiot (Belgium) TVM 
14. Jann Kirsipuu (Estonia) Casino 
15. Fabio Baldato (Italy) MG 
16. Stuart O'Grady (Australia) GAN 
17. Christophe Mengin (France) FDJ 
18. Aart Vierhouten (Netherlands) Rabobank 
19. Andrea Tafi (Italy) Mapei 
20. Jacky Durand (France) Casino 
21. Philippe Gaumont (Fra, Cofidis)
22. Laurent Desbiens (Fra, Cofidis)
23. Francis Moreau (Fra, Cofidis)
24. Franco Ballerini (Ita, Mapei-GB)
25. Peter Farazijn (Bel, Lotto-Mobistar-Isoglass)
26. Ludwig Willems (Bel, Lotto-Mobistar-Isoglass)
27. Wim Feys (Bel, Lotto)  				all s.t.
28. Peter Van Petegem (Bel, TVM) 			+ 2.15
29. Leon Van Bon (Neth, Rabobank) 			+ 5.28
30. Servais Knaven (Neth, TVM)
31. Hendrik Van Dyck (Bel, TVM)
32. Max Sciandri (GB, La Francaise des Jeux)  		all s.t.
33. Bart Leysen (Bel, Mapei-GB) 			+ 7.41
34. Denis Zanette (Ita, Aki-Safi) 			+ 7.54
35. Arvis Piziks (Lith, Rabobank)
36. Francois Lemarchand (Fra, GAN)
37. Bert Dietz (Ger, Team Deutsche Telekom)
38. Max Van Heeswijk (Neth, Rabobank)
39. Jan Koerts (Neth, Rabobank)
40. Emmanuel Magnien (Fra, Festina-Lotus)
41. Erik Zabel (Ger, Team Deutsche Telekom)
42. Marco Milesi (Ita, Brescialat)
43. Frankie Andreu (USA, Cofidis)
44. Fabio Roscioli (Ita, Asics)
45. Erik Dekker (Neth, Rabobank)
46. Bruno Thibout (Fra, Cofidis)
47. Mario Scirea (Ita, Saeco)
48. Dario Nicoletti (Ita, Maglificio MG-Technogym)   	all s.t.
49. Nicola Loda (Ita, Maglificio MG-Technogym)  	+12.55
50. Viatcheslav Ekimov (Rus, US Postal System)
51. Zbigniew Spruch (Pol, Mapei-GB)
52. Brian Holm (Den, Team Deutsche Telekom)
53. Thierry Gouvenou (Fra, BigMat Auber93) 		all s.t.
54. Eros Poli (Ita, GAN)  				+15.38
55. Jurgen Werner (Ger, Ceramiche Refin-Mobilvetta Design) s.t.
56. Stephane Barth (Fra, Casino-C'est votre equipe) 	+17.35
57. Sebastian Medan (Fra, Festina-Lotus)
58. Michele Zamboni (Ita, Brescialat)
59. George Hincapie (USA, US Postal Service)
60. Viatcheslav Djavanian (Rus, Roslotto-ZG Mobili)
61. Laurent Pillon (Fra, La Mutuelle de Seine-et-Marne) 
62. Nico Eeckhout (Bel, Lotto-Mobistar-Isoglass)
63. Louis De Koning (Neth, TVM)
64. Michael Lafis (Swe, Team Deutsche Telekom)
65. Pavel Padrnos (Cze, Roslotto-ZG Mobili)
66. Tom Steels (Bel, Mapei-GB)
67. Dario Pieri (Ita, Scrigno-Gaerne)   		all s.t.
68. Steven De Jongh (Neth, TVM) 			+30.11
69. Marek Lesniewski (Pol, BigMat Auber 93)
70. Mario Kummer (Ger, Team Deutsche Telekom)
71. Ruben Galvan (Spa, Kelme-Costa Blanca-Eurosport)
72. Matteo Tossato (Ita, Maglificio MG-Technogym)
73. Kai Hundertmark (Ger, Team Deutsche Telekom)
74. Francesco Arazzi (Ita, Brescialat)
75. Claude Lamour (Fra, La Mutuelle de Seine-et-Marne) all s.t.

(finished outside time limit: McEwen, Lupeikis)

(177 starters, 75 finishers)

[dns: Fontanelli (MG), Millar (Cofidis), Buschor, Mori (Saeco),
Pontier (Casino), Colage, Aggiano (Refin), Henry (BigMat)]

Frederic Guesdon: Palmares

Born: October 14, 1971, Saint-Meen-le-Grand (Ille-et-Vilaine)

1.85m, 72kg

Amateur: 1st Criterium des As 1991; 1st Route Bretonne 1992; 1st
Circuit des Deux Provinces, 1992, 1993; 1st Boucles Guegonnaises 1992;
1st GP Gilber-Bousquet 1994; 2nd Paris--Roubaix 1994

Pro: 1995 Le Groupement, then individual; 1996 Team Polti; 1997  La
Francaise des Jeux
1st Paris--Roubaix 1997; 1st Classic Haribo 1997
3rd French Championships 1996; 6th A Trvers le Morbihan 1996, 6th GP
la Marseillaise 1996; 7th GP Cholet-Pays de Loire 1996; 12th Fleche
Brabanconne 1996 (15th in 1997); 12th GP Pino Cerami 1996; 14th
Paris--Roubaix 1996; 16th GP de l'Escaut 1996; 26th Omloop Het Volk
1997; 108th Tour de France 1996

World Cup Standings after 3 races

    1. Rolf Sorensen (Den)       156 pts 
    2. Erik Zabel (Ger)          100 
    3. Frederic Guesdon (Fra)    100 
    4. Jo Planckaert (Bel)        94 
    5. Frederic Moncasn (Fra)     94 
    6. Davide Casarotto (Ita)     87 
    7. Andrei Tchmil (Ukr)        80 
    8. Alberto Elli (Ita)         70 
    9. Michele Bartoli (Ita)      64 
   10. Johan Museeuw (Bel)        63 
   11. Franco Ballerini (Ita)     52 
   12. Biagio Conte (Ita)         50 
   13. Francesco Casagrande (Ita) 50 
   14. Mirko Celestino (Ita)      32 
   15. Claudio Chiappucci (Ita)   32 
   16. Peter Van Petegem (Bel)    32 
   17. Marc Wauters (Bel)         28 
   18. Serguei Outschakov (Ukr)   28 
   19. Rolf Aldag (Ger)           28 
   20. Henk Vogels (Aus)          27

Another Report

From Andrew Powers

We join the race with around 70 kms to go. The weather is warm, around 16 degrees centigrade, and sunny, but with a northerly wind, giving the riders a headwind for most of the race. As we join it 5 riders are clear, the remnants of an eleven man break that went away just before the Arenberg forest. In the group are Andrea Tafi (Mapei), Stuart O'Grady (Gan), Servais Knaven (TVM), Jacky Durand (Casino) and Wim Feys (Lotto). The lead is around 45 seconds of the main field containing most of the race favourites. Cofidis seem to be leading the chase.

** Aucky - Zone 10 **

Tafi is on the front looking very strong with Feys seemingly struggling at the back. Meanwhile at the back of the main field Bart Leysen (Mapei) has punctured but a Mavic service bike is there and he quickly has a new wheel and is away. At the front of the main field Rolf Sorensen has injected some pace and is marked by Museeuw. Sorensen waves back to his Rabobank teammates and they move to the front and begin to work to bring back the break. The gap is soon down to 46 seconds.

** Bersee - Zone 9 **

Tafi is powering the break and both Knaven and Durand are fighting to stay with the others. This is a really tough section and the riders are taking a pounding. Damn, we're off on an ad break. We're back. Going through the second feed with 61 kms to go. Zanini (Mapei) has punctured and is charging back up to the main field. Rabobank are still driving, they have seven riders at the front of the bunch. They are probably around 40-50 riders in this group. We cut to the back. Moncassin has punctured. Poli has stopped and gives him his wheel. Lemarchand has dropped back to help and they are chasing. Up front the gap is down to 24 seconds.

** Phalempin - Zone 8 **

Moncassin is back with the main field. The gap is right down now, maybe 10-15 seconds. Rabobank have done a good job. We've just gone under the 50 kms to go banner. Magnien (Festina) has punctured but again the Mavic guys are quick with a wheel. Up front it is all together. Lotto move to the front and start to drive. Museeuw is close by, shadowed by Moncassin.

** Martinsart - Zone 7 **

The impetus has gone from the main field. Sorensen goes hard down the right hand side with Ballerini quickly on his wheel. There is still around 40 riders in the main group. But Mapei want to make a selection as they've moved forward to the front and Tafi and Leysen are driving hard.

** Ennetieres - Zone 6 **

This is a long section, 3 kms. Mapei are still driving it. Someone has attacked, looks like a Gan rider. The cars and bikes are throwing up a huge dust storm and we can't see who is doing what. The helicopter moves in, Moncassin is clear with Zanini and Museeuw coming up to him. Another Gan rider is across the gap, it looks like Henk Vogels. And a Lotto guy comes across, it could be Planckaert. Moncassin is driving hard as we approach the end of this zone. Onto the tarmac and 4 riders are chasing behind - Sorensen, Sciandri, Tchmil and Wauters (Lotto). They're only 30 metres back and get across easily. That gives us nine up front. They're working well together but behind a big group is chasing, can't see who's leading the chase, it must be Cofidis again.

** Pont-Thibaut - Zone 5 **

Lotto are driving the front group. There's 38 kms to go. No idea how big the gap is. Zanini doesn't look good and is yo-yo-ing off the back. We cut to the helicopter and the gap looks to be around 25 seconds. Museeuw has punctured. The Mavic bike is there but this will change things. He's back on his bike and away but the second group are up to him. It looks like Mapei will have to chase now, with only Zanini up front and he looks ropey. More ads. God, they go on and on. Get back to the race. Finally, we're back. Zanini is sat at the back of the front group whilst behind his team-mates are chasing. The gap is 23 seconds. 33 kms to go. Vogels has a problem with his rear brake but he chases back and gets on the last wheel. We cut back to the Mapei-led main group. There is still around 30 riders here. The gap is coming down, it's 17 seconds now.

Back up front and Vogels has attacked. Zanini goes after him but Moncassin is sat, limpet-like, on his back wheel. His conviction goes. The group has been split into two by Vogels' attack. Sorensen takes up the chase but Moncassin is still sat there. There is a Lotto rider chasing Vogels alone, it's Wauters. Meanwhile Sciandri has attacked too, and he is chasing alone. Behind the team-cars are being pulled out of the gap, looks like Mapei are about to bridge the gap. Up front Vogels, Wauters and Sciandri are spread out over around 200 metres. Wauters makes it up to Vogels but Sciandri is still well back.

** Cysoing - Zone 4 **

Vogels and Wauters are 7 seconds ahead of Sciandri with the Sorensen group another 8 seconds back. We cut back to the main field as they absorb Sorensen, Moncassin, Tchmil et al. Another time gap. Sciandri is at 5 seconds with the main group a further 9 seconds back. Damn. Another bloody ad break. These things drag on and on. We're back. Wauters and Vogels are still out front but the main field has just caught Sciandri. There must be 40 riders still up here. This is a lot at this stage of the race.

** Camphin - Zone 3 **

Mapei still lead the chase. Tafi and Ballerini seem to be doing the work. The gap has gone up to 18 seconds. An attack, it's Museeuw and Moncassin and Tchmil have gone after him. Good team job from these two. Just as we get to the end of the section they catch the two in front. This gives us 2 Gans, 2 Lottos and Museeuw out front. Moncassin attacks and Wauters is out the back whilst Vogels fights to stay on Tchmil's wheel.

** Carrefour d'Arbre - Zone 2 **

This is a long zone, 3.2 kms and a brute. Madiot attacked here in 85 and 91 to win. At the back of a chase group we can see Sciandri fighting hard to stay in contention. Back to the front and Moncassin is driving hard and only Tchmil and Museeuw can stay with him. These 3 must be moving clear as they all look strong. They're all on rigid bikes too. 15 kms to go. The chase group is around 10 seconds back but we can't see who is in it. Moncassin attacks and Museeuw fights to get up to him. Tchmil is struggling but manages to get Museeuw's wheel. Still they rattle over the cobbles.

Museeuw's had to avoid a spectator on the left and he's hit a hole. His back tyre has gone and he's had to stop. The Mavic service bike is there in a flash but Moncassin and Tchmil have flown. What cruel luck for Museeuw. But he's back on his bike and chasing hard. He gets up to a small group. Up front Tchmil and Moncassin are working well. Oh no, more bastard ads ! After an eternity we're back. Tchmil and Moncassin have 15 seconds over a group that includes Sorensen, Museeuw, Casarotto (Scrigno), Guesdon (Les Francais des Jeux) and two Lotto's - looks like Planckeart and Wauters.

** Zone 1 **

I missed the name. Still Moncassin and Tchmil forge ahead. The gap seems to be stabilising at around 15 seconds. Behind it is Museeuw, Sorensen and Casarotto doing most of the work. We're off the final section and the gap is down, it's now 11 seconds. Hold on. Now it's back up to 14 seconds. It's going to be close. We've around 7 kms to the finish. Tchmil has attacked Moncassin and has a gap of 10 metres. The Gan rider is fighting desperately to close it but if anything it is gradually expanding. They're both on the rivet, it's gladiatorial stuff. Moncassin is beginning to close the gap...8 metres...7 metres...and he finds a little bit extra and get's onto Tchmil's back wheel. Behind Museeuw is leading the chase, but we've no idea what the gap is. There can't be much more than 2 kms to go. Moncassin has just had a little dig but Tchmil reacts quickly and gets back up. Moncassin pulls to one side. They're beginning to play cat and mouse. We cut back, the gap can be no more than 5 seconds.

** 1 km to go **

We're into Roubaix and nearly onto the velodrome. Just as they enter the approach to the track, Museeuw leads up the group. It looks like a sprint between these 8. Moncassin leads them around the track and past the finish line as the bell is rung. He begins to wind it up with Tchmil and Museeuw right behind. As we come into the final bend Guesdon goes for it over the top and he sweeps past everyone and gets a gap. Tchmil and Museeuw are charging after him but he's into the straight and has a gap of 5 metres. He's going to win. He holds on, with enough time to sit up and salute the crowd. Tchmil, Museeuw and Planckaert are sprinting in and it is close, looks like Museeuw and Planckaert dead-heated for second with Tchmil 4th. The crowd are going mad. A French victory. Guesdon is elated, understandably. A former winner of the amateur version of this race, no-one tipped him to win today. Madiot looks delighted.

As it Happens in European Time

Frederic Guesdon has won the 95th Paris-Roubaix. The Frenchman from the French team Francaise- des-Jeux-formatie attacked in the last lap of the velodrome at Roubaix and was not caught.

In the last kilometer there was a group of Guesdon, Tcjmil, and Frederick Moncassin.

15h12 - 5 leaders arrives in zone 11

15h09 - 5 leaders - on 1' Eeckhout, Van Bon and Lafis and peloton on 1'45"

15h08 - still 80 km to finish

15h06 - Zanette back in peloton

15h02 - 5 leaders with Zanette on 1'40 and peloton on 2'20" (with Museeuw, Moncassin, Baldato, Tchmil)

15h00 - 5 leaders: Tafi, O'Grady, Knaven, Durand, Feys

14h58 - leaders with 59" on Zanette and 1'58" on peloton

14h51 - zone 12 (Warlaing 5100 m - 4 stars)

14h50 - 8 leaders (O'Grady, Durand, Lafis, Van Bon, Feys, Eeckhout, Tafi, Knaven) with Zanette on 32" and peloton Museeuw on 52"

14h48 - Capiot flat tyre - Jacky Durand mechanic problems with his bike

14h47 - Denis Zanette (Aki) in counter-attack - Ballerini back in peloton with Museeuw

14h39 - zone 13 instead of 14 (Hornaing 3700 m - 3 stars) leaders with 36" on peloton

14h43 - leaders 25" on peloton

14h39 - zone 14 (Hornaing 3700 m - 3 stars) leaders with 36" on peloton

14h37 - big crash for Ludovic Auger - he fell and is groggy = out of the race

14h33 - Casarotto in peloton - Jo Planckaert flat tyre - leaders with peloton on 50" (with Museeuw, Sorensen, Tchmil)

14h32 - leaders: O'Grady, Durand, Auger, Lafis, Van Bon, Feys, Eeckhout, Tafi, Knaven

14h30 - zone 14 (1600 m - 4 stars) with 10 leaders - flat tyre for Casarotto

14h28 - still 106 km

14h24 - out of forest

14h24 - Fabrizio Guidi fell in forest

14h22 - 11 riders meets 3 leaders in forest

14h21 - zone 15 cobblestone (forest of Arenberg 2400 m - 5 stars)

14h20 - Wallers Arenberg

14h19 - big peloton on 10" of group of 11

14h15 - a group of 11 riders goes to the leaders (with Durand, cueff, Casarotto, Feys, Leon Van Bon, Knaven, Tafi, Eeckhout, Lafis, O'Grady)

14h09 - Serven Knaven and Stephan Cueff goes in front of peloton; leaders 37" on Knaven and Cueff, 47" on peloton

14h07 - leaders 55" on peloton in sunny weather

14h00 - still 127 km

13h57 - leaders 46" on peloton (with all 8 riders of rabobank with the first 20 in peloton)

13h55 - leaders 1'12" on peloton (till now 38,460 km/h)

13h53 - Hendrik van Dijck flat tyre

13h52 - zone 16 cobblestone (Maing 2600 m - 3 stars)

13h50 - leaders 1'20" on peloton

13h47 - zone 17 cobblestone (Verchain 1600 m - 3 stars) - leaders 1'40" on peleton

13h40 - zone 18 cobblestone (Saulzoir 1200 m - 2 stars) - leaders 2'15" on peleton

13h35 - leaders 2'31" on first peloton with still 96 riders (where are the rest?) 13h33 - Sciandri back in peloton

13h31 - zone 19 cobblestone (Haussy 900 m)

13h29 - after 4 zones cobblestones the peloton is split in two parts (Zabel in second peloton)

13h28 - Museeuw changes his bike and come back in peloton.

13h23 - first feed station in solesmes

13h20 - leaders 3'40" on peloton. dusty.

13h18 - zone 20 cobblestone (Saint Python 1600 m) - still 152 km to finish

13h11 dry weather, no wind. three leaders 4'31" on peloton. Rabobank (with Sorensen) leads peloton. Sciandri falls for second time.

13h05 - 2nd cobblestone track with 3 leaders: Pretot, Jaermann and Bonetti, at 4 minutes is Steinhauser and the peleton is at 6 minutes

177 riders at the start


France's Frederic Guesdon won the 266km Paris-Roubaix classic cycling race here on Sunday.

Race favourite and World Cup defending champion Johan Museeuw of Belgium missed out in the final sprint.

Unheralded Frenchman Frederic Guesdon came from nowhere to shock the favourites and snatch the first significant victory of his career in the Paris-Roubaix cycling classic on Sunday.

The 25-year-old Breton surged out of the last turn of the Roubaix velodrome to outsprint two of the world's fastest riders, world champion Johan Museeuw, winner last year, and Ukrainian Andrei Chmil, the 1994 winner.

Museeuw, who was very unlucky as he had two punctures in the last 40 kms, even had to settle for third spot as he was beaten on the line by fellow-Belgian Jo Planckaert.

``I had nothing to lose so I launched the sprint of my life,'' said Guesdon, who had only one professionnal victory to his credit, this year's Haribo Classic.

He had shown he might be a rider to watch this season when he finished 14th last year in his first professional year, his first attempt at the world's most demanding one-day race.

``But I did not think I could win it this year,'' he added.

But Guesdon may have been trying to emulate two famous past winners. He was born in the same village of Brittany as the legendary Louison Bobet, winner of the ``Queen of classics'' in 1956.

But he is also coached in the new Francaise des Jeux team by Marc Madiot, winner in the ``Hell of the North'' in 1985 and 1991.

``This was Marc's race and it now is mine. We had been talking about it at length since I joined his team,'' Guesdon said.

But before he made his move with 50 metres left in the third World Cup event of the season, not many spectators would have bet any money on him.

Most of the favourites were in the group of a dozen riders who had survived falls, punctures and dust in the race's 266.5 kms with Museeuw in the thick of the action.

Despite his two punctures, he led all the chases behind the many breakaways of a sunny and dry day. But the world champion and World Cup holder, who had fallen in both in the Milan San-Remo classic and in the Tour of Flanders, the previous two World Cup races, probably paid for his efforts in the final sprint.

``It's a very bad time for me. I had two punctures. I don't know Guesdon very well but he took advantage of the situation. Well done,'' the Belgian said.

Tchmil was another leading favourite and seemed about to repeat his 1994 victory when he broke away with French sprinter Frederic Moncassin in the last cobbled sector, 13 kms from the finish line.

But Moncassin and Chmil watched another too much before entering the track on which the finish is held and they were caught with 750 metres left.

World Cup leader Rolf Sorensen of Denmark may also have had regrets. The winner of last week's Tour of Flanders had not taken part in the Paris-Roubaix since 1991. He found himself in the leading group in the final wrap-up, finished 6th and retained his overall lead.

Winner's CV

Age: 25

Height: 1.85 metres. Weight: 72 kgs.

Team: La Francaise des Jeux.

Professionnal debut: 1995.

Quick facts: Born in St Meen-le-Grand, the same village of Brittany as Louison Bobet, the 1956 Paris-Roubaix winner and three times Tour de France winner. Has changed team every year after joining Le Groupement in 1995 and Polti in 1996.

Leading victories: Haribo Classic 1997, Paris-Roubaix 1997.

More Reporting

France's Frederic Guesdon was the surprise winner of the 266km Paris-Roubaix cycling race here on Sunday after pushing Belgium's Jo Planckaert and overall World Cup champion Johan Museeuw into the minor placings.

The 25-year-old Guesdon, who finished just 14th last season, surged ahead on the final bend of the velodrome to win this classic event by a length.

France's Frederic Moncassin and Ukrainian Andrei Tchmil, who had led over the closing 15km, were caught on entering the velodrome and the stage was set for a sprint finish.

Museeuw, going for his third overall World Cup title this season, did well to grab third spot after puncturing near the end of this third of 10 1997 World Cup events.

Museeuw afterwards went through his race problems.

"I was much better in this race than in the Tour of Flanders. I had two punctures at bad moments and I also had to change my bike. I am very disappointed. It's the third time in three races that I have had problems."

"This time, I even injured my left hand from a photographer who had come forward too far on the paving stones, but it's not serious."

Guesdon said afterwards: "I had the sprint of my life and it succeeded. I was lucky to finish because I started badly after puncturing in the first paved section."

Guesdon, a professional for two years, joined the Francaise des Jeux team, run by two-time Paris-Roubaix winner Marc Madiot, in the close season.

As often happens on such unforgiving terrain, two riders were taken to hospital.

France's Ludovic Auger and Italy's Fabrizio Guidi were taken to Valenciennes hospital, Auger suffering from concussion and a fractured collarbone and Guidi also from a fractured collarbone. Paris--Roubaix

Roger listens to French Radio

Paris--Roubaix this year seems to have had a rather exciting finish. This is what I picked up on French radio...

At about 50km to go a group of five are away -- Andrea Tafi, Stuart O'Grady, Jacky Durand, Wim Feys and Servais Knaven. I think their maximum lead was about 2 minutes. The chase is being led by Cofidis, Rabobank and (despite O'Grady) GAN. Prominent in the chase group are Rolf Sorensen, Frederic Moncassin, Johan Museeuw. At some point in the chase Moncassin punctures but is brought back by Eros Poli.

By 25km to go the five have been caught and another break is tentatively away. Henk Vogels and Marc Wauters with 12 secs over Max Sciandri and 27 secs over a group including Museeuw, Andrei Tchmil, Moncassin, Sorensen and Jo Planckaert.

By 18km to go this break has collapsed and Moncassin attacks taking Tchmil with him.

With 12km to go Tchmil and Moncassin are still clear and in the chase Museeuw has punctured.

With 5km to go, Moncassin and Tchmil have a slender lead of 14 secs over a group including Wauters, Planckaert, Sorensen, Frederic Guesdon, Davide Casarotto, Museeuw.

Both Tchmil and Moncassin recognize how precarious their position is and try attacks. At least the following: 5km Tchmil attacks, Moncassin counters; 3km Moncassin attacks, Tchmil counters; 2km Moncassin attacks again, Tchmil counter-attacks. Soon after the 1km banner the two are swept up by the chase group and on the velodrome.......