Peleton Injury Report


"No, I'm not going back to Belgium, I have a severe inflammation of the left knee and don't want to risk tendonitis. I must unwillingly renouce Ghent-Wevelgem," said Mario, winner of the race in 92 and 93, and second in 92.

"My knee problem started during La Panne and during the Tour of Flanders it became impossible. I was tired 30km from the end of Flanders and arrived at the end stuffed. I tried to ease off but got to the end with no energy. Today I feel fine, but I don't want to risk my knee. I'll be back north for the Escault and Amstel Gold.


Fabio Colombini fell at 130km in the Tour of Flanders. He got back on the bike but after a few pedals the pain forced him to stop. At hospital it was revealed that he had two composite fractures of the pelvis, and will have to rest for 6 weeks.


In Gent-Wevelgem the Belgian champion slammed violently against a wooden barricade marking the beginning of the cyclable course. The accident caused an exposed compond fracture of the right tibia, broken right femur and broken nose. As a result of the exposed fracture he lost 1.5 litres of blood before race doctor stopped the bleeding and transfused 2 litres of blood before getting him to hospital, where he was operated on at 4pm.

Erwin Thijs who was following him described the incident: "We were doing 60km/h with Nelissen right on the outside of the peleton to shelter from the wind. He wasn't looking and was out of the saddle when he slammed straight into this massive half metre high block of wood. I heard his leg break."

After his victory, Tom Steels (who won the sprint in 54x12) said "I didn't see him fall, but I would rather have had him beaten me in the sprint than have him in hospital with that broken leg."


"At Easter I pedalled for four hours to see how I was, but the next day was bad. My recovery is going slowly, very slowly. The road vibration hurts, and my training has to be at the cadence of a tourist. I have about 60 days of training left before the Tour but I can only do about 60km a day at tourist's pace, not a real effort. My general condition is good with all the swimming but my legs aren't up to it. In this condition its very hard to see how I could be well enough for the Tour. Its a very nasty year for me."


At 130km in Gent-Wevelgem Max Sciandri fell on his left wrist but an X-ray showed there was no break. He may ride Paris-Roubaix with his wrist in a special bandage.


Dutch teletext reported that Henk Vogels was concussed in an accident before Easter.

John Paul II

The pope yesterday received the director of the Amore e Vita (Love and Life) team, who presented him with a bike.