News for April 17

Jalabert's Knee Again

Laurent Jalabert has taken himself off the starting list in Amstel Gold Race April 27. He is not yet fully recovered from his knee injury. Indurain, Museeuw, Bortolami, Ballerini and Gianetti has announced their prescence.

Mapei without the Italians

The (Italian) management of the Mapei team has declared that they will not have any Italian riders in the team next year.

They are very dissatisfied with the massive criticism from the Italian press after Paris-Roubaix.

The riders that will have to leave the team next year are Alberati, Baffi, Ballerini, Bellini, Della Santa, Di Grande, Nardello, Noe, Bortolami, Borgheresi, Calzolari, Colonna, Nicoletti and Tafi.