Second Edition News for April 10

Coupe de France standings after Tour d'Armorique

 1. Laurent Jalabert (ONCE) 66
 2. Stephane Heulot (GAN) 64 (+14)
 3. Thierry Marie (Agrigel-La Creuse) 35 (+35)
 4. Laurent Desbiens (GAN) 25
 5. Rinero (ForceSud) 21 (+3)
 6= Francis Moreau (GAN) 20
 6= Christophe Capelle (ForceSud) 20
 6= Frutoso (VC Saint-Quentin) 20 (+20)
 9. Nicolas Jalabert (La Mutuelle de Seine-et-Marne) 18
10= Frederic Guesdon (Team Polti) 14
10= Faudot (Vendee U) 14
12. Gerard Rue (GAN) 12 (+12)
13. Francois Simon (GAN) 10
14= Laurent Pillon (La Mutuelle de Seine-et-Marne) 3 (+3)
14= Pascal Herve (Festina) 3 (+3)
14= Pencole (CA Mantes) 3 (+3)
14= J.-Ph. Duracka (Aulnat 63) 3 (+3)
14= Hinault (Bernard Sports) 3 (+3)

Next Coupe de France event was GP de la Ville de Rennes (see separate posting)

Tour of the Mining Valleys No Va

Calendar watchers should note that the Tour of the Mining Valleys, scheduled for May 2-5, has been cancelled because of financial problems.

Collstrop Comic Cuts

The Wrong Stuff

Collstrop team leader Johan Capiot is not well pleased with his personal physician, the same man who looks after Johan Museeuw. "I've got down to the business like never before this winter," said Capiot. "I've lost 3 kilos but I haven't felt good at all. When I asked Dr Vanmol if he could give me the same preparation as he gives Museeuw, he said he had, but I don't believe a word of it. In the Mapei team they're all going well, they're all making progress, and me I'm stuck fast. I've been his patient 10 years, but I reckon he's not being straight with me.

No Work, No Food

Collstrop directeur-sportif Willy Teirlinck is a strong believer in there being no such thing as a free lunch. The other day he got mighty angry when he saw that his riders -- still without a win this season -- weren't taking any initiative in the Three Days of De Panne. "I'm 45," said Teirlinck, "and I reckon I could have done as well. I told the soigneurs to go back to the hotel instead of handing out musettes to the team at the feed. " Twice during the race the Collstrop team got more stick than carrot.