presented by Parkpre


Attn Mr. Ryan Yee
367 Pacos St.
Ventura, CA 93001

Phone: (+1) 805 207 51 20
Fax    : (+1) 310 943 19 54
Web   :

Staff and Business :

Team Manager: Ryan Yee
Sport Director: Steve Craig Hegg
Sponsor: Successfulliving
Bikes: Parkpre

Rider Birthdate Nation Former Team
Alessandro BAZZANA 16.07.84 ITA
Eric BENNETT 19.11.86 USA New Pro (TIME Factory Development)
Nieko BISKNER 10.03.83 USA
Chuck COYLE 16.09.72 USA
Charles DIONNE 15.03.79 CAN Colavita-Sutter Home
Ricardo ESCUELA 23.05.83 ARG
Michael GRABINGER 08.05.77 USA
Curtis GUNN 31.08.71 USA
Brian JENSEN 13.04.76 USA EX Pro (Jelly Belly 2006)
Alexi MARTINEZ 30.05.86 USA
Cody O'RIELLY 24.01.88 USA Nevada Brewing Co.
Christian VALENZUELA 20.10.78 MEX
Bradley WHITE 15.01.82 USA Discovery Channel Marco Polo Team

The following Riders left the team:

Dusan Ganic (??), Daniel Ramsey (Time Pro Cycling), Ryan Yee (retired (Now only Team Manager)).

Thanks to Theo Muller for source data and input