Jittery Joe's Pro Cycling Team


Jittery Joe's Pro Cycling Team
Spin Sports Inc.
703 Gire Court
Athens, GA 30606

Phone: (+1) 706-546 18 26
Fax    : (+1)
E-Mail: micah@thebeanteam.com
Web   : www.thebeanteam.com

Staff and Business :

General Manager: Micah Rice
Sport Director: Jesse Lawler
Sponsor: Jittery Joe's : selling quality micro-roasted coffee.
Bikes: Garneau Bicycles

Rider Birthdate Nation Former Team
Jared BARRILLEAUX 26.03.85 USA New Pro (Metromint Cycling)
Jonathan CANTWELL 08.01.82 AUS New Pro (LaGrange Team)
Evan ELKEN 17.02.77 USA
Chad HARTLEY 20.06.81 USA BMC Cycling Team
Timothy HENRY 16.08.82 USA
Ben KNELLER 03.05.84 USA New Pro (Rocky Mountain Chocolate Fact)
Neil SHIRLEY 19.10.78 USA
Matthew SHRIVER 26.05.80 USA
Cody STEVENSON 08.06.80 AUS
Ryan SULLIVAN 28.11.84 AUS New Pro (Permac Brisot Bibanese)
Trent WILSON 18.11.78 AUS

The following Riders left the team:

Thad Dulin (DLP Racing), Cesar Augusto Grajales (Rock Racing), Jeff Hopkins (Amateur (Abercombie Fitch)),
Chris Jongewaard (??), Austin King (??), Tommy Nankervis (Toshiba-Santo Pro Cycling Presented by Herbalife),
David Veilleux (Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast).

Thanks to Theo Muller for source data and input