Team Slipstream powered by Chipotle


Team Slipstream
c/o Slipstream Sports LLC
2043 16th Street
Boulder 80302, Colorado

Phone: (+1) 303 444 75 00
Fax    : (+1) 303 444 75 04
Web   :

Staff and Business :

General Manager / Team Manager: Johnathan Vaughters
Team Manager: Johnny Weltz
Sponsor: Slipstream Sports LLC: sports management company. Chipotle: Denver (Colorado) based chain of restaurants. Felt : Bicycles
Bikes: Felt (Shimano)

Rider Birthdate Nation Former Team
Tyler BUTTERFIELD 12.02.83 BER New Pro (Vendée U)
Blake CALDWELL 03.27.84 USA
Steven COZZA 03.03.85 USA
Michael CREED 08.01.81 USA
Jason DONALD 30.01.80 USA New Pro
Timothy DUGGAN 14.11.82 USA
Huub DUYN 01.09.84 NED Rabobank Continental
Lucas EUSER 05.12.83 USA
Michael FRIEDMAN 19.09.82 USA
William FRISHKORN 10.06.81 USA
Alex HOWES 01.01.88 USA New Pro (5280/eSoles Junior Dev. Team)
Charles Bradley HUFF 05.02.79 USA
Benjamin JOHNSON 07.01.83 AUS Agritubel
Michael LANGE 21.04.83 USA
Craig LEWIS 01.10.85 USA
Ian MACGREGOR 13.04.83 USA
Jonathan Patrick MC CARTY 24.01.82 USA Phonak
Francois PARISIEN 27.04.82 CAN
Danny PATE 24.03.79 USA
Kilian PATOUR 20.09.82 FRA Crédit Agricole
Thomas PETERSON 24.12.86 USA
Peter STETINA 08.08.87 USA
Taylor TOLLESON 13.07.85 USA

The following Riders left the team:

Rahsaan Bahati (Rock Racing), Dan Bowman (Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast), Chad Hartley (BMC Cycling Team),
Bryan Smith (Colavita - Sutter Home), Dani Vancells Pons (??), Troy Wells (??).

Remark:This Professional Continental team is based on the former Continental team TIAA-CREF 2006

Thanks to Theo Muller for source data and input