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Roubaix Lille Metropole


Team Roubaix Lille Metropole
39, Rue Alexandre Fleming
F-59100 Roubaix

Phone: (+33) (0)3 2002 3990
Fax    : (+33) (0)3 2082 9240
E-Mail: veloclubroubaix@nordnet.fr
Web   : Roubaix Lille Metropole

Staff and Business :

Manager: Daniel Verbrackel
Team Manager: Frédéric Delcambre, Cyrille Guimard
Sponsor: -
Bikes: Lapierre (Shimano)

Rider Birthdate Nation Former Team
Paul BROUSSE 28.12.83 FRA New Pro (VC Roubaix)
Ludovic CAPELLE 27.02.76 BEL Ex Pro
Anthony COLIN 22.03.85 FRA New Pro (ESEG Douai)
David DEREPAS 09.03.78 FRA Jartazi
Frédéric FINOT 20.03.77 FRA Française des Jeux
Yauheni HUTAROVICH 29.11.83 BLR New Pro (UV Aube)
Mickael LARPE 30.08.85 FRA New Pro (Deux-Sèvres Cyclisme)
Arnaud LESVENAN 08.02.82 FRA New Pro (Côtes d'Armor-Maître Jacques)
Cédric PINEAU 08.05.85 FRA New Pro (UV Aube)
Steven TRONET 14.10.86 FRA New Pro (VC Roubaix)
Jean ZEN 20.11.81 FRA New Pro (VC Roubaix)

This is a new French Continental team.

Thanks to Theo Muller for source data and input