Results and Reports for March 23 - 24, 2002


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Boulder, CO, March 23, 2002

Teton and Gloeckner take Front Range honors with the first wins of the year.

It was 15 weeks ago that put on the last race of the 2001 Colorado season, a tune-up cyclocross race the week before US Cyclocross Nationals. Its now the new year and BR was back in the mix with the Colorado Front Range's first race of 2002. Partly cloudy skies with temperatures nearing 70 degrees made for a wonderful day of racing. The 1.1 mile four corner course featured smooth roads and a hill to the finish that always takes it's toll on the riders legs.

But it wasn't a first race for the collegiate racers. after two races in Utah and one in Mew Mexico, the Rocky Mountain Conference has been heating up for quite some time. It was CU Cycling's turn to host a race and charma was on their side as they took first and second in both men's and women's events. Ironic enough, Sara Tarkington, Teton's sister, and out of retirement junior stud, Andrew Minart took the wins and teammates Cheynna Treto and Jeremie Texier each finished second with the help of their CU teammates executing perfect play book strategy.

The Pro 1,2 women started with a modest field of almost 20, but that didn't last long. From the get go, Emily Gloeckner (Veritas) started the attacks and finally made one stick with Renee Eastman (Vitamin Cottage). The two dangled out in front of the field for the duration of the race as the Pro Peloton girls gave chase. But Veritas teammate, Margell Abel, kept the chasers at bay, blocking and intimidating at every opportunity. On the last lap, up the hill to the finish, Renee started to fade and Abel took the field sprint almost catching the Vitamin Cottage rider.

A light breeze was blowing as the Pro 1,2 field set off at a mellow pace. This only lasted a lap as a group of riders began pushing the pace at the front. Soon the field was stretched out to it's limit. Some final pressure by Vitamin Cottage's Jon Tarkington and rider, Hugo Pradoneto, caused the elastic to snap leaving six riders off the front. Within a few laps of serious pace making the break was down to four riders with a gap of 40 seconds. There was still 40 minutes to go with a chase group forming just off the front of the main field. Gradually the field slowed the quartet slowly increased their lead. With 15 minutes remaining the attacks began at the front of the race. Together Tarkington and Pradoneto worked to drop Pro-Peloton teammates Kelly Ruddicik and Guy Coffey in the last two laps. With two corners to go Tarkington saw his opportunity and jumped clear up the hill for the win.

Boulder's next Spring Criterium is on April 21st in Boulder and will also be an collegiate event.


Pro 1,2
1 Jon Tarkington (Vitamin Cottage)
2 Hugo Pradoneto (Florida
3 Kelly Ruddick (Pro Peloton)
4 Guy Coffey (Pro Peloton)
5 John A Seehufer (Pro Peloton)
6 Todd Berger (Pro Peloton)
7 Thad Stoker (Monsoon Racing)
8 Gregory Hunt (Cicli Casati)
9 Andrew Manart (CU Cycling)
10 Michael Brown (Cliff Bar / Denver Spoke)
11 Gregory S Huey (Ridgefield Bank)
13 Christian McCarthy (Pro Peloton)
14 Frederick Gardner (Cliff Bar / Denver Spoke)
16 Steve Josephy (BCP)
17 Peter Everett (Harvard)
18 Joby Siciliano (Cicli Casati)
19 Brand E Lemetiere (Cicli Casati)
20 Jeffery A Hartman (Fort Collins)
21 Max Clausson (GS Ciao)
22 Travis Hutchinson (Krystal Powerade)
23 Anthony Glorioso (BCP)
24 Aaron Ekland (BCP)
25 Ben Huff (Vitamin Cottage)
26 Mike Rosanaasem (Vitamin Cottage)
28 Hugh Maceachran
29 Peter E Beland (Vitamin Cottage)
30 Andrew Dietrick  (Denver / Boulder)
31 Todd Everett (Pikes Peak Velo)
32 Joseph Depaemelaere (Front Range)
DNF Devens Hamlen (GS Ciao)
DNF Jim Thies (GS Ciao)
DNF CJ Gauss (GS Ciao)
Cat 3 Men
1 Jeremie Texier (Red Rocks Velo)
2 Sean Petterson (Monsoon Racing)
3 Joseph J Rudman (ACA)
4 Sean Madsen (Specialized)
5 John Shippey (Twin Peaks)
6 Ian Stanford (Swift Cycling)
7 Shane Roark (Pro Peleton Velo)
8 Jeffery Bauer ( / Rogue Wave)
9 Brad Seaman (Eastern Evergreen)
10 Thomas Dolak (Fort Collins)
11 Adam Bentson (Vitamin Cottage )
12 Broc Thompson (Twin Peaks)
13 Mark Erickson (Viatmin Cottage / Morgal Bismark)
14 Phil Davis (Clif Bar)
15 Todd Larsen (Univ of Wyoming)
16 Thon E Tucker (Gopher / Wheelmen)
18 Jeffery Ofsanko (Swift Cycling)
19 Bruce Wittoylman (Pro Peleton Velo)
20 Aaron Gallando (Wheatridge / Specialized)
Cat 4 Men
1 Steven Porter (Monsoon)
2 Cheis Vogelsang (Wheatridge /Specialized)
3 David Williams  (Eastside Wheelmen)
4 Shane Flures (Wheatridge /Specialized)
5 Maikel Wise
6 Ryan Bentley (CU)
7 Bruce Gardner (Pro Peloton)
8 Craig Wu (Vitamin Cottage)
9 Kam Zardovzian
10 Joshua Ballar (Swift Cycling)
11 Ben Panfalone (Twin Peaks)
12 Patrick Flemming (Univ Wyoming)
13 Alan Arrowsmith (Swift Cycling)
14 Greg Stocker (Laurel Street Racing)
15 Matthew Alford (Swift Cycling)
16 Tom Stocker (COBRAS)
DNF Ken Eslick (Swift Cycling)
Cat 5 Men
1 Jeremy Puerksen
2 Thom Layton Miller
3 Mike Paulin (SEAR)
4 Doug Kempel
5 Randall Lee (UNC Cycling)
6 Ocean Fredrikson (Swift Cycling)
7 Dale Hill (Pro Peleton)
8 Lance Miller (Cicli Casati)
9 Roger Greene
10 Colin Taylor
11 Brad Erdner (Swift Cycling)
12 Michael Greene
Juniors 15-18
1 Gus Carlson
2 Will Hickey
3 Sam Carlson
4 Daniel McKinnon (Boulder Denver Couriers)
Juniors 10-14
1 Connor Simmons
Sportsmen 35+
1 Brian Todeschini (GSBMCT/ Celestrial Seasonings)
2 Tom Hunter (Vitamin Cottage)
3 Joseph Paulson (Rocky Mounts/ Boulder Chaos)
4 Jeff Pierce
5 Brian Oberbeck (Laurel Street)
Sportsmen 45 +
1 William Simmons (Simple Green/ Mazda)
2 Randy Gaffney (GSBMCT)
3 Bret Wade (Simple Green/ Mazda)
4 Steven Worley (GSBMCT)
5 Andy Hornbaker (Pikes Peak Velo)
6 James Kisinger (COBRAS)
7 Tom Stocker (COBRAS)
8 Rick Samuelson (GS Ciao)
9 Michael Shasberger (SEAR)
Women Open (1,2,3)
1 Emily Gloeckner (Veritas Womens Cycling)
2 Rene Eastman (Vitamin Cottage)
3 Margell Abel (Veritas Womens Cycling)
4 Maatje Benassi (Pro Peloton)
5 Lisa Matlock (Ford)
6 Kate R Furke (Boulder Womens Cycling)
7 Cheynna Treto (CU Cycling)
8 Jilayne Lovejoy (Trek / Volswagon)
9 Elizabeth Anderson (Excel)
10 Vicky Sama (CU Cycling)
11 Leah Trapp (CSU)
12 Mary Kneeland (Pro Peloton)
13 Deanna Koryczan (Pro Peloton)
14 Louise Bakley (Pro Peloton / CU Cycling)
Cat 3, 4 Women
1 Mary Kneeland (Pro Peleton)
2 Beth Jordan (Boulder Womens Cycling)
3 Pattie Small (Roguewave /
4 Shelly Plomske
Collegiate Mens A
1 Andrew Manart (CU Cycling)
2 Jeremie Texier (CU Cycling)
4 Nat C Campell (CSU)
5 Peter Beland (Univ of Wyoming)
6 Steve Owens (CSU)
7 Adam Bertson (CSU)
10 Michael Sandler (CSU)
12 Glen McCarthy (CU Cycling)
14 Jonathan Massie (CU Cycling)
15 Benjamin Mofan (USAFA)
16 Todd Larsen (Univ of Wyoming)
17 John Peterson (Univ of Wyoming)
18 Matthew Karre (Univ of Wyoming)
19 Joseph Pinkerton (CSU)
20 Clayton Barrows (Univ of Wyoming)
21 Ross Camp (USAFA)
22 Ken P Pealmeida (CSU)
23 Jim Thies (CSU)
Collegaite Men's B
1 Ryan Bentley (CU Cycling)
2 Ryan Young (USAFA)
3 Matthew Merill  (Colorado College)
4 Clayton Barrons (Univ. of Wyoming)
5 Bradley Haas  (Colorado College)
6 Nathanael Ksiazkiewicz (CSU)
7 Ian Holt (USAFA)
8 Jordan Logan (CU Cycling)
9 Chris Sulfrian (CSU)
10 Patrick O'Hearn (CU Cycling)
11 Leonard Wholey (USAFA)
12 Patrick Fleming (Univ. of Wyoming)
13 Mark Milliken (Univ. of Wyoming)
14 Michael Giem (Univ. of Wyoming)
15 John Peterson (Univ. of Wyoming)
16 Bobby Lambrix (CU Cycling)
17 George Shumate
18 Anthony Teneralli (Univ. of Wyoming)
19 John Langston (Univ. of Wyoming)
20 Nils Tillstrom (Colorado College)
21 Matt Hilgers (CU Cycling)
22 Ryan Hamity (UNC)
23 Eric Martin (Colorado College)
24 Jay Austin (CU Cycling)
25 Ben Hurley (CSU)
Collegaite Men's C
1 Joe Liberatore (CSU)
2 Joe Drobnitch (CSU)
3 Evan Truesdale (CSU)
4 Alex Reynolds (CSU)
5 Josh Lumkin (CU Cyling)
6 Daniel Snyder (UNC)
7 Christopher Botkins (UNC)
8 Gavin Philips (Univ. of Wyoming)
9 Bennett Stucky (UNC)
10 Scott Wenzel (UNC)
Collegiate Womens A
1 Sara Tarkington (CU)
2 Cheynna Treto (CU)
3 Vicky Sama (CU)
4 Kathryn Vanvalkenburg (CSU)
5 Rudy May (USAFA)
6 Leah Trapp (CSU)
7 Louise Bakley (CU)
8 Amanda Harris (CU)
9 Melanie Bornes (USAFA)
10 Emma Tucker (USAFA)
Collegaite Women's B
1 Gretchen Rowe (Univ. of Wyoming)
2 Elizabeth Carrington (Colorado College)
3 Emily Dickerson (Colorado College)
4 Jennifer Caufield (CU Cycling)
5 Brooke Umphlett (Univ. of Wyoming)
6 Luat Vuong (CU Cycling)
7 Jessica Vogt (CU Cycling)

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