Results and Reports for March 23-24, 2002


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Illawarra Cycle Club Scratch Race

Huntley, March 24, 2002

Haigh by a half-tyre

Sunday's near perfect conditions for racing were a distinct contrast to gale force winds the week before. Favourable conditions may have contributed to the forty-three riders who headed out to Huntley to race.

The previous day's hill efforts didn't seem to have taken much of a toll on Brendan Cato, who lined up with sixteen other riders for the 41km A Grade scratch race. Cato was in a spirited mood, as were Mal Haigh and Paul Forrest. It was mainly due to the efforts of these riders that caused the bunch to split into two on the climb up Marshall Mount.

Marcus Arnold rose to the occasion of wearing one of Danny Hennessy's Tour of New Caledonia polka dot jerseys, and led the bunch over Marshall Mount after a break away.

There were seven riders up for the sprint finish. In a very close finish, the first two riders were only separated by a tyre's width, with the decision going to Haigh from Cato and Forrest.

The B grade bunches are getting larger each week - there were twenty one starters last Sunday. With so many riders, it is virtually impossible for one or two to get away.

However there were several attempts to split the field, with the main ones occurring on the hills, and being instigated by Peter Evans, Jeff Gray and Adrian Cooper. Quite a few riders rode strongly throughout the whole race, none more so than Lionel Covington, Ross Irvin, Patrick Delahunty and Mark Owen.

Nearly the whole bunch was up for the sprint. Irvin attacked the bunch with about a kilometre to go, and opened up what looked like a winning lead; unfortunately for him he was passed in the final metres by Garry Doughty. Irvin hung on for second just in front of Joe Chiaverini and Covington.

The C grade event was punctuated by several attempts from Ian Kieley, Lou Jonceski and Geoff Gooley to escape from the bunch, but each time the main bunch would claw their way back and the riders would amalgamate again.

Jonceski started the sprint off but was quickly overhauled by Kieley and Gooley. The two riders were neck and neck for the final hundred metres and just when it looked like Gooley had the win Kieley surged again and won by a cigarette paper. Jonceski crossed the line for third, with Emma Ringer in fourth spot. With only a handful of races under her belt, Ringer had ridden very well and is showing a good deal of promise.

Next week's 41km handicap will be held on Saturday at 2pm, with Group 5 to provide the marshals. As next Monday is a public holiday, a ride has been organised to leave opposite the Unanderra swimming pool at 7am.

Results, 41.5km

A Grade
1 Mal Haigh                             1.01.16
2 Brendan Cato
3 Paul Forrest
4 Shaun Lewis
5 Grant Law
6 Frank Tortorici
7 Marcus Arnold
8 Hardy Lohse                           1.02.59
9 David Russell
10 James Williamson
11 Richie Lorenc
12 Peter Jones
13 Lou Palermo
14 Gerard Donaldson
DNF Adam Crowther
DNF Luke Dale
DNF Adam Hotchkis
B Grade
1 Garry Doughty                         1.06.10
2 Ross Irvin
3 Joe Chiaverini
4 Lionel Covington
5 Ben Lohse
6 Adrian Cooper
7 Joe Periera
8 Patrick Delahunty
9 Peter Evans
10 Phil Jones
11 Jason Johnson
12 Dennis Fitzgerald
13 Brian Joyce
14 Andrew Telford
15 Barry Neall
16 Jeff Gray
17 Peter Kelly
18 Mark Owen
19 Mick Shannon                         1.09.39
20 Kerry Moroz
21 Scott Turnbull
22 Peter McDonald
C Grade
1 Ian Kieley                            1.17.03
2 Geoff Gooley
3 Lou Jonceski
4 Emma Ringer                           1.17.12
5 Wayne Farrugia                        1.18.54

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