Results and Reports for March 16 - 17, 2002


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Spring Fling Criterium Series

Clinton Lake Lawrence, KS, March 16, 2002


1 Charles Harrison (Sante Fe Trails)
2 Randy Harrison (Sante Fe Trails)
1 Tammy Spray (Museum Cycling Team)
2 Kristina Emmons (Sante Fe Trails)
Men Category 4/5
1 Brian Jensen (Blue River)
2 John Hackman (Museum Cycling Team)
3 Matt Gilhousen (KU Cycling)
4 Rob Kelly (KU Cycling)
5 Matt McKillip (Museum Cycling Team)
6 Ben Simon (Earth Riders)
Masters 30+
1 Doug Looney (Bike Source)
2 Eric Struckoff (Museum Cycling Team)
3 Hiram Salvini (Museum Cycling Team)
4 Gilbert Amis (Wheatlands)
5 Tony Smith (Museum Cycling Team)
6 Richard Bort (Blue River Cycling Club)
Men Category 1/2/3
1 Bill Stolte (Bike Source)
2 Kris Tilford (Wheatlands)
3 Tom Luke (KCBC)
4 Shadd Smith (Museum Cycling Team)
5 Phil Gronniger (KCBC)
6 Adam Mills (Bike source)

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