Results and Reports for March 16 - 17, 2002


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Cowskin Bay Circuit Race

Oklahoma, March 17, 2002

The Tulsa Wheelmen kicked off the racing season in Oklahoma with the Liberty Road Race, the Cowskin Bay Circuit Race and the Skiatook Road Race. The first two races were dominated by the Mathis Brothers duo of Jason Waddell and Steve Cate, with Chad Cagle of CTE Tulsa being most consistent performer in the early season. Mat Ankey won the Skiatook RR winning the famous sprint up the final climb. The big surprise and the rider to watch is 15 year old Tulsa phenom Blake McMahon who placed top 10 in all three Cat 1/2/3 events!


Cat 1/2/3
1 Steven Cate (Mathis Bros)
2 Jason Waddell (Mathis Bros)
3 Danny Kavkola (Mathis Bros)
4 Chad Cagle (CTE Tulsa)
5 Aaron Smathers (CRRC)
6 Jason Burnett (Mathis Bros)
7 Matthew Ankey (Mathis Bros)
8 Blake McMahon (Team Power Train)
Other finishers
Randy Schwers (Sun & Ski)
Eric Melton (Mathis Bros)
Manuel Borrell (Mathis Bros)
Robert Green (Mathis Bros)
Chris Duroy (Mathis Bros)
Jason Pratt (Mathis Bros)
Ralph Hamerla (Mathis Bros)
Tim Way (Mathis Bros)
John Brest (CTE)
Alistair Sponsil (Team DIAB)
James Schroeder (Tulsa Wheelmen)
Peter Erdoes (Mathis Bros)
David Billingsly (Tulsa Wheelmen)
Bryan Duvall (Sun & Ski)
Gary Loafman (Mathis Bros)
Ken Smith (Mathis Bros)
Darrell Meimen (Tulsa Wheelmen)
Ben Upchurch (Mercy)
Magen Long (OBRU)
Travis Jones (Twin Peaks)
DNF Brandon Cavnar (Mathis Bros)
Cat 4/5
1 Gil Summy (unatt.)
2 Zach French
3 Randall Clayborn (Tulsa Wheelmen)
4 Dale Mondloch (Tulsa Wheelmen)
5 Robert Dittmer (Mathis Bros)
6 Chris Porter (Mathis Bros)
7 James Bohanan (Tulsa Wheelmen)
8 Tyler Russell (Team Power Train)
9 Adam Pratt (Tulsa Wheelmen)
10 Shane Barok (Tulsa Wheelmen)
11 Jeremy Stitt (Tulsa Wheelmen)
12 Bob Cable
13 Russell McMahon (Tusla Wheelmen)
14 Mike McNeil (Tulsa Wheelmen)
One lap behind
15 Chris Parks
DNF Darrell Naselroad
DNF Jeff Metcalf
Masters 35+
1 Greg Saunders (Tulsa Wheelmen)
2 Bruce Dunn (Fayetteville)
3 James Schroeder (BMC)
4 Kary Cumming (Tulsa Wheelmen)
5 Dan Borrell (Mathis Bros)
6 Adam Vanderburg (Team Power Train)
7 Rich  Chillingsworth (Tulsa Wheelmen)
8 Doug  Werhane (Tulsa Wheelmen)
9 John Lasorsa (Mathis Bros)
10 Tim Carrigg (Tulsa Wheelmen)
11 Marc Delametter (Tulsa Wheelmen)
12 Benn Thigpen (Tulsa Wheelmen)
13 Greg Shinn (Tulsa Wheelmen)
DNF Randall Clayborn (Tulsa Wheelmen)
1 Blake McMahon (Team Power Train)
2 Alex Welch
3 Tyler Russell (Team Power Train)
4 Jesse Waggoner (Team Power Train)
5 Donald Hushelpeck
1 Magan Long (OBRU)
2 Lori Boren (BRRC)

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