Results and Reports for March 16 - 17, 2002


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4th Ride With The Devil Mountain Bike Race

Lawrence, Kansas, March 17, 2002

Held along the idyllic shores of Clinton Lake State Park in Lawrence, Kansas, the 4th Ride With The Devil Mountain Bike Race proved once again that Kansas harbors America's best kept secret in off-road trail competition. With over 20 miles of stellar singletrack to chose from, Clinton Lake State Park offers racers an exciting mixture of roots, rocks, creek crossings, and log jumps in an undulating wooded trail system.

The Ride With The Devil was held on an 8 mile circuit, with beginners doing 1 lap, sport 2 and experts 3. At one point on the challenging loop, the riders dropped over 200 feet in elevation in less than a mile of descending. For a state that is mistakenly regarded as perfectly flat, this is quite impressive.

Nebraska's Kent McNeil took home top honors in the men's expert field on what proved to be a day of unseasonably mild conditions while Kansas City's own Kelly Benjamin walked off with first place in the women's expert race. Both Kent and Kelly went home sipping pink champagne after a hard day's work taming the Devil.

The rest of the winners in each of the races were treated to custom chainring-plated plaques and the satisfaction that they beat the Devil on a hellacious course. The rest of the finishers can say they rode with the Devil and lived to tell about it.


Expert Men

1 Kent McNeill             1.45.58
2 Stephen Jarrett             0.47
3 Cale McAninch               1.51
4 Craig Stoeltzing            4.55
5 Eric Prim                   5.54
6 Doug Plumer                 7.32
7 Matt Gilhousen              9.44
8 Bryce Lawrence             13.01
9 Scott Davis                17.42
10 Paul Quindry              18.42
11 Toby Wilcoxson            19.15
12 Thomas Hall               22.28
13 Brian Brennfoerder        28.05
14 Ramone Padilla            34.57
15 Tony Stanislav            36.42
DNF Scott Capstack
DNF Matt Long
DNF Jon Martinez
DNF Keith Currie

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