Results and Reports for March 16-17, 2002


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Mildura-Coomealla CC Criterium

Wentworth, March 17, 2002

Wells turns on the heat

By Peter Winton

Wentworth, nestled on the Darling River floodplain and at the junction of Australia's 2 largest rivers, was the location for this weekend's event, a 20 minute plus 2 laps criterium. Air temperature in the 34C range was one factor to contend with, the other being a shortened and narrow circuit. Never has my heart rate been so high at such an early stage of an event and stayed there! You were not able to get into any rhythm, always braking, powering up for 50 metres then picking a line to turn around the witches hats. This was a common report from the riders, post-ace.

Club riders had not participated in a criterium for over a month and with the Lunarfest Club Championship on this coming weekend it was timely for such a tough hit out.

A small field yet again greeted the handicapper, forced to throw all together. Kevin Tankard was the standout danger rider with Damian Wells. Adam Wightwick had participated in the Two Rivers Triathlon earlier in the day and he wasn't confident of being up to speed. Jack Lokan had been resting in the shade of the river red gums all morning and he was looking forward to challenging Damian in the B Grade chase for points. Mark Phillips and Nathan Welsh fronted up and this group along with the writer made up the 7 contestants.

Nathan Welsh didn't get to complete one lap on his Eddy Mercx, he punctured. Adam Wightwick fell foul of the "CBF's" soon after and sought the shade. Meanwhile, Tankard and Wells broke free from the leech-like attachments to their rear wheels. At the 10 minute mark anything, anywhere else was a better proposition than attempting this crit such was the breathlessness I was enduring. The others were too, it's just they don't write this story and won't admit it.

Several little attacks were put in by Winton mid-race just to test out Mark Phillips. Tankard and Wells suddenly appeared on the heels of the remaining riders and Winton tried to "sit on and come round for the easy win." Yeah right! Tankard put on a spurt to try and dump Wells, alas, that effort failed, he dumped Winton instead. With Barry Pollock ringing the bell it was time to scurry through the pack of riders (all 2 of them) and set yourself up for the finale. Wells took Tankard before the bottom turn and powered home for a win, whilst in the "real" race Winton bluffed Lokan into doing the last couple of turns and took advantage of his B Grade colleague to storm over the top before the end cone and take the front running. The good old (new) campag Centaur groupset attached to the black Avanti fired up, leaving the Giant riders in its dust, just where they should be. And then we all rode home.

This Tuesday is a 16km time trial at Riverside, the last of the "home and away" races before Club Championship events.


1 Damian Wells 
2 Kevin Tankard 
3 Peter Winton 
4 Jack Lokan 
5 Mark Phillips  

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