Results and Reports for March 2 - 3, 2002


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GP Pierre Pinel

Montastruc, March 3, 2002

Scanlon Takes First Win Of The Year

French-based Sligoman Mark Scanlon Sunday, March 3, 2002, took his first win of the year in the GP Pierre Pinel race in Montastruc. The 21 year old former junior world champion outsprinted a small leading group at the end of the tough 132 kilometre race near Toulouse, after bridging across to the breakaway from the main bunch in the closing stages.

The VC La Pomme rider is five kilos lighter than when he started racing last season, and this improved power to weight ratio was evident on the seven kilometre finishing circuit, covered six times and featuring the gruelling 400 metre, 1-in-5 Mur d'Engalinat climb. Four riders, including Scanlon's team mate Tommy Evans, had gone clear on the finishing circuit but Scanlon was able to jump across to the move from a nine man chasing group, and then profited from a lead-out by Evans to win the race.


1 Mark Scanlon (Irl) Velo Club La Pomme-Marseille           
2 Philippe Bordenave (Fra) Albi Velo Sport
3 Rodolphe D'Estampes (Fra) GSC Blagnac
4 Ramuntxo Garmendia (Fra) VC Oloron-Haut Béarn
5 Tommy Evans (Irl) Velo Club La Pomme-Marseille
6 Christophe Dupebe (Fra) G.St-Martin 0.50
7 Jean-Luc Delpech (Fra) US Montauban 82
8 Jacques Bogdanski (Fra) Mérignac VC
9 Hervé Duclos-Lassalle (Fra) VC Oloron-Haut Béarn
10 Sergei Polukhine (Rus) Moscow Nordmet
11 Yasutaka Tashiro (Jap) Velo Club La Pomme-Marseille
12 Dimitar Dimitrov (Bul) Martigues Sports Cyclisme
13 Tomasz Kaszuba (Pol) US Montauban 82
14 Hicham Menad (Alg) VC La Pomme-Marseille
15 Stéphane Reimher (Fra) CC Marmande
16 Yvan Becaas (Fra) GSC Blagnac
17 Igor Pavlov (Fra) Albi Velo Sport
18 Jean Mella (Fra) GSC Blagnac
19 Aidan Duff (Irl) En Limousin
20 Hugues Ane (Fra) Albi Velo Sport
21 Sébastien Penaud (Fra) US Montauban 82
22 Gwenaël Ronsin-Hardy (Fra) Cycle Poitevin
23 Nicolas Panissard (Fra) CA Castelsarrasin
24 Alexi Garanin (Rus) Moscow Nordmet
25 Konstantin Kuznetzov (Kaz) CC Marmande
26 Fabien Fraissignes (Fra) St-Juéry Olympique
27 Martial Ricci-Poggi (Fra) Velo Club La Pomme-Marseille
28 Jean Nouaille Degorce (Fra) Tarbes Pyrénées Cycliste
29 Patrick Clot (Fra) CA Castelsarrasin
30 Johan Nyman (Swe) Albi Velo Sport
31 Christian Magimel (Fra) US Montauban 82
32 Florent Chappoux (Fra) US Colomiers
33 Cyrille Delias (Fra) US Montauban 82
34 Sergei Kulakov (Rus) Moscow Nordmet
35 Julien Costedoat (Fra) GSC Blagnac
36 Philippe Argans (Fra) US Montauban 82
37 Florent Aubier (Fra) Tarbes Pyrénées Cycliste
38 Alexandre Sergeev (Rus) Moscow Nordmet
39 Frédéric Fernandez (Fra) VC Oloron-Haut Béarn
40 Mickaël Martin (Fra) US Colomiers
41 Laurent Peudpiece (Fra) GSC Blagnac
42 Nicolas Collet (Fra) Team Cycliste 09
43 Mathieu Geniez (Fra) CA Castelsarrasin
44 Emilien Berges (Fra) En Limousin
45 Mathieu Remy (Fra) CC Marmande
46 Arnaud Dassain (Fra) US Colomiers
47 Wladimir Sidorenko (Rus) Moscow Nordmet
48 Frédéric Pestana (Fra) VC Oloron-Haut Béarn
49 Julien Marcuz (Fra) US Montauban 82
50 Michel Ambrosini (Fra) GSC Blagnac
51 Régis Fabares (Fra) G.St-Martin
52 Lionel Chatelas (Fra) UC Villeneuve
53 Johan Svensson (Swe) Albi Velo Sport
54 Lionel Brignoli (Fra) GSC Blagnac
55 Sébastien Morvan (Fra) CC Marmande
56 Arnaud Labbe (Fra) Cycle Poitevin
57 Boris Creuheras (Fra) UC Perpignan Roussillon
58 Nicolas Rouillard (Fra) VC Oloron-Haut Béarn
59 Jérôme Bonnace (Fra) UC Chateauroux
60 Peter Pouly (Fra) EC Figeac-St-Céré
61 Jean Mespoulede (Fra) En Limousin
62 Frédéric Iglesias (Fra) UC Lavedan
63 Nicolas Dubois (Fra) UC Chateauroux
64 Mickaël Cailleta (Fra) Team Cycliste 09
65 Mickael Larsen (Den) Albi VS
66 Bertrand Mercier (Fra) VS Chartres
67 Laurent Four (Fra) GSC Blagnac
68 Ludovic Burdack (Fra) GSC Blagnac
69 Cédric Blanc (Fra) VC Oloron-Haut Béarn
70 José Goncalves (Fra) UC Villeneuve
71 Dominique Pere (Fra) En Limousin
72 Christophe Dupouey (Fra) Albi Velo Sport
73 Christophe Montauban (Fra) Team Cycliste 09
74 Olivier Rabaud (Fra) Team Cycliste 09
75 Ludovic Desmarest (Fra) Martigues Sports Cyclisme
76 Gaël Moreau (Fra) US Montauban 82
77 Pascal Andorra (Fra) G.St-Martin
78 Frédéric Gauvrit (Fra) Team Cycliste 09
79 Fabrice Goupilleau (Fra) UC Plantaurel
80 Pierre Dumond (Fra) CA Castelsarrasin
81 Jonathan Cousine (Fra) US Colomiers
82 Christophe Sabatier (Fra) Martigues Sports Cyclisme
83 David Pugnet (Fra) CA Castelsarrasin
84 Loïs Salvat (Fra) GSC Blagnac
85 Charly Pagotto (Fra) GSC Blagnac
86 Florent Roussy (Fra) En Limousin
87 Fabien Benet (Fra) GSC Blagnac
88 Fabien Roux (Fra) Cahors VS
89 Benoît Cabos (Fra) GSC Blagnac
90 Philippe Gallo (Fra) GSC Blagnac
91 Guillaume Carlet (Fra) St-Juéry Olympique
92 Maxime Guererro (Fra) G.St-Martin
93 Pierre Berruezo (Fra) VS Gaillac
94 Julien Schick (Fra) UC Chateauroux
95 Didier Menoux (Fra) VC Oloron-Haut Béarn
96 Bastien Lescouret (Fra) VC Oloron-Haut Béarn
97 Pascal Peyramaure (Fra) Velo Sport Chartres
98 Fabien Fiorillo (Fra) UC Perpignan-Roussillon
99 Romain Bourrinet (Fra) VC Oloron-Haut Béarn
100 Mathieu Charton (Fra) UC Perpignan Roussillon
101 Nicolas Prodoscimi (Fra) Team Cycliste 09
102 Alexandre Soler (Fra) UC Perpignan-Roussillon
103 Mickaël Juignet (Fra) Tarbes Pyrénées Cycliste
104 Stéphane Giral (Fra) Tarbes Pyrénées Cycliste
105 Eric Philipp (Fra) G.St-Martin
106 Mikhail Mikheev (Rus) Moscow Nordmet
107 Alexandre Aubies (Fra) Tarbes Pyrénées Cycliste
108 Nicolas Letellier (Fra) CA Castelsarrasin
109 Lionel Faure (Fra) US Colomiers
110 Sébastien Portal (Fra) En Limousin Results courtesy