Results and Reports for March 2- 3, 2002


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Mildura-Coomealla Cycling Club Graded Scratch

5 March, 2002

Baudry takes a dive

By Peter Winton

Never before has one man done so much for se few. Yes, OK, I know they are not my words but they sum up the efforts of Christoph Baudry last night. What else can you say about a cyclist who risks it all, and I mean everything in terms of human flesh, in the pursuit of winning. And yes, it may sound odd but Chris didn't win either. Confused? So was Kevin Tankard!

The story begins at about 5:55pm when handicapper Pollock announces another twist in the points allocation for the graded scratch. A graded scratch there was but with a difference with hybrid A/B and B/C groups of 6 riders apiece and both groups made up of 2 teams. The better performed B grade riders being in the A/B of course, which meant Lokan and Anderson were in our "big time". The rest of us could at least breathe a little easier.

On the second of 5 laps of the Riverside circuit there was mayhem. Chris Baudry launched an attack off the front of the A/B group and at 55 kms/hr and it was all over. All over for Christoph that is. Something about broken cleats I believe and somersaults and gravel and bent rims and bleeding andů ?

The riders in this bunch were off their bikes as the B/C riders passed. With Winton about 50 metres of the front on an "attack" all riders made serious enquires as to the state of affairs as each of them ceased pedalling for a few moments only to be waved on by the "big boys" with calls of "it's ok." The race went on, for B/C riders at least. Next lap around Chris Baudry was still there now standing and appearing ok although a little dusty. Winton was yet again off the front and away with a lead of 30 seconds and was never headed for the remainder of the race. The A/B group, now without one of the stronger riders, was in a bit of disorder. Kevin Tankard assumed the race was over but not so the others.

The A/B bunch resumed hostilities, but without informing Kev Tankard that the race would continue, (Kev complained later of being treated like a mushroom.) Worse was to follow for Kev's team as Rob McNally punctured leaving him out the back, and his fellow team-mates, now down to 2 riders, were left to ponder their fate. It was now a matter for tactics and conserving something for the sprint home. Anderson and Brade tried desperately to unsettle Wells, Wightwick and Lokan, but even blind Freddy could see the writing on the tyre wall. After an Anderson attack was covered on lap 5, Lokan launched a counter attack. Wells decided to get in on the act and hooked up Lokan, but was politely told to 'get on yer bike son, there is clear road ahead'. With that Wells continued on his merry way, while the battle for minor honours was played out in a sprint home. Lokan took second from a generous Wightwick, Anderson and Brade. Team honours for the night going to Chris (Rubber Man) Baudry's quartet.

Results, 40km

A/B grade
1 Damian Wells
2 Jack Lokan
3 Adam Wightwick
4 Arthur Anderson
5 Ian Brade
6 Rob McNally
7 Kevin Tankard
B/C grade
1 Peter Winton
2 Nathan Welsh
3 Ken Joy
4 Michael Vaughan
5 Alan Aylward
6 Harvey Dwyer

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