Results and Reports for March 2- 3, 2002


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Eastern Suburbs Summer Criterium Series - Round 9

Heffron Park, Maroubra, March 26, 2002

Another wet and overcast Tuesday finally cleared in the late afternoon to get Round 9 of the Trek Bikes Summer Series underway on a dry circuit, but with slightly reduced numbers of 70 riders lining up for the three grades in the 30km handicap criterium.

Would the smaller B and C grade fields of 25 riders each, together with the calmer wind conditions make it a perfect night for A grade to claim overall line honours for the first time in almost 4 weeks? Well, the answer was pretty obvious at the halfway point of the race as A grade started to line up B grade with seven laps to go.

Two laps to later, the A grade train had B grade wrapped up together with the sprint points for the five to go sprint prime. Another two laps and C grade were also taken care of and then the racing started in earnest.

Seizing the opportunity after the three to go sprint, mountain biker Paul Rowney, fresh from his top 20 in the Tour of Tasmania attacked in the hope of a solo win, but there were still too many strong legs in the bunch, most notably Andrew 'mechanic to the stars' Curro, who brought the bunch back together at the bell.

A frantic last lap had all the main series pointscore contenders jostling for position, but it was the King of Heffron, Anthony Spurgeon who edged out a fast finishing David Harrigen to go seven points clear in the series.

Junior track rider, Warren Scott showed he's still got a fast finish on the road by claiming 1st B grade and the strongest rider in C grade by far, Clive Hammerson strengthened his grip on the C grade competition with another win.


1 Anthony Spurgeon (Caravello)
2 David Harrigen (Parramatta)
3 Steve Wooldridge (St George)
4 Jose Rodrigeuz (Eastern Suburbs)
5 Stewart Campbell (Eastern Suburbs)
1st B Grade: Warren Scott (St George)
1st C Grade: Cliver Hammerson (Randwick Botany)
Place Trek Bikes Poinstcore
1 Anthony Spurgeon (A Grade)                 21 points
2 Charles Topfer (B Grade)                   14
3 Peter Carscadden (B)                       10
3 Steve Wooldridge (A)
4 Luke Picton (C Grade)                       7
4 David Stewart (A)
4 Scott Ford (C)
4 Jose Rodriguez (A)
5 Liam Kelly (A)                              5
6 David Harrigen (A)                          4
6 Alan Bozunovic (C)
6 Mark Renshaw (A)
6 Nathan Russell (A)
6 Brent Jenkins (B)
6 Chris Jenkins (C)
7 Antonio Iannacito (B)                       3
7 Warren Doyle (A)
7 Paul Duncan (B)
7 Clive Hammerson (C)
8 David Gowty (B)                             2
8 John Sunde (B)
8 Dave Watkinson (C)
8 Stewart Campbell (A)
9 Campbell Kerr (A)                           1
9 Brent Dawson (A)
9 Todd Sinclair (B)
9 John Buckton (C)
A/B Grade Sprint King
1 Peter Carscadden (B Grade)                 39 points
2 Bob Hampshire (B)                          32
3 Todd Sinclair (B)                          30
4 Brent Jenkins (B)                          21
5 Liam Kelly (A Grade)                       20
5 Adam Radford (B)
6 Anthony Spurgeon (A)                       14
7 Antonio Iannacito (B)                      12
8 M. Fleming (B)                             11
9 Charles Topfer (B)                         10
10 Steve Williams (A)                         8
10 David Gowty (B)
11 Matt Bazzano (B)                           7
12 Steve Wooldridge (A)                       6
13 Stuart Dangerfield (A)                     5
13 Paul Rowney (A)
13 David Stewart (A)
13 David Harrigen (A)
14 Josh Fleming (A)                           4
14 John Sunde (B)
14 John Kenny (B)
15 Wayne Anderson (A)                         3
15 Jose Rodriguez (A)
15 Jono Davis (A)
15 Brian Appleyard (A)
16 Warren Doyle (A)                           1
16 Stewart Campbell (A)
16 Paul Duncan (B)
16 Nathan Jones (B)
16 Mark Renshaw (A)
16 David Johanson (B)
16 Anthony Challinor (A)
C Grade Poinstcore
1 Clive Hammerson                            22 points
2 Craig Dempsey                              15
3 Luke Picton                                 5
3 Justin Case
3 Paul Duncan
3 Scott Ford
4 Alan Bozunovic                              4
4 Chris Jenkins
5 Sean Vale                                   3
6 Chris Young                                 1
6 John Percy
6 Belinda Smith

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