Jacobs Creek Tour Down Under - 2.3

Australia, January 15-20, 2002


Dean spends first wedding anniversary racing

By Karen Forman in Adelaide, January 15

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Photo: © Tom Balks/CN

Men are notorious for forgetting (or ignoring) wedding anniversaries, but not too many can get away with being in another country on the special day...particularly when it's the first one.

Julian Dean is an exception.

The 26 year old New Zealander, who has joined the CSC-Tiscali team this season after three years with US Postal, will spend his first wedding anniversary on January 19 in Adelaide, without wife Carole, contesting the Jacob's Creek Tour Down Under.

But rather than be upset about the fact he won't be around, Carole, he says, is encouraging him.

"We have been together for eight years, so she knows what being a bike rider's wife is all about," he said today. "She is very understanding. Luckily."

The couple met when Dean was studying at university and have been inseparable ever since, despite his hectic schedule of travelling and living overseas for more than half of each year.

"She comes with me to Europe, or to America when I was there, and it works really well," he said. "It definitely helps me having her around, to have someone so understanding. Cycling is not an easy sport, but it makes my life easier. You have to have the right person for the relationship to work."

Come Saturday, Dean will be concentrating solely on the race...but he's planning a bit of a surprise for his wife back home.

He says he is very excited about contesting his first Tour Down Under. "The atmosphere is euphoric, the race is pretty incredible," he says. "Many of the guys say this is like the racing in Europe, the whole set up is similar. "

He's not too concerned about the event being held so early in the season. "It's a good time of the year really, because everybody is in the same boat. Everybody knows what they have got ahead of them. I think once we get into the race we will find our own levels."

After the Tour Down Under, Dean heads off to Europe for the Mallorca Challenge, Tour Mediterranean and Paris-Nice.

"I hope to be part of the Tour de France this year. I think it is a reality...the team is doing it, so I just need some good early season performances to show the team I should be there with them."

Carole will join him from their home in Rotorua after the Paris-Nice and Dean is looking forward to having her around their other home in Spain.

"She speaks better Spanish than I do," he said. "When she is around I get lazy and leave it up to her."