Results and Reports for January 19-20, 2002


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San Diego Velodrome Cyclocross

January 20, 2002

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Brent Prenzlow
Photo: © Steve Smull

By Tony Olsen

The San Diego Velodrome Cyclocross competitors enjoyed classic Southern California January warmth and sunshine. The Juniors raced two laps of the 1.8 mile (2.9 km) course, which started with a quick lap of the San Diego Velodrome. Iggy Silva, from the San Diego Bicycle Club, won the race. Both Iggy and Natalie Concors, the runner up, attend classes at the velodrome. The velodrome offers Youth and Adult classes from April-September.

Pam Jorgensen won the Women's race. Pam races for Team 101 and was just a couple of days from celebrating her 22nd birthday! In the Masters 35+, Paul Cusick overcame a missed turn while leading the race. He had to get back on course and pass the entire field to regain 1st place. Steve Smull from SDBC, and the organizer of the Sorrento Cyclocross, came through for 2nd in the 35+. Local boy, Mike Jennings won the 45+ race. Mike was also the first Master rider overall.

The Senior Men's races were run at the same time, but scored separately. Brent Prenzlow continued his winning ways in the Pro 1,2,3 category as he and Thad Sparrow showed off their bunny hopping skills. Professional triathlete Eric Burgan continues to impress as a "novice" cyclocrosser, finishing in the Pro 1,2,3 race second only to the highly experienced Prenzlow. Leonardo Sandoval took an early lead over everyone and held on to win the Men's 4, 5 category.

Thanks to all the riders for coming out to this event and to the host clubs for all the great work. I'd also like to thank our officials for a great job and our announcer Gary Westergren. This race was presented by Valley Cycling Team, IB Racing/Arnie's doors & VLJ/Phil's BBQ.


Photos courtesy of Steve Smull, San Diego Bicycle Club


Pro 1,2 & 3
1 Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific)           46.41
2 Eric Burgan                              2.42
3 Thad Sparrow                             3.33
4 Doug McWhinney (Celo Pacific)            4.14
5 Ken Skogerson                            6.44
Men's 4 & 5
1 Leonardo Sandoval                       51.46
2 Louis De la Cruz (Pacific Coast Cycles)  1.12
3 Alex Ter-Vrugt                           2.25
4 Greg Zakowski	SDBC                              -1 lap
5 David Bales (Celo Pacific)
6 Rob Bernhard (SDBC)
7 David Reilly (SDBC)
8 Derrick Neckel (Hi Tech Bikes)
9 Blair Burton (Celo Pacific)
10 David Standridge
11 Bill Clark (SDBC)
12 Mike Jenkins (SDBC)
13 Steve Gillespie
14 Andrew Concors                                 -2 laps
15 Iggy Silva (SDBC)                              -3 laps
35+ Riders
1 Paul Cusick (Stage 1)                   37.46
2 Steve Smull (SDBC)                       3.32
3 Michael Thompson                         4.29
4 Miles Todd (SDBC)                        4.46
5 Bill Stephens                            6.48
45+ Riders
1 Mike Jennings (Lenz Sport)              37.02
2 Rob Bernhard (SDBC)                      2.31
3 Mike Jenkins (SDBC)                      5.03
4 Jim Cushing-Murray (Celo Pacific)        7.25
1 Pam Jorgensen (Team 101)                46.00
2 Natalie Concors (SDBC)                          -1 lap
1 Iggy Silva (SDBC)                       24.36
2 Natalie Concors (SDBC)                   5.22
3 Elizabeth Paau                           5.26

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