Results and Reports for January 19-20, 2002


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4th Annual GCCA Offroad Classic

Houston, Texas USA, January 19, 2002

Dunlap takes on the men in world's prep

By Garrick Mitchell

The Fouth Annual GCCA Offroad Classic cyclocross greeted the Beginners category Saturday morning with overcast skies and drizzle. Then the wind picked up, a front blew through, and the sun emerged just in time to shine on the frenzied pace of the elite riders. The course, in a city park in the shadow of downtown Houston, was modified this year with the addition of a paved section that increased speeds considerably. Conditions started off damp and slick but improved as the day progressed.

Most notable of the day's participants was five-time US 'Cross Champion and World Mountain Bike Champion Alison Dunlap (Clif Bar), who used the event as preparation for 'Cross Worlds. Dunlap started her day by handily beating the Masters field. Only Kevin Vincent (Lone Star) could stay within a minute of Dunlap, who was clad in the solid red of Team Clif Bar for this "exhibition" with the Masters field.

At 2 p.m., the sun appeared, as did Dunlap in the "stars and bars" of the US National Champion to compete against the best male 'crossers in Texas. But the day was to belong to reigning Texas State Champion Will Black (Lone Star), who lapped all but the top six in the 26-rider field. Will Ross (United Youth Sports) outlasted Matt Gordon (Polycom Racing) for second, over 2:30 behind Black, while Dunlap (Clif) took fourth ahead of Ken Smith (Mathis Brothers), who had Dunlap in sight but just out of reach for almost the entire race.


Men A
1 Will Black (Lonestar)
2 Will Ross (UYS)
3 Matt Gordan (Polycom)
4 Alison Dunlap (Clif Bar)
5 Ken Smith (Mathis Bros)
6 Craig Virr (RSP)
7 Brian Walburn (Superdrome)
8 Patrick Miller (Trek)
9 Bobby Williamson (UA)
10 Paul Chandler (Southern Elite)
11 Shannon Graham (TX Racing)
12 Jay McKeon (Bikesport)
13 Keith Neu (Lonestar)
14 Chris Nowak (Bikesport)
15 David Bradfield (Lonestar)
16 Luke Magilke (Woodlands)
17 Carlos Vargas (Southern Elite)
18 Alex Barnard (Southern Elite)
19 Jaime Arrieta (TX Flyers)
20 Allen McLain (UA)
21 Clark Davidson (RSP)
22 Robert Malinak (Woodlands)
23 Chris Grusendorf (NWCC)
24 Christian Williams (Ambush Hill)
25 Holt Harlan (Bikesport)
26 Chris Bregon (UA)
Men B
1 Eric Pendland (Woodlands)
2 Chris Grusedorf (NWCC)
3 Robert Eason (Woodlands)
4 Bren Sambilaz (Wolfpack)
5 Alex Vasquez (Wolfpack)
6 Daryl Roberts (Dean)
7 John Paul Horn (Texas Wild)
8 Mike Adrion (GCCA)
9 George Guirgis (Wolfpack)
10 Leonard Kirk (Wolfpack)
11 Steve Knight (Woodlands)
12 Carlos Ordaz (GCCA)
13 Boyd Hemphill (Woodlands)
14 Robert Ford (REI)
15 Don Paullo (UA)
16 Terry Dupler (UA)
17 Kevin Hopper (NWCC)
18 Randall Wallace (Woodlands)
19 Teadoro Ramirez (West End)
20 Adam Jones (Superdrome)
21 Warren Henderson (Cyclone)
Men C
1 John Boatwright (West End)
2 Butch Klotz (Courier Scum)
3 Micheal Ereli (GCCA)
4 Kelly Brown (UA)
5 Derek Franks (AMCT)
6 Gerald Atilano (UA)
7 Shane Gillespie (UA)
8 Andy Weathers (UA)
9 Kelly Strader (UA)
10 James Trimble (UA)
12 Greg Kalba (UA)
13 Steven Burke (UA)
14 James Greenawalt (UA)
15 Steve Cook (UA)
16 Evan Ballweg (GCCA)
17 Chris Promecene (UA)
18 Charles Setton (UA)
19 David Cook (UA)
20 Jose Vasquez (Woodlands)
21 Brian Singleton (UA)
22 William Promecene (UA)
Men Expert/3
1 Luke Magilke (Woodlands)
2 Garrick Mitchell (GCCA)
3 Dominic Vanneilen (UYS)
4 Gary Rodosta (GCCA)
5 Tom Ritter (West End)
6 Mike Rossi (Bikesport)
7 Greg Bauer (GCCA)
8 Ryan Spates (UYS)
9 Robert Sisk (UA)
10 Damon VanZandt (GCCA)
11 Matt Stephens (GCCA)
12 Charles Thomas (GCCA)
13 Pankay Hadhura (Bikesport)
14 Chris Olbekson (Bikesport)
Masters 35+
1 Alison Dunlap (Clif Bar)
2 Kevin Vincent (Lonestar)
3 Troy Pope (UYS)
4 Paul Chandler (Southern Elite)
5 Eric Jordan (Lonestar)
6 Bart Beddingfield (UNT)
7 Joey Machado (UYS)
8 David Wolfe (Violet Crown)
9 David Boyd (Bike Lane)
10 Mark Lochridge (Bikesport)
11 Louis Gonzales (UA)
12 Bill Duckworth (NWCC)
13 Jack Cooper (Bikesport)
14 Scott Rucker (Bikesport)
15 Tom Welsh (GCCA)
16 David Smith (Bikesport)
17 Bruce McMaken (GSH)
18 John Boatwright (UA)
19 Larry Tharp (GCCA)
20 Kelly Strader (UA)
Masters 45+
1 Peter Stewart (Westside)
2 Ruben Solis (Southern Elite)
3 Joe Buno (Lonestar)
4 Chris Thibodeau (Violet Crown)
5 Rolf Laub (Bikesport)
6 Jerome Beaumeister (UA)
7 Scott Schaefer (UYS)
8 Bryan Baker (GSH)
9 Tommy O'Neal (GCCA)
10 Desmond Rolf (Bikesport)
11 Ken Yanowski (UA)
12 Charlotte Miller (Memorial Herman)
13 Ronnie Supua (Bikesport)
14 Chris Kusenbarger (Westside) 

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