Tour de Langkawi - 2.3

Malaysia, February 1-10, 2002

News for February 10

What's happening on Tour?

By Tommy Campbell

Hunter gracious in defeat

It was refreshing to see how Robert Hunter acknowledged the new tour leader. He wore the tunic of race leader with pride and no doubt well be hearing more about this unassuming South African.

It must be remembered that Robert Hunter never harboured overall victory of le Tour. "I'm not a big climber...I'm sure to lose the yellow jersey in Genting. On the whole Im satisfied with the three stage wins that I got here." (and we thought he was bluffing)

Mountain top hotel finish

History as made when the penultimate stage of the Malaysia Telekom Le Tour de Langkawi finished in the lobby of a hotel, First World Hotel. There are four hotels in the Genting resort with 3,000 rooms.

David McQuaid on tour

David McQuaid a former international Irish cyclist has taken a year off the bike but he can be seen working on Le Tour with the television production company.

Culture is tops

Competitors and officials have been generous in their praise for the Malaysian Culture shows, which have formed part of the showcase for Le Tour. Each stage town start and finish has excelled themselves in their presentations.


Certainly the weather held up for Le Tour. One observer made me aware that the rain was following us but never caught up. The exception was Petaling Jaya when the heavens literally opened. Fortunately the stage had finished, but it was very much in evidence that the race personnel were lacking umbrellas and wet gear.

Media support

Media head, Harmalis md Hamiduan has certainly been burning the midnight oil. He rises at 6.30 am and for those of us who require assistance he is always a friendly face. Bed time is any time between midnight and the early hours. His team numbers 46, and I can vouch they are all keep their eye on the ball.