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Jul 2 - Ullrich determined to come back, Joseba Beloki has good morale, Kirsipuu wants a flat Tour, Leblanc's picks, De Groot to start with Rabobank, Pretot substitutes for Hernandez, Stage wins by country, Dutch placings in Le Tour
Jul 2 - Jiménez misses the cut, USPS and French teams reveal squads
Jul 3 - ONCE: Beloki is leader, Euskaltel-Euskadi send off, Verbrugghe and Van de Wouwer fit, No ambitions from Dekker, Tour doping controls, More Wim van Est, Poulidor joins Crédit Lyonnais, Tour team changes
Jul 4 - Armstrong a shoo in?, Tour prize money
Jul 5 - Vasseur bitter; Virenque wants vengeance, Other classifications, 189 Hematocrits OK, Doping: No warning for riders, Some TdF numbers
Jul 6 - Armstrong hopes for a good contest, Casagrande comments, Boardman holds the record, O'Grady jumps the gun and gets the girl
Jul 7 - Kjaergaard quickest at 4.1 km, no sympathy from Millar's countrymen, Madiot superstitious, Rous feels the pressure, Madiot superstitious, Wüst commentating for TV, Buffet's dope, Rider nationalities: France on top, Bodily dimensions, 400,000 roadside sausages
Jul 8 - Post-stage comments, Was two minutes enough?, Gonzales de Galdeano feeling good, official injured list, Bottlenecks in doping controls, 10 Tour legends meet king Albert, winner gets diamond, Vandevelde's Belgian roots, Champion women, Road safety on Tour, Roundabout record
Jul 9 - Post-stage comments, No UCI controls today, Lance Armstrong's statement in full, Indurain thinks Armstrong can win six, Flores abandons, Crash injury list, Tour de France media, Felicia Ballanger popular in village, Poulidor's fan, Last place in Grobbedonk gets 100,000
Jul 10 - Post-stage comments, Casagrande loses time, Italians not off to a good start, Bruyneel predicts a close battle, More on ONCE's chances, Anti-doping controls back to normal, Official communiqués, Verstrepen gets Grobbendonk prize
Jul 11 - Post-stage comments, Casagrande drops out, Pinotti gets new deal, Blind get feel of the Tour
Jul 12 - Post-stage comments (lots), joyful scene in the CA camp, punctures, Friday the 13th, Fall for De Jongh, Official communiqués, Lotto does TV special, Country breakdown on stage 4
Jul 13 - Post race comments, Steels relegated, Livingston denies he was on Lance's file, Julich wants to win a mountain stage, Fassa Bortolo still struggling, Friday the 13th, A million bottles of water, Official communiqués
Jul 14 - Post-stage comments, USPS injury report, Basso retires, Four in hospital after accident, Blood controls for 44, La Francaise des Jeux renewed, Bontrager win number 1
Jul 15 - Post-stage comments, winner's bio, Kivilev's chances, Txema del Olmo positive, Mad driver put in psychiatric care, Millar tired, Vandevelde goes home, Elimination rules, Strasbourg bids to host more stages, Official communiqués
Jul 16 - Post-stage comments, Tomorrow in the mountains, Armstrong keeps defending, Further comment on stage 8, Blijlevens abandons, Lightest bike in the world?, Marie can't beat Ballanger, Official communiqués
Jul 17 - Post-stage comments, Ullrich hasn't given up, Pantani still holds the record, Simon's pedigree, Robin Williams at the Tour, Amateur cyclist dies, Official communiqués
Jul 18 - Post-stage comments, Team Telekom hopeful, Relative time gaps, Robin Williams goes riding
Jul 19 - Rest day: Three for the road, Grenoble - Perpignan, Pantani v. Ullrich in 1997, Comments and views, Moreau stays silent, Casper amazes on the mountain, Race doctor: Peloton in good shape, Three teams tested in Perpignan, Leblanc happy so far, Credit Agricole earn most francs, German TV audience big, Colmar car driver declared "not responsible"
Jul 20 - Cardenas carries on, Post-stage comments, De Groot in a satisfactory condition, Ivanov Van de Wouwer out too, Official communiqués
Jul 21 - Post-stage comments, Jaja stars again, Armstrong's Tour history, Nike director present at stage 13, Pyrenees first in 2002, 12 riders drug tested, Official communiqués
Jul 22 - Post-stage comments, winner profile, Official communiqués, Rominger Reminds, Forza Garzelli, Ben & Thierry, TdF USA, Glamourous life of a TdF journalist
Jul 23 - Excerpts from Lance Armstrong's press conference, Ullrich concedes the Tour, Battle for the minor places, Best French rider, Pevenage clarifies, Eddy Merckx: Ullrich not done yet, Montgomery snares Souvenir Goddet, Telekom top prize money stakes so far
Jul 23 - Full edited transcript from Lance Armstrong's press conference
Jul 24 - Post-stage comments, Winner's profile, Johan Bruyneel interview, Jalabert secures KOM jersey, Telekom talks, Fassa Bortolo's aims, Vaughters jinx continues, Corticoid traces found in half of urine tests, Official communiqués
Jul 25 - Post-stage comments, Skull and facial fractures for Montgomery, L'étape présidentielle, Hinault on Armstrong, Bonjour is the only complete team left, Telekom car stolen, Official communiqués
Jul 26 - Post-stage comments, Winner's profile, Inspiration?, How much water?, Anti-doping protest planned for the next two stages, Official communiqués
Jul 27 - Post-stage comments, Armstrong speaks, Italians in trouble, Official communiqués
Jul 28 - Post-stage comments, Zabel's 11th, Armstrong speaks (again), Jalabert to be a dad for the fourth time, Voigt: most popular rider on Tour, Official communiqués
Jul 29 - Post-stage comments, Profile: Jan Svorada, Classification winners, Final podium, Second fastest ever, Lance gets the lemon, Spectator injured
Jul 30 - Zabel's 6th, Telekom go home to big reception, UCI happy with Tour drug tests, Final TdF team prizemoney, Country success
Jul 31 - Lance Armstrong's post-Tour appearances, French TV audience: 3.5 million, FFC happy with Le Tour
Tour de France feature - Third time's the charm - post Tour wrap-up
Tour de France feature - Lance Living, it's a good thing


Jun 1 - Verbruggen still keen on Cipollini and Pantani
Jun 5 - La Grande Boucle 2001
Jun 5 - Breaking the Chain

Jun 7 - Lotto riders aiming for the Tour
Jun 7 - Sandstød out of CSC Tour team

Jun 9 - Jean-Marie's new helper
Jun 11 - Godefroot fears Tour knock-on
Jun 12 - Lampre for the TdF: Simoni doubtful
Jun 14 - TdF watching the Italians
Jun 15 - Freire out of Tour de France
Jun 16 - Lyon wants a Tour stage in 2003
Jun 17 - Museeuw for the Tour
Jun 18 - Casagrande aims for the Tour, Voigt ready, Likely spot for Aldag
Jun 19 - No Tour for Simoni, Avenue du Tour de France
Jun 20 - Gilberto not decided yet, No Tour for Jonker, Ag2r doctor argues for drug transport authorisation
Jun 21 - CPLD reaches drug transport consensus
Jun 22 - Guidelines for Tour doctors
Jun 23 - Zabel may be without Fagnini, Zabel fears police action during Tour
Jun 24 - French support Le Tour

Jun 25 - Domo-Farm Frites Tour selection on Wednesday
Jun 27 - Vaughters spot on, Hoffman will not start in the Tour, Lotto-Adecco Tour selection, Wauters and Verheyen in the Rabobank selection, Two Tour monuments
Jun 28 - Hopes that USPS enquiry will be completed within two months, Zabel displeased, Euskaltel-Euskadi Tour team
Jun 29 - Telekom's selection: operation yellow jersey, No Benoît Joachim in USPS, CSC-Worldonline, Lampre-Daikin selection, Kelme, and ONCE, Domo-Farm Frites: Museeuw as captain, Leblanc warns Giro teams?


May 1 - More Tour de France selection
May 2 - Tour Teams: Today is D-Day
May 3 - The final selection - 21 teams for le Tour
May 4 - TdF 2001 fallout - Cipo to jump ship? Pantani orders mutiny
May 4 - Verbruggen: UCI won't intervene
May 4 - A break with the past
May 4 - Armstrong regrets Pantani omission
May 4 - Leblanc refuses to reconsider
May 4 - Chauvinism & protectionism rules in Tour wild card selection
May 7 - Mark Gorski talks to Cyclingnews.
May 7 - Pantani gets wet & still wants to ride the Tour

May 8 - FCI lament the exclusion of Saeco and Mercatone Uno
May 9 - Chiappucci on the Pantani exclusion
May 9 - Rabobank Tour team

May 11 - CSC keeps its place in the Tour de France
May 12 - Bartoli skips Giro, aims for Tour
May 12 - Mysterious malady sidelines Hoffman

May 13 - Tour selections: Indurain criticises
May 14 - Hinault says 'No' to Pantani
May 14 - 2006 Tour start for Dresden?

May 18 - Bassons misses out on Tour this year
May 18 - UCI want easier races in future

May 19 - Leblanc defends Tour selections again
May 19 - PMU continues as Tour sponsor

May 22 - Casagrande re-aligns for the Tour
May 22 - TdF organiser cuts a deal with CSC
May 23 - New name and colours for CSC-Worldonline
May 24 - TdF: Resurfaced roads in Antwerp for riders
May 31 - Jonker's Tour start not in danger
May 31 - 2002 Women's Tour de France to start in the Netherlands


Apr 1 - Societe de Tour de France announces extended drug tests
Apr 5 - Tour de France plan to attack doping
Apr 6 - Tour de France: 10 steps against doping
Apr 7 - 10 point Tour plan: some comments
Apr 7 - Antwerp happy with Tour stage

Apr 11 - Pantani risks missing Tour de France
Apr 28 - Tour de France deadline nears


Mar 9 - MPs want C4 Tour de France
Mar 10 - Tour de France announces bigger prize pool
Mar 15 - Indurain: Ullrich and Armstrong are Tour favourites
Mar 25 - Leblanc on Armstrong
Mar 28 - Leblanc confident about Le Tour
Mar 28 - USPS Enquiry: Judge too slow
Mar 28 - Pantani preparing for Giro, wants Tour

Mar 29 - Pantani wants the Tour
Mar 29 - Tour de France 2008

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