Results and Reports for September 8-9, 2001


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Gold Coast CATS CC - Darren Smith Classic
Canberra Cycles 6 hour Rogaine

2001 Junior Time Trial Championships
CaesaríS Illawarra Cycle Club
Crib Point Road Race
Murwillumbah Amateur CC Annual Club Road Racing Championships
Randwick Botany Cycling Club

Gold Coast CATS CC

Carrara Markets Darren Smith Cycle Classic

Strawberry Farm, QLD, September 9, 2001

Each year the Gold Coast CATS Cycling Club hosts the Darren Smith Cycle Classic, in memory of CATS rider and Barcelona Olympian Darren Smith, who was tragically killed in November 1992 when hit by a truck while on a training ride.

It is an event that is wholeheartedly supported by the CATS Club, and with Darren's Mum and Dad, Jane and Dennis, on the organising committee, it is an opportunity for the Club to honour one of its brightest stars and one of its most respected and well liked members. Although the race is aimed at the elite riders in South East Queensland, there are always plenty of entries from Masters and non-elite riders, who just want to pay their respects to Darren by being part of the event.

Spring is officially here, and with clear blue skies, temperatures in the mid 20's (Celsius) and a light wind, it promised to be good bike racing weather. There were six laps of an undulating 25k circuit to be completed, but with the wind gaining strength during the morning the circuit proved to be far harder than it first looked.

The action started in the first lap with six riders going clear, and it was to be a feature of the race that as soon as one break was caught there was another off the front soon after. It was non-stop action, from start to finish. David Betts stretched his legs early by winning the first prime at the end of lap one, and Brad Nightingdale took out the first Energex KOM, only 1k past the finish line.

The break was caught during the second lap, which was the signal for 9 riders to go off the front. David Betts was in this move too, and although Jon Cantwell took out the second prime it was Betts who was first across the KOM. He repeated that effort in lap three, with Troy Stacey winning the prime.

This group was reeled in during lap four, and it was here that Tony Mann showed his strength. Only fifteen riders were left at the front, and with two laps to go Mann crossed the line alone with a slender lead of 10 seconds, taking out the prime and KOM in the process. At the bell he had increased the gap only marginally to 25 seconds, once again taking out both the prime and KOM, but as the wind strengthened Mann weakened, and with 12k to race he was caught.

Brendon Howard from Coffs Harbour had been close to the action during most of the race, and with 10k to go he and CATS Masters rider Tony Brindle made the winning move. They were chased strongly by Bart Duraj, but at the line it was an elated Howard who crossed five seconds in front of Brindle, with Duraj a further 20 seconds behind, and Aaron Kemps another one minute 20 seconds back winning the sprint for fourth.

Brindle was first Masters rider home, while David Betts and Tony Mann shared the Energex KOM prize.

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1 Brendon Howard                   3.38.44
2 Tony Brindle
3 Bart Duraj
4 Aaron Kemps
5 Daniel Newnham
6 Jon Cantwell
7 Greg Campbell
8 Tony Mann
9 Leigh Palmer
10 Paul Wild
11 Martin Pearce
12 John Guy
13 David Betts
14 Brett Lentz
15 Troy Stacey

Energex KOM

1 David Betts
1 Tony Mann

First Masters

Tony Brindle        

Canberra Cycles 6 hour Rogaine

Kowen Forest, Canberra, September 9, 2001

The 2001 ACT Canberra Cycles 6 hour Cycle Rogaine was held on 9 September at Kowen Forest east of Canberra. The conditions were cool and windy but fine with most tracks in excellent condition. 68 teams competed with over 200 competitors including 60 women.

In open men's, two teams visited all 45 controls to score the maximum possible of 2720 points and returned to the finish with around 15 minutes to spare. Tom Walter and David Searle returned just 1 minute ahead of last year's winners David Baldwin and David Osmond. Simon Tilley and Luis Severino were in third place with 2640 points. Open mixed was a clear win to Anthony Scott and Allison Jones on 2290 points from Leanne Harris Dann and Rod Dann on 1810 and Cara Smith and Gareth Paton on 1710. Open women's was won again with a winning streak surpassing 5 years by Melanie McIntyre and Gaye Camm on 1980 points well ahead of Fiona Russell and Martine Robin on 1360 points with Julia Graczyk and Trish Garrett third on 1240 points. The veteran's categories were led by Ken Wilyman and Gwyn Taverner-Smith on 2030 from Nathan Carroll and Ian Kenny on 1850 with mixed team Judy Jenkinson and Gary Caitcheon 3rd on 1690.

In the family category Dane and Brian Evans and Andrew and Sarah Jenkins won with 1180 points from Rhys Evans, Christopher Jenkins, Tom Roberts and Robert Jenkins on 1030 and Jim Meek and Glen Harrison on 830.


1 Tom Walter, Dave Searle                                      2720     5.45
2 David Baldwin, David Osmond                                  2720     5.46
3 Simon Tilley, Luis Severino                                  2640     5.59
4 Simon Hodgson, Graeme Roth                                   2310     5.49
4 Malcolm Leslie, Harry Dunstall, Greg McArdle                 2310     5.49
6 Anthony Scott, Allison Jones                                 2290     5.41
7 Paul Mason, Paul Brodie, Gary Rolfe                          2160     5.54
8 Uli Faul, Dean Scott                                         2050     5.52
9 Ken Wilyman, Gwyn Tavener-Smith                              2030     5.47
10 Ian McVay, Ross Beatty                                      2010     5.52
11 Geoff Farrar, Micheal Mobbs                                 2010     5.57
12 Melanie McIntyre, Gaye Camm                                 1980     5.53
13 Kevin Joy, Tim Grabovsky, John Klein                        1860     5.50
14 Nathan Carroll, Ian Kenny                                   1850     5.58
15 Leanne Harris Dann, Rod Dann                                1810     5.47
16 Paul Veldkamp, Don Bone                                     1750     5.59
17 Cara Smith, Gareth Paton                                    1710     5.50
18 Judy Jenkinson, Gary Caitcheon                              1690     5.47
19 Alan Vogt, Michael Carden                                   1660     5.25
20 Dave Shailer, Dave McNeice                                  1630     5.51
21 Shane O'Brien, Helen Jeffs,                                 1600     5.48
   Paul O'Brien, Matt O'Brien
22 Gordon Everitt, Matt Carling, Stuart McIntyre               1570     5.54
23 Damian Welbourne, Natasha Yolland                           1560     5.52
24 Grant McDonald, Bruce Bowen                                 1560     5.55
25 Greg Smith, Richard                                         1490     5.51
26 Andrew Durran, Hal Turton                                   1480     6.02
27 Belinda Allison, Jason McCrae                               1470     5.41
28 Mike Aylott, Kevin Paice                                    1470     5.58
29 Norm Schram, Helen Thompson, John Wilson                    1450     5.55
30 Leone Jansen, Celia Thompson, Karen Weaver, Simon Niemeyer  1450     5.57
31 Derek Anderson, Mark Eggers, Richard Justice                1420     5.52
32 Brett Pound, Heather Selwyn, Stuart Clark                   1410     5.45
33 Chris Ringk, Adrian Cooper, Diana Dickenson, Lee Adamson    1410     5.54
34 Fiona Russell, Martine Robin                                1360     5.38
35 Duncan Kelly, Suzanne Kelly, Michael Moore,                 1350     5.26
   Peter Carter, Stephan Phipps
36 Rochelle Lawson, Jay Kyburz, Dan Keating                    1310     5.36
37 Kieran O'Leary, Chris Agombar,                              1300     5.41
   Rohan Samaraweera, Matt Rossiter
38 Sari Lewis, Rudi Landsiedel                                 1280     5.42
39 Gary Farebrother, Helen Barklam                             1270     5.37
40 Ann Scown, Jan Koehler, Adair Ferguson, Derrick Synett      1250     5.41
41 Julie Graczyk, Trish Garrett                                1240     5.52
42 Brett Gardner, David Tresidder                              1230     5.35
43 Alan Harding, Deborah Nichols, Dale Brown, Leanne Brown     1230     5.44
44 David Nolan, Paul Atyeo                                     1230     5.47
44 Kate Brandis, Darren Gardner                                1230     5.47
46 David West, Jeremy Atkinson                                 1180     5.13
47 Toni Greaves, Juliet Fisher                                 1180     5.57
48 Dane Evans, Andrew Jenkins, Sarah Jenkins, Brian Evans      1180     6.00
49 Jason Szczerbanik, Brett Wilson, Peter Marsh                1140     5.41
50 Marija Jovanovich, Daniel Clearwater                        1140     5.59
51 Julie Quinn, Naomi Hedgecoe                                 1120     5.40
52 Michell Van Der Voort, Annette Colonna, Lesley Vest         1110     5.47
53 Marcelle Gannon, Blanka Golebiowski, Ruth Paterson          1090     5.57
54 Simon West, Megan Knight, Ben Knight                        1060     5.48
55 Sam Taylor, John Zigman                                     1030     5.44
56 Rhys Evans, Christopher Jenkins,                            1030     5.56
   Tom Roberts, Robert Jenkins
57 Craig Allatt, Rachael Skyring,                              1020     5.41
   David Whitelaw, Annino Vaccerella
58 Jane Greenop, Ray Jenkins                                   1020     5.53
59 Nathan Hirsch, Lisa Parsons, Michael Hirsch,                1020     5.57
   Katherine Cooper, Alichia Ludkin
60 Lynn Dabbs, Kevin Williams                                   980     5.07
61 Anthea Coggan , Gerard Coggan, Brony Mika                    930     5.15
62 Sally Wilson, Jenny Bourne, Susan Baird, Gail Allen          870     5.50
63 Jim Meek, Glen Harrison                                      830     5.43
64 Ruth Evans, Louise Jenkins, Sarah Wall                       730     5.37
65 Paul O'Neill, Michelle Blyth                                 650     5.28
66 Bert Lancaster, Sven Dowideit                                540     5.15
67 Chris Coyne, Peter Coyne                                     380     5.56

2001 Junior Time Trial Championships

September 8, 2001


Men under 17
1 Chris Pascoe (Dubbo)                      0.18.26
2 Keith  Rose (Wagga)                       0.18.40
3 Joshua Wall (Illawarra)                   0.18.44
4 Warren Scott (St George)                  0.18.47
5 Andrew  Wyper (Inverell)                  0.19.08
6 Cameron  Bower (Tamworth)                 0.19.14
7 Brett Townsend                            0.19.19
8 Daniel  Franze (ACT)                      0.19.22
9 Dane  Crawford (Hunter)                   0.19.31
10 Cameron Hope (Wagga)                     0.19.40
11 Brenton  Crawley (Wagga)                 0.19.40
12 Arron  Kowald (ACT)                      0.19.57
13 David Glen (Penrith Panthers)            0.19.59
14 Stefan  Weiland (Sthn Highlands)         0.20.02
15 Dean  Windsor (Bathurst)                 0.20.11
16 Chris Jenkins (Randwick Botany)          0.20.17
17 Phillip  Stokes (Penrith Panthers)       0.20.17
18 John  Deane (Bankstown)                  0.20.21
19 Joe Neeham (ACT)                         0.20.23
20 Luke Carroll (ACT)                       0.20.36
21 Matthew Hood                             0.20.51
22 Michael Young  (ACT)                     0.21.03
23 Brad Wright (Bathurst)                   0.21.07
24 Bryce  Fitzhenry (Port Stephens)         0.21.14
25 Nathan  Silleto (ACT)                    0.21.24
26 Stuart  Mason (Central Coast)            0.21.34
27 William Sawtell (Sthn Highlands)         0.21.37
28 Luke Picton                              0.21.40
29 Mathew Faferko (Sthn Cross)              0.21.42
30 Brendan  Brooks (Port Maquarie)          0.21.57
31 Mark Sims (Port Stephens)                0.22.43
32 Michael  Pfeffer (Port Stephens)         0.23.08
33 Joel  Gribbs (Port Stephens)             0.23.12
34 Andrew Howard (Central Coast)            0.26.01
35 Luke Warren (Bathurst)                   0.28.14

Men under 15
1 Tyler McLachlan (Sthn Cross)              0.15.38
2 Todd Dawson (Ipswich)                     0.16.00
3 Chris Guillan (Sthn Cross)                0.16.04
4 Luke Cridland (Randwick Botany)           0.16.38
5 Jackson Leigh-Rathbone (Penrith Panthers) 0.17.10
6 Asher Podolal (Port Stephens)             0.17.15
7 Garard Lewis (Port Stephens)              0.17.18
8 Mith Chapman (Orange)                     0.17.20
9 Blake Field (St George)                   0.17.27
10 Greg Beer (Penrith Panthers)             0.17.34
11 Chris Uebergang (Parramatta)             0.17.49
12 Matt Wild (Sthn Cross)                   0.17.50
13 Steven Phelan (ACT)                      0.17.54
14 Joshua Hesford (Sthn Highlands)          0.18.13
15 Eddy Butler (Central Coast)              0.18.14
16 Anthony Bennett (Lidcombe)               0.18.17
17 Stuart Lane (Lidcombe)                   0.18.22
18 Luke Barrett (St George)                 0.18.23
19 Fabio Calabria (ACT)                     0.18.26
20 Luke Harvey (Wagga)                      0.18.32
21 Brent Jones (Hunter)                     0.18.41
22 Leigh Mason (Central Coast)              0.18.43
23 Jason Thomas (Mudgee)                    0.18.48
24 Michael Mellish (Central Coast)          0.18.49
25 Scott Mills (St George)                  0.19.07
26 Cameron Simpson (St George)              0.19.26
27 Phillip Betteridge ()                    0.19.37
28 Justin Tomlinson (Sthn Highlands)        0.19.42
29 Cameron Howard (Central Coast)           0.20.02
30 Kernan Smithson (Lidcombe)               0.20.14
31 Daniel Beckinsale (Central Coast)        0.20.18
32 Daivd Bermejo (Bankstown)                0.21.36
Men under 13
1 Angus Morton (Port Macquarie)             0.11.40
2 Nick Spratt (Penrith Panthers)            0.11.50
3 Sean Dunn (Dubbo)                         0.12.02
4 Charles Seaman (Dubbo)                    0.12.20
5 Blair Windsor (Bathurst)                  0.12.23
6 Luke Treloar (Hunter)                     0.12.23
7 Dale Scarfe (Central Coast)               0.12.41
8 Thomas Palmer (Dubbo)                     0.12.49
9 Vea Pitta (Randwick Botany)               0.13.01
10 Dirk Rossier (Wagga)                     0.13.06
11 Jonathan  Cridland (Randwick Botany)     0.13.06
12 John Kejda (Illawarra)                   0.13.27
13 Ben Harvey (Bankstown)                   0.13.40
14 Ben Dyball (Penrith Panthers)            0.13.59
15 Lewis Little (St George)                 0.14.00
16 Matthew Guillan (Sth Cross)              0.14.08
17 Glen McKean (Manning Valley)             0.14.11
18 Mitchell Harvey (Wagga)                  0.14.39
19 Glen McKean (Manning Valley)             0.15.10
20 Neville Hesford (Sthn Highlands)         0.15.12
21 Ben Williamson (Lidcombe)                0.15.23
22                                          0.15.42
23 David Coman (Central Coast)              0.15.58
Women under 17
1 Kate Nichols (St George)                  0.16.26
2 Megan Windsor (Bathurst)                  0.16.56
3 Melanie Dickson (Hunter)                  0.17.18
4 Jessie McLean (ACT)                       0.17.27
5 Eve Hood (Parramatta)                     0.17.34
6 Rebecca Borgo (Illawarra)                 0.17.59
7 Belinda Wild (Sthn Cross)                 0.18.20
8 Jessica Armstrong (ACT)                   0.18.41
9 Lauren Carroll (ACT)                      0.18.48
10 Samantha Ward (Wagga)                    0.19.49
Women under 15
1 Amanda Spratt (Penrith Panthers)          0.17.25
2 Naomi Adams (Dubbo)                       0.17.53
3 Jaclyn Kejda (Illawarra)                  0.18.21
4 Melissa Moffett (Wagga)                   0.18.27
5 Angela Jones (Bicisport)                  0.18.37
6 Laura Meisel - Dennis (ACT)               0.19.20
7 Samantha Guille (Randwick Botany)         0.19.32
8 Kate Simms (Port Stephens)                0.21.47
Women under 13
1 Natasha Pearce  (Wagga)                   0.13.25
2 Ellen Marks (Wagga)                       0.14.06
3 Silvia Potente (St George)                0.14.12
4 Deena- Marie Faulkner (Sthn Cross)        0.14.15
5 Jessica Ellis (ACT)                       0.14.30
6 Chey Howard (Central Coast)               0.17.11
7 Sarah Beckinsale (Central Coast)          0.18.27
8 Andrea Joy Beer (Penrith)                 0.19.09

CaesaríS Illawarra Cycle Club

September 8, 2001

Fresh from his stint of racing in Europe, Scott Bradburn only missed out by twenty eight seconds in pulling off what would have been a very impressive win in the 41.5km handicap race last Saturday, September 8.

With twenty six riders evenly placed over the handicaps it looked like Bradburn, the lone scratch rider, starting off twenty four and a half minutes after Les Hewitt, off limit, was giving away too much start to the riders infront of him. At the end of the first lap the lead riders were Terry Welsh, Teegan Makowski and Peter Vessel from the fourteen minute mark. They had been working well together but only had a one minute lead over the ten minute riders of Patrick Delahunty, Mark Wall and Garry Doughty. The two bunches amalgamated soon after with the three ten minute riders eventually pulling away.

Dave Russel and Mark Scott had closed the two minute gap to the eight minute bunch and were working well with Lionel Covington and Grant Farr to pull back the one minute gap to the leaders. Bradburn had closed the gap to the block riders in Mal Haigh and Adam Rourke and the three had ridden though the two and a half minute bunch picking up Hardy Lohse and Dylan Forbes. Their group went through the start finish line only five minutes behind the leaders.

Just after the climb up to Marshall Mount hall the six minute group caught the three riders in the lead. Russel was driving the bunch along at speeds over 50km/h. By Marshall Mount Bradburn had left the other riders in the group and was in pursuit of the leaders by himself.

With 3km to go Russel attacked the group but was unable to get away, Scott immediately counter attacked but was also too closely marked to escape. In a tight sprint it looked like Russel would be too strong but Wall went over the top in the last few meters and Covington was only half a wheel away in third. The top seven were Wall, Russel, Covington, Farr, Delahunty, Scott and Doughty. Before the winner was out of the finishing straight Bradburn crossed the line in a very quick time of 1.01.02.

There is no local race next weekend as it is the final race of the Interclub Series at Sutton Forrest.

State Titles

2001 Junior Time Trial Championships were held last Saturday (The report is here).

Not even Josh Wall himself would have thought that as a first year under 17 and with his recent leg problems that he had a chance in hell of a top placing, he was mainly riding for the experience. But he put in a blinder and won the bronze medal, a well deserved result as he has trained hard and worked well with Glen Doney of the Illawarra Academy.

He backed up on Sunday for the road race and was in a small bunch of the cream of NSW riders who escaped early in the race and stayed together till the sprint finish. Unfortunately he was out of the medals but gained a lot by the experience. He will certainly be a top contender next year.

Jaclyn Kejda rode well in the under 15 womenís division time trial and was rewarded with a bronze medal. After a strong ride in the road race a few things didnít go her way near the end of the race and she finished just out of the medals.

Results - 41.5km

1 Mark Wall              1:25:04
2 Dave Russel 
3 Lionel Covington 
4 Grant Farr 
5 Patrick Delahunty 
6 Mark Scott             0:00:08
7 Garry Doughty 
8 Scott Bradburn         0:00:28
9 Mal Haigh              0:01:23
10 Adam Rourke           0:01:34
11 Dylan Forbes 
12 Teegan Makowski       0:02:49
13 Hardy Lohse           0:03:27
14 Peter Vessel 
15 Terry Welsh           0:04:26
16 Frank Tortorici       0:04:38
17 Austin Pitman 
18 Phil Jones 
Dnf Bethany Mccarthy 
Dnf Les Hewitt 
Dnf Jason Johnson 
Dnf Paul Kaye 
Dnf Jeff Gray 
Dnf Brian Joyce 
Dnf Ben Lohse 
Dnf Alan Onions

Crib Point Road Race

September 8, 2001

With Dark gloomy skies and gale force winds, around 90 riders turned up for the last combine road race Chelsea & Peninsula C.C. will host this season.

On an 8km circuit A Grade were raced for 2 hours plus 2 laps which saw the bunch stay together for most of the race. Ray Turner from the Bendigo Club tried to attack, but with the bunch keeping a watchful eye he could not get away. Simon Hurren from the Carnegie Club tried his luck at attacking, taking with him a six man team. This small group stayed away for the rest of the race and finished with an all out sprint which saw Ray Turner grab line honors.

In the B Grade event, Bill Murray (our Chelsea rider) was quite happy to sit in with the bunch, getting his feel back for racing after a short break from the bike following a successful early year season with a lot of successful road opens competed. Rob Lucardo (Carnegie) broke away from the rest of the bunch, and had a convincing and well deserved win.

The C Grade saw the field split into three groups, half an hour into the race. Battling in the head winds, Bob Pagey (Carnegie) and Mick McIntyre (Carnegie) broke away at bell lap. Despite constant pressure from the group that looked like it might swallow them before the finish line, these two strong riders stayed their distance and made it home with Pagey first and McIntyre in second.

D Grade saw most of the Jr E grade advancing up. This made it a range of age groups from Masters down to under 13ís. With the bunch staying together until the fourth lap, Sally Robins (Broadford) and Chris Tassel (Carnegie) broke away, splitting up the rest of the bunch. Arron Moody (Carnegie) and Bill Upstead (Carnegie) took up the chase, with young Peter Johnstone (Chelsea) on their heels. The finish saw Robins and Tassel sprinting for the line, Moody coming in for third and up and coming champ Peter Johnstone taking fourth.

E Grade started with D Grade, but were racing separately. Young Pat Lane (Chelsea) and Danny Clark (Carnegie) battled it out with Pat taking the honors.


A Grade
1 Ray Turner (Ben)
2 Geordon Murray (Car)
3 Harry Hendon (Car)
4 Warren Knevitt (Car)
B Grade
1 Rob Licardo (Car)
2 Richard England (Bbn)
3 Frank Cippriano (Car)
4 Michael Ford (Car)
C Grade
1 Bob Pagey (Car)
2 Mick McIntyre (Car)
3 Andrew Steele
4 Trent Hyde (Stk)
D Grade
1 Sally Robins (Bfd)
2 Chris Tassell (Car)
3 Aron Moody
4 Peter Johnstone (Chl)
E Grade
1 Pat Lane (Chl)
2 Danny Clarke (Car)

Murwillumbah Amateur CC Annual Club Road Racing Championships

September 8, 2001

Riders faced testing conditions on an overcast and windy afternoon with occasional spots of rain for the Murwillumbah Amateur Cycle Club's Annual Club Road Racing Championships held on Saturday 8 September 2001.

A total of 26 riders were divided into various grades with some groups starting together to make up reasonable numbers for each race whilst still competing for their respective grades.

A Grade faced a tough 66 kilometres over the Bald Mountain course with Nobbys Creek thrown in for good measure. The other grades competed over the 56 kilometres of the Bald Mountain course with D Grade covering 45 kilometres to Numinbah and return. All of these courses are demanding with numerous climbs and rough roads to test both the riders legs and resolve!

The serious racing started almost immediately for the nine riders in A Grade despite the course in front of them, with Brendan Egan breaking away after Boat Harbour on the outward leg of the race. Determined riding by the bunch gradually wore down his lead and Egan was eventually brought back by Chillingham. The pace remained high after this point with the bunch surging forward whenever the road went upwards. However no one was prepared to give in and the group was relatively intact as riders fought for position in a fast sprint finish.

First across the line by half a wheel was Andrew Blackmore with John Kane only half a bike length ahead of third placed Troy Stacey. These riders were closely followed by Rob Lyte, Scott McConnell, Graham Harvey, Jeff Collier, Brendan Egan and Steve Gibbs in that order to complete the race.

Andrew Blackmore's win in this event is even more commendable as he had competed in the Queensland State Track Titles at Nerang the previous day where he had been successful in the Masters 1 Division Sprint, 500 metre Time Trial and the Pursuit. Needles to say he was really feeling his veteran status after today's race!

The B Grade riders teamed up with the Junior competitors and the only female rider on the day, Sandra Bury, to form a group of seven riders for the 56 kilometres of their event. Two of the junior riders bolted from the start with the rest of the group chasing after them. These riders were caught after 10 kilometres but the other junior rider Paul Matthews attacked almost immediately and rode away from the group. Paul quickly established a lead of several minutes which saw him stay clear of the bunch for the rest of the race.

Meanwhile, the remaining riders in this group were determined not to make it an easy affair despite Paul's escape and further attacks and surges came thick and fast especially through the hills. Whilst these tactics tested the bunch only one rider slipped back with the others remaining together until the end. First home in B Grade was Stuart Chambers with Stuart Ellick second and Phil Ruge in third place. Sandra Bury was the winner of the Womens race after a strong and determined ride to stay with this group. Paul Matthews was victorious in the Junior event with Spencer Stacey just edging out his twin brother Gavin for second and third places respectively.

A good field of nine riders contested the C Grade race. A quick pace on the outward leg of the race failed to disturb the bunch who were all together at Bald Mountain and stayed that way on the run across to Numinbah. However the hills began to take their toll with a split in the bunch on the steep climb up from Couchy Creek. This break saw six riders go clear and on the return run through Chillingham they looked to have the race well under control.

The other riders were not prepared to give in just yet and a determined chase by Dennis Burger and Jim Higgins saw them come back to within several hundred metres of the lead group by Boat Harbour. Sensing the danger Stuart McPherson and the front group lifted the pace again to keep the chasers at bay. This tactic worked and despite further attacks amongst themselves these six riders fought out the finish. First across the line after a strong sprint was Frank Shirmer with Tom Allen hot on his heels for second place. Third home was Mark McCall followed then by Stuart McPherson, John Jurkovic, Happy, Dennis Burger, Jim Higgins and Todd Angelo.

D Grade was contested over 45 kilometres to Numinbah and return and was won by Kevin LeRoy after a strong ride over this distance. Kevin is a regular club competitor and this was a popular win.

Despite the small number of riders it was a good afternoon of racing. A special note of thanks is extended to the club's volunteers for ensuring the success of this championship event.

Racing next week is back to the usual format with graded mass start events over the tough Nobbys Creek course. Racing starts at 2.00 pm from Pat Smith Park, Dulguigan.


A Grade - 66km
1 Andrew Blackmore
2 John Kane
3 Troy Stacey
4 Robert Lyte
5 Scott McConnell
6 Graham Harvey
7 Jeff Collier
8 Brendan Egan
9 Steve Gibbs
B Grade - 56km
1 Stuart Chambers
2 Stuart Ellick
3 Phil Ruge
C Grade - 56km
1 Frank Schirmer
2 Tom Allen
3 Mark McCall
4 Stuart McPherson
5 John Jurkovic
6 Happy
7 Dennis Burger
8 Jim Higgins
9 Todd Angelo
D Grade - 45km
1 Kevin LeRoy
Womens Race - 56km
1 Sandra Bury
Junior Race - 56km
1 Paul Matthews
2 Spencer Stacey
3 Gavin Stacey

Randwick Botany Cycling Club

Maroubra, September 8, 2001

Randwick Botany Cycling Club U15 junior rider Luke Cridland has been selected to compete at the National Club Championships in Queensland on 22 September 2001. This followed a successful performance at the Cycling NSW Junior State Road Time Trail Championships, at Suttons Forest NSW, on Saturday 8 September 2001. Luke was the third NSW rider to finish the 10km under 15 Men time trial with a time of 16 minutes 38 seconds. Other Randwick Botany junior riders who competed at Suttons Forest included Chris Jenkins, Samantha Guille, Jonathon Cridland and Pita Vea.

Riders backed up on the following day to compete in the Cycling NSW Junior State Road Championships at Glenquarry, NSW in fine but windy conditions. Chris Jenkins was 6th in the under 17 Men 50km race with Robert Cater finishing in the top 20 riders. Samantha Guille finished 6th in he under 15 Women 15km race. Luke Cridland finished 5th in the under 15 Men 25km race with Keegan Aitchison finishing in the top 20. Jonathon Cridland was placed 11th in the under 13 Men 11km event. Pita Vea also competed in the uner 13 event.

In club racing, twelve A Grade riders lined up for a 16 lap race around the 2km Heffron Park criterium circuit at Maroubra in the weekly Randwick Botany Cycling Club race on Saturday 8 September 2001. Thirty-eight year old North Sydney Club rider Laurent Vines and Duncan Crosby broke away early in the race and worked together to stay away from the A Grade bunch by a 500 metre margin. Randwick Botany rider Shaun Higgerson attacked on the final lap to attempt to catch the breakaways. With the aid of a strong tail wind, Higgerson came within 50 metres of the lead riders to claim third place. Vines crossed the line first in a winning time of 50 minutes 20 seconds and an average speed of over 38kmh, closely followed by Crosby in second place.

Randwick Botany Rider Ben Meadley starred in the 28km B Grade race, winning in a time of 50 minutes 32 seconds. Second was John McKenzie followed by Paul Kelly in third place. Recently promoted C Grade rider Brad Lane completed seven laps in his first B Grade race.

The average speed of the C Grade race was over 34kmh, higher than that of B Grade. This tested the 19 rider C Grade bunch with a third of the field dropping out during the race. Several breakaways were attempted during the race but the surviving riders regrouped for an exciting wind-assisted sprint to the line. Andrew Jarman crossed first in a time of 42 minutes 22 seconds. Eastern Suburbs Cycling Club rider Frank Conceicao was placed second with Craig Dempsey, third.

Peter Craig featured in the placing in the 16km D Grade race for the second week running, finishing first in a time of 30 minutes 4 seconds. Matthew Tabone was second and Ron Sproule third. Sydney Cycling Club riders Beth Bowen and Julie Howard rode strongly during the race but finished just out of the placings.

The E Grade 12kms results were Andrew Pike first, in a time of 26 minutes 16 seconds followed by Norman Jew and Kevin Blanchfield.

Three Junior events were contested starting with a 2km Time Trial. Thomas Murdoch had the best time of 3 minutes 37 seconds, Chris Young 3 minutes 42 seconds and Thom Richards recorded a time of 3 minutes 55 seconds.

The Junior B Grade 12km Handicap was won by Belinda Angwin in a time of 21 minutes 25 seconds. Mark Woodhouse was seconds with Andrew Young third. Thom Richards came home in fourth place.

Junior C Grade 12km scratch race was won by Adriano Maradini in a time of 15 minutes 52 seconds. Raphael Rosse was second with his bother Antoine Rosse in third place.

Randwick Botany Cycling Club conducts club racing every Saturday at Heffron Park, Maroubra NSW. Juniors start at 1.30pm and Seniors 2.30pm. For more information please contact the club secretary Helen Vella on 02 9667 3307.


A Grade - 32km
1 Laurent Vines       50.20
2 Duncan Crosby
3 Shaun Higgerson
B Grade - 28km
1 Ben Meadley         50.32
2 John McKenzie
3 Paul Kelly
C Grade - 24km
1 Andrew Jarman       42.22
2 Frank Conceicao
3 Craig Dempsey
D Grade - 16km
1 Peter Craig         30.04
2 Matthew Tabone
3 Ron Sproule
E Grade - 12km
1 Andrew Pike         26.16
2 Norman Jew
3 Kevin Blanchfield
2km Time Trial
1 Thomas Murdoch       3.37
2 Chris Young          3.42
3 Thom Richards        3.55
B Grade - 12km Handicap
1 Belinda Angwin      21.25 
2 Mark Woodhouse
3 Andrew Young
4 Thom Richards
C Grade - 12km
1 Adriano Maradini    15.52
2 Raphael Rosse
3 Antoine Rosse

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