Results and Reports for November 17-18, 2001


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MTBA National Observed Trials series #3
Western Sydney MBC

MTBA National Observed Trials series #3

Canberra, November 18, 2001

Pierce Bros, Dickey hop, and balance to wins

The weather threatened to be thunderstorms and rain but on the day was dry but very gusty.

The course was set by MTBA Bike Trials coordinator, Steve Huxter who gave participants five very challenging sections that included the Transact Reel section with a 3m drop off the edge of a huge wire reel, a section with a freely revolving wire reel and a two car section. The gusty conditions certainly made things more difficult for those riders that balanced 3m above the ground with only the contact patch of tires to reel sides to support them!

The open 20in contestants certainly lived up to their international skill level by providing a very close contest, which in the end was convincingly won by Daniel Pierce followed by brother Nick (both of NSW and riding for Etnies, Smith and Fox) with Talon Weaving (Vic, riding for Gripsport and Monty) only a single 'dab' further behind.

The Open 26in class, riding over the same lines as the Open 20in also produced a close contest for first and second place, with Andrew Dickey (Vic, Crash.Test.Research) prevailing over Ben Benny (NSW, Manly Cycles, Monty) and with Hamish O'Niell in third place (Vic, City Cycles).

The Sport class was convincingly won by Chris Benny (NSW, Manly Cycles, Raceline) with Steve Huxter (Monty) and Darren Patterson picking up 2nd and 3rd places respectively.


Open 20in
1 Daniel Pierce        40 pts
2 Nick Pierce          48
3 Talon Weaving        49
Open 26in
1 Andrew Dickey        64
2 Ben Benny            65
3 Hamish O'Neill       70
4 Kleat Wilson         75
5 Jesse Kovac          75
1 Chris Benny          27
2 Steve Huxter         28
3 Darren Paterson      42
4 Nicolas Herald       42
5 Hugh McLeay          47
6 Tom Liston           58
7 Brendan Birks        60
8 Ben Randall          66
9 Chris Baker          75
10 Paul Grey           retired
1 Ashley Moffat        56

Western Sydney MBC

Yarramundi, November 18, 2001

Harding speeds to victory; Morris a future star

By Sean "I can see you're in charge here" Warren

Thankfully the rain and storms that lashed Sydney on Sunday held off for the duration of the race making for perfect conditions on the track. The overnight rain had helped firm up the track and gave a little stickiness on some sections that are usually dusty and loose. All up, 37 riders took to the Yarramundi track under threatening skies.

It was great to see more new riders turn up and our junior ranks continue to swell with 11 riders in the U/13 and U/15 categories this round. One U/15 rider, Justin Morris, is definitely a rider to watch out for in the future. Justin's lap times on Sunday would have placed him in the top 5 of "B" grade. The enhanced track condition paid off with fast lap times being set by many riders. Rod Harding who won the "A" grade category took an early lead and maintained it to the finish with lap times as low as 17 minutes. As usual thanks must go to Steve Gibbs for organising the great XC racing at WSMTB club.


A Grade
1 Rod Harding                1.32.51
2 Shaun Lewis                   0.34
3 Richard Vollebregt            2.22
4 James Williamson              5.11
5 Mick Casey                   11.24
6 Andrew Joviasa               12.18
7 Peter McLean                 19.30
DNF Jeff Rooney
B Grade
1 Colin McLaughlin           1.24.29
2 Colin Balk                    0.02
3 Justin McDonald               3.12
4 Mark Freeney                 15.17
DNF Chad Balding
DNF Andrew Lumley
C Grade
1 Andrew Fairhurst           1.06.11
2 Robert Hall                   0.35
3 Jeff Dyball                   2.22
4 Neil Lumley                   2.40
5 Alisha Houghton               7.57
6 Michael Denham               11.36
7 Scott Behnken                14.30
8 James Gray                   17.50
9 Sean Warren                  21.54
DNF Bass Troucer
DNF Dave Hughes
DNF Paul McLaughlin
1 Justin Morris                46.15
2 Michael Fairhurst             6.10
3 Daniel Harding                6.46
4 Michael Hughes               17.06
5 Jemma Hughes                 28.00
DNF Adam Troucer
1 Ben Dyball                   18.59
2 Seaton Humphreys              0.50
3 Luc Jennison                  3.39
4 Aaron Brewer                  3.57
5 Kelly Hughes                  8.12

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